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Azul Seven is a design consultancy in Minneapolis focused on digital products and integrated services, and it performs work on UX and UI features as part of these projects. It designs user experiences for both new and legacy products and has particular experience with the healthcare industry, for which it has built new UX frameworks for existing devices. Since many of the devices that Azul Seven designs UX for involve complex back-end technologies, it has developed experience with simplifying intricate options via intuitive user interfaces.

Providing UX design in Minneapolis, bswing has been designing and developing digital products and services since 1997. It works with small and large businesses in several industries, with particular experience in the health care sector. The agency sees its role as helping organizations transform health and improve lives. It does this by focusing on the human factors that influence the user experience, whether it's for an app that track's the user's health stats or a website registering new patients.

Clockwork is a digital agency that specializes in designing successful customer experiences. Headquartered in the Rayvic building in northeast Minneapolis, the company provides a skilled team of engineers, designers, and architects to create user experiences and digital products. The agency helps businesses from all industries highlight services and drive sales by creating immersive digital experiences, including branded program sequences and interactive screens. Clockwork generates a comprehensive front-end and back-end experience.

Concord is a technology and consultancy company developing an intuitive user experience in Minneapolis metro for mobile applications. Concord also designs and redesigns user interface elements to make applications simpler to navigate for end users as well as clients. Its decisions are inspired by research data that provides insight into user experiences. Usability testing is conducted as well to help find pre-existing problems and investigate the level of improvement and stability implemented by changes to UX or UI.

Default Value is a technology and design studio in Minneapolis that serves companies and individuals by creating technologically progressive products as well as websites. As part of this work, it designs and refines user experience aspects to help companies convey the essences of their brands as well as satisfying levels of performance to their customers. Beyond simply building user interfaces and facilitating the implementation of UX features, Default Value also acts as a creative consultant and offers exceptionally extensive research services.

Downtown Design is a digital marketing firm that serves the small businesses in Minneapolis, Anoka, and Clark. It has over ten years of experience in website design, SEO, graphic design, Pay Per Click, and social media marketing. The firm holds an accredited A+ rating with BBB and is also a Torch award nominee. Moreover, it focuses on innovation, creativity, proper communication, education, and constant evaluation of their client's businesses to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Ecra Inc. is a Minneapolis-based creative company serving small and midsize businesses within a diverse assortment of industries. This company develops and improves user experience systems for websites by altering existing site architecture to improve performance, renovating user interface layouts for better navigation, and building wireframes for pre-visualization and prototyping purposes. Ecra Inc. also offers general web development services as well as creative design services for needs involving logos and marketing materials.

Elemental Studio is a Minneapolis-based design development firm that serves clients ranging from start-ups to enterprise-level companies. It focuses on building brands through strategic UI/UX design solutions. The agency prioritizes client collaboration to create custom designs and interfaces that enhance the user experience, spark engagement, and boost brand awareness. Elemental Studio also handles in-store designs, website development, and social media support. It works with businesses and organizations such as Seeds of Change, The Wildling, and The Innovare Group.

Experience Gusto is an independent consultancy that optimizes the possibilities of UX/UI to improve its client's brands, websites, apps, and services. The Minneapolis agency works with businesses of all sizes and in multiple industries. It collaborates with its clients to build databases of heavily researched data that reveal the human factors in all products and services, which forms the basis of its designs. Experience Gusto has worked with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Embassy Suites by Hilton, and Looney Been Productions.

Fathom Consulting has served clients in the health care and health technology industries from its office in Minneapolis since 1999. The agency specializes in building UX/UI design and development solutions that improve the customer experience. It collaborates with clients to better understand company objectives and customer behaviors. Fathom Consulting handles all aspects of the design process, including UX research and design, UI prototyping, usability testing, and deployment. It works with clients such as the Saint Francis Hospital and Medtronic.

From its locations in Minneapolis and San Diego, Folklore designs products, websites, and apps. Every project is assigned a team of designers and developers, experienced in working together and in the sector, which could be manufacturing, personal fitness, or many other industries. Each solution goes through multiple iterations to ensure the user experience is optimized and, in digital solutions, the interface complements the brand while emotionally engaging the end user.

Irish Titan is a digital marketing and website design agency that offers an instinctive user experience in Minneapolis. Since it opened in 2004, its philosophy has been to think business first, ensuring it focuses on its client's needs before considering the digital solution. It specializes in applying UX/UI into products for e-commerce platforms, as well as the finance, legal, and emerging technology sectors. Its developers research the end-user and plan designs based on their unmet needs, incorporating answers into the final product.

Joyce is a proudly independent agency from Minneapolis that focuses on brand strategy and digital services for like-minded clients throughout the surrounding area. Its work reflects its culture, which is quirky, off-beat, a little bit arty, and usually targeted at millennials. It works with brewers, ice cream parlors, take out services, and more. The agency's creatives incorporate the user experience and interface into every project, be it a responsive website, mobile app, or branding intended for social media platforms.

Kablooe Design specializes in realizing innovative industrial and medical device designs. The Minneapolis agency offers an end-to-end service that includes research, design, development, and ongoing support. Human factors are at the heart of its work. Extensive research of the issues the device will resolve as well as the people who will use it forms the core of the agency's designs. The research dictates everything from the device's materials to its software, and even the infrastructure in which it will operate.

Melodic Art is a full-service digital agency that works across mediums to deliver branding, marketing, and web solutions for clients in and around Minneapolis and nationwide. It promotes the brand and services of businesses and individuals in the creative industries, using online and traditional methods. It focuses on human factors, conducting thorough research to ensure the user experience is paramount, and the interface of its digital products is appealing. The agency's clients include Maroon 5 and the Universal Music Group.

Nerdery is a digital services consultancy with over 15 years of experience helping clients get their products and services to market. From its Bloomington location, it serves four key industries across the Minneapolis metro area; health, industrial, government services, and consumer. It builds software and cloud-native architecture founded on the principles of UX and UI. Its researchers gain extensive insights into consumer behaviors through interviews and focus groups, while its testers perform multiple usability tests on prototypes.

RBA is a digital and technology consultancy that offers UX design in Minneapolis metro. Its e-commerce-focused by building or revamping the user experience and interface features of their platforms. It alters user interface components to help clients navigate platforms more easily and automates certain processes to improve their shopping experiences. RBA can also implement tools that compile data based on customer behaviors for use in future UX or UI design decisions.

RedGroup has provided product design and development services for over 25 years. The UX/UI designers in Minneapolis primarily work with clients in the health care, industrial, and consumer industries. It specializes in transforming clients' visions and objectives into innovative designs that provide visually appealing user interfaces and seamless user experiences. RedGroup combines market research, workflow studies, and customer insights to create custom design solutions. It works with clients such as 3M and Medtronic.

Located in Minneapolis, Smart Hive is a consultancy that specializes in strategy, UX/UI, design, and data. It builds digital solutions for businesses across industries, often focused on big data and smarter ways of processing it for instant user-friendly statistics. The agency focuses heavily on research, diligently developing an understanding of its client's end users, their aspirations for the product, and their unmet needs. It uses this information to plan designs, develop prototypes, and test them.

Founded in 2003, Valtira is a Minneapolis-based agency that specializes in making cloud-based digital solutions that optimize big data. It works with clients from various industries, including health care, retail, finance, and real estate. It designs and builds responsive websites and mobile applications only after conducting in-depth research into the end user's online behaviors. It designs user interfaces that complement the client's existing branding, as well as conducting extensive testing on prototypes.

Worrell is a design agency founded in 1976 with UX/UI designers in Minneapolis that specialize in all areas of the health care industry, and it serves clients across the globe, such as Shanghai and London. The agency offers three core services; strategy, product development, and service design. It continues to conduct extensive research into the human factors that dictate user experience concerning products and services. Its designers and developers use the knowledge-base as the foundation for their work.

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