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11 Best Saint Paul Mold Remediations Companies

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Anytime Restoration provides 24/7 emergency mold damage restoration services in the St. Paul area. The company's certified professionals evaluate the residential or business premises and determine the source of the water or moisture and repairs it. They locate hidden pockets of mold and mildew behind walls and ceilings and under floor boards. Anytime Restoration practices EPA's safety procedures in the effective removal of mold spores from personal property and structural surfaces. The company also vacuums air ducts, preventing the system from circulating airborne mold spores throughout the structure. It sanitizes and deodorizes the premises, repairing and replacing any damaged surfaces.

Bojer LLC is a mold remediation company in Saint Paul. Its certified technicians provide residential, business, RV, auto, and marine mold solutions. They locate the source of moisture or water damage and deliver an analysis of a test sample. The Bojer team follows EPA's guidelines for the safe and effective removal of surface mold from personal items as well as structural elements. The company tears out damaged drywall and carpeting, hauling off debris and sanitizing substrates. The licensed, bonded, and insured professionals disinfect and deodorize airborne mold spore particles from the ventilation and duct work systems. Bojer products are 100% USDA organic certified.

Brothers Services is a family-owned and operated property services company that has been providing mold damage restoration services to residential and commercial clients in the Saint Paul area since 1995. The team uses Air-O-Cell sampling equipment to test air quality, inspect the damaged area using infrared imaging, and provide a detailed lab report. The company can eliminate the source of the mold and restore the property to its original state.

Capital City Construction and Remediation provides emergency 24/7 residential and commercial mold remediation services in Saint Paul. The company's certified technicians determine the source of the problem and ensure the issue's been repaired to avoid further damage. Capital City Construction and Remediation's mold testing process consists of swab type analyses as well as state-of-the-art digital air quality assessment. The company adheres to EPA's standards and guidelines during the remediation process. Its team sanitizes affected areas with antifungal and antimicrobial disinfectant, and they clean the heat and air system's duct work to prevent recirculation. The company removes all debris and provides any necessary repair and reconstruction.

Clean Response Inc. is a full-service disaster recovery company that provides mold remediation services in Saint Paul. The business has served educational facilities, hospitality organizations, and residential customers since 1998. Services include mold inspections, mold remediation using high-efficiency particulate air equipment, and contaminant containment services. The company's technicians also deliver water, fire, flood, and storm damage restoration services. Clean Response Inc. is available 24 hours a day for emergency services.

DCI Specialty Contracting has offered construction and restoration services to businesses and homes near Saint Paul for over two decades. Its mold remediation experts investigate mold sources, remove contaminated components, and clean up structures to mitigate mold growth. They also repair faulty systems, including leaking pipes. Additionally, the business handles asbestos removal, radon or vapor containment, and trauma cleanup. Other services include maintenance and remodeling. DCI Specialty Contracting is a member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists.

Disaster Cleanup Services provides mold removal services near Saint Paul with over two decades of experience. Certified technicians from the company are available 24/7 to assist residential and commercial clients. The business inspects properties for mold, tests the air quality, and uses proven methods to remove all signs of mold. It can restore properties and ensure proper removal of any damaged items. Additionally, it offers water, fire, and storm damage restoration services and sewage cleanup.

Rapid Restoration DKI is a residential and commercial mold remediation company in Saint Paul. Its certified professionals respond to emergencies 24/7, identifying the source of the problem, such as a leaky roof, dripping pipe, or damp basement. They assess the damage and perform mold testing to determine the appropriate removal process. Rapid Restoration DKI sanitizes personal belongings and structural elements, utilizing antimicrobial and antifungal sanitizers. The company removes damaged carpeting and drywall, hauling the debris away. It also cleans HVAC duct work to prevent recirculation. Its construction team provides any necessary repair and reconstruction services. The company helps clients navigate the insurance process.

Red Pine Industries Inc. was founded in 1978 to provide mold damage restoration in the Saint Paul area. Mold remediation services include inspection, containment, air purification, damage clean up, and repair. The professionals on staff provide water extraction, carpet upholstery cleaning, odor removal, and fire damage mitigation services. Additional services include asbestos abatement, lead removal, and interior demolition. Red Pine Industries' workers are experienced in removing linoleum, tiles, coatings, and carpets from floors.

ServiceMaster Minneapolis provides emergency residential mold remediation services 24/7. The company's certified technicians assess the cause of the water leak or moisture and repair the issue. They remove standing water and position industrial driers, air movers, and dehumidifiers throughout the affected area to regulate temperature. The team utilizes infrared technology to identify mold on the home's hidden surfaces. Following EPA standards and guidelines, ServiceMaster Minneapolis remediates the mold with chemical treatment, preventing its continued growth. The company's sanitation and deodorization processes include vacuuming the ventilation and duct system to stop recirculation. Its team cleans and dries all affected areas, repairing any damage.

Servpro of Bloomington/Richfield is a full-service mold remediation and restoration service. The company's certified technicians handle emergency residential and commercial calls 24/7. They perform an inspection and identify where the water source is, stop the flow, and determine the necessary repairs. The team uses technologies, such as infrared thermography to detect hidden moisture and potential mold. SERVPRO of Bloomington/Richfield's use of negative air chambers and air pressure allows the team to isolate and contain further growth during the cleaning process. The company applies antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to affected areas, eliminating mold colonies. It completely disinfects and deodorizes personal belongings and the structure before completing any necessary repairs.

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