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Banjo Creative is a Kansas City studio that emphasizes branding, marketing, and design to achieve its clients' goals. Design is its biggest specialty, as its owner offers to design logos that fit with a client's desired branding identity as well as redesigning a client's website to make it better fit with its vision and goals. In addition to design, Banjo offers social media marketing and content writing for a client's website. The studio emphasizes a collaborative effort between itself and the client on all of its services to ensure that the client's goals are met.

Bernstein-Rein is a Kansas City-based agency that focuses on developing a brand's identity and crafting its ideas around that identity. It takes a full look at its clients and lets them know where they need to improve their messaging and whether an advertising campaign or an entirely new strategy will work best for their goals. Along with advertising campaigns, it offers SEO strategies, consumer segmentation, direct and email marketing, and social engagement. Bernstein-Rein's overall goal for its clients is to find a better way to do business, regardless of what that entails.

ER Marketing in Kansas City is a B2B marketing agency that specializes in telling business' stories and generating leads via the use of their social media channels and marketing campaigns. Its past campaigns have included logo development and crafting an internal website for clients, and it focuses on helping its clients cut costs on their marketing campaigns without sacrificing quality. Other specialties include website design, SEO marketing, and social media marketing. ER Marketing's main goal is to build trust among its partners and convert that trust into long-term business relationships over time.

Fervor is a branding agency in Kansas City that views itself as a passionate partner for its clients in all of its projects. It works mainly with nonprofits and companies with which it has a shared interest, and it focuses on helping brands leave an impact with their target audience. As part of its marketing strategy, Fervor offers a Brand Impact Assessment, which lets clients see how much of an impact their brand is having on their audience. The agency specializes in strategic communications, digital marketing, website development, and brand management.

Hello Big Idea is a Kansas City-based branding agency that focuses on helping clients get from the earliest stages of a business idea to crafting a genuine marketing strategy. Some of its projects include developing a brand and logo and helping clients figure out what their voice should be and what kind of market they would like to reach. Website design is one of this company's specialties, and it offers multiple levels of website creation depending on a client's needs. Hello Big Idea also supplements web designs by offering content to match words to images.

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is a Kansas-based, full-service digital marketing agency that offers advertising, branding, design, and marketing services to businesses to help them achieve their objectives. The company operates on a client-centric model that involves implementing a customized digital marketing strategy to improve results, return on investment, and effectiveness. Digital marketing offerings include web design and development, logo and print design, mobile application design, and development, copywriting, content creation, and user experience.

Lundmark Advertising and Design is a Kansas City-based branding agency that emphasizes working in tandem with its clients to create an informed marketing strategy. One of its services focuses on increasing the sales of its clients by determining promotions and coupons that can work with a brand's identity, while its digital services include redesigning websites and providing SEO content for the updated site. Other services include conducting marketing research and crafting a campaign around it, improving name discovery among the target market, and providing annual planning to ensure that the business' goals are on track.

Novella Brandhouse is a Kansas City branding and marketing agency that helps clients regardless of where they are in the planning stages of their business. This firm offers a full six-step plan for its clients that starts with developing a brand strategy, designing a website, and crafting a marketing message to drive traffic to the site. Other services include shaping an advertising message toward its clients' target markets, pairing images and digital content to establish a strong online presence, and crafting a social media strategy that encourages consumers to interact with the brand.

Prairie Dog in Kansas City is a branding and marketing agency that produces most of its work for hospitals and the health care industry. Its employees have previous experience in the health care industry, giving them a strong understanding of the goals of many of its clients. It emphasizes open dialogue with its customers and plans its marketing strategies in tandem with its clients' goals and desires. Prairie Dog's services include conducting customer research, analyzing results to ensure that its clients' customers are having their voices heard, and crafting a marketing strategy in response to that information.

REACTOR is a branding and marketing agency in Kansas City that takes what it describes as an EPIC approach to marketing, focuses on engaging people in conversation. In practice, this means the agency focuses on collaboration with the client and getting everyone on the same page before crafting a marketing strategy. Some of the services it offers its clients include building a brand and connecting materials to it, creating a social media strategy that encourages interaction with a page, and designing and publishing a newsletter for both employees and customers of the client.

Spirit Marketing is a branding agency that focuses mainly on marketing to children and families in Kansas City. Its goal is to help clients create brand loyalty in their consumers from a young age, so it crafts its campaigns based on what appeals to children as well as their parents. Before developing a strategy, it holds sessions with its clients to get a sense of what their goals are for their product. Services include conducting market research, branding, and marketing products in a way that will appeal to the target market, and testing products for both safety and quality.

Voltage is a branding and marketing agency that has served clients in Kansas City since 2005 and can help clients either with creating a brand from nothing and reimagining an existing brand. Voltage's brand development services include logo creation or updating and crafting the image that the client wants the brand to represent. Other services include building a website and redesigning it to help convert visitors into potential sales, creating a targeted digital marketing message to reach clients' customers, and auditing the client's existing approach to see where it's had success and where it can improve itself.


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