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1500 1st Ave. NE Suite 110E, Rochester, MN 55906 Rating

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4.7 (1251)
1.9 (24)
3.0 (2)

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Hoglund Law serves residents of Rochester across various areas of law. It guides individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the bankruptcy process by assessing their financial situations and filing the necessary paperwork and documentation. Its attorneys also prepare clients for 341 meetings of creditors, as well as chapter 13 bankruptcy confirmation and chapter 7 bankruptcy reaffirmation hearings. The firm has represented over 50,000 clients since its inception in 1990. The owner, Robert J. Hoglund, has more than two decades of legal experience.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Debt Settlement
  • Judgement removal

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Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Robert Hoglund - Founder/PartnerActive34 yrs

Rochester, MN Rating

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Need help contacting a Bankruptcy Attorney in Rochester? Call our Concierge team at 848-Book-Pro (848-266-5776 from 6 am - 4 pm PT | Mon - Fri). They are standing by to help you get the service you need.

423 3rd Avenue Southeast, Rochester, MN 55904 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (1)

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Bodensteiner Law Office is a Rochester-based bankruptcy law firm. Bill Bodensteiner has been helping clients obtain financial relief for over 30 years. His legal practice aims to simplify the bankruptcy process and determine appropriate bankruptcy types to resolve financial distress, whether due to large medical bills or job loss. Once clients decide to declare bankruptcy, he guides them on the required documentation, takes care of the paperwork, and files bankruptcy petitions. Bodensteiner Law Office also handles liquidation and debt reorganization.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Debt Settlement

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
William Bodensteiner - PrincipalActive41 yrs

9 1st Street Northwest, Rochester, MN 55901 Rating

Review Sources

4.6 (8)

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Kruger Law Office, LLC, is a bankruptcy law firm offering a host of legal services through its office in Rochester. The law firm helps individual and business clients file for chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. Before filing for bankruptcy, the law firm also advises clients to consider options such as negotiating with creditors, attending credit counseling, and changing their lifestyle. Moreover, the law firm guides its clients throughout the entire process whichever debt relief option they take.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Karl Kruger - MemberActive20 yrs

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NameExpertise RatingAddressPromotionsLearn more
Hoglund Law
1500 1st Ave. NE Suite 110E, Rochester, MN 55906Free consultation
Bodensteiner Law Office
423 3rd Avenue Southeast, Rochester, MN 55904
Kruger Law Office, LLC
9 1st Street Northwest, Rochester, MN 55901

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  • Where do I file for bankruptcy in Rochester, Minnesota?

    To file for bankruptcy in Rochester, you need to submit your bankruptcy petition to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota. The Federal Courthouse in Saint Paul serves Olmsted County residents. It is located at 316 North Robert Street, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101. It can be contacted at (651) 848-1000.

  • Where can I get bankruptcy forms in Rochester, Minnesota?

    To obtain bankruptcy forms in Rochester, you can visit the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota's website at The court's website provides access to various bankruptcy forms that you can download and print.

  • Why would a Rochester debtor enter into a reaffirmation agreement with a creditor?

    A Rochester debtor may find it necessary to enter into a reaffirmation agreement with the respective creditor to retain ownership of a property. Creditors can hold a security interest in a debtor's assets, which include items like vehicles, appliances, or homes. This security interest serves as protection for the creditor in case the debtor is unable to repay the debt by granting creditors the right to repossess and sell the property if the required payments are not made. Reaffirmation agreements are entirely voluntary and not obligatory for the debtor.

  • Can Rochester debtors sue creditors who violate consumer protection laws?

    Yes, debtors in Rochester can take legal action against creditors who violate consumer protection laws. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act sets forth regulations that prohibit creditors from employing abusive tactics to collect debts. Such prohibited practices include making threats of violence, falsely claiming to be attorneys or government representatives, and engaging in unlawful property seizures. With the assistance of bankruptcy attorneys, debtors can navigate the process of gathering evidence and building a strong case against abusive debt collectors.

  • Do tax debts incurred by Rochester residents get discharged through bankruptcy?

    Bankruptcy has the potential to eliminate tax debts under specific circumstances. Note that tax debts can be discharged through chapter 7 bankruptcy but not chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcy applies to federal income tax debts associated with accurately filed tax returns, tax debts that were legitimately incurred without any fraudulent or evasive intent, and tax debts that were assessed at least 240 days before filing for bankruptcy.

  • Are there alternative debt relief options available to Rochester debtors who do not meet the qualifications for chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy?

    Rochester debtors who do not meet the eligibility requirements for chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy can use an alternative debt relief option known as debt settlement. This strategy requires the involvement of an experienced bankruptcy attorney who negotiates with creditors to reduce the total amount of debt owed by the debtors. While debt settlement allows for a reduced debt amount, it still necessitates that debtors fulfill their obligations by making payments toward the newly negotiated resolution.

  • What factor determines the repayment plan for a chapter 13 bankruptcy in Rochester?

    A Rochester debtor's monthly disposable income, rather than the total amount of debt, determines a repayment plan under chapter 13 bankruptcy. This signifies that the debtor is required to make monthly payments to the bankruptcy trustee, who then allocates that amount among the creditors. The length of the repayment plan can range from three to five years, depending on the debtor's income.

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