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Gutter Cleaning Services FAQs

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Allbright Home Services logo

Allbright Home Services

4445 West 77th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55435
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  • Gutter Repairs

Allbright Home Services in Minneapolis is a roof and window cleaning contractor that offers industry-grade cleaning solutions to residential and commercial clients in the metro. The company was founded in 1990 and is currently owned and managed by Joe Pettijohn, a cleaning expert with over 20 years of experience. His services include debris removal by hand, downspout clearing, damage testing, leaf blowing, as well as damage repairs. Allbright Home Services also provides disassembly and installation services for gutter replacements or repairs.

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Big Mikes Gutters logo

Big Mikes Gutters

235 North Irving Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405
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  • Gutter Repairs

Big Mikes Gutters is a business serving Minneapolis and surrounding communities. It offers gutter cleaning services which are also available for regular maintenance needs. Its team works to remove clogging from gutters and downspouts to prevent damage on the foundation, roof, walls, and landscape of the property. Clients who are looking to try DIY gutter cleaning can call the company for assistance. Moreover, gutter installation and repair services are also available. It utilizes pre-painted aluminum gutter materials with a variety of color options available.

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CleanFlo Gutters logo

CleanFlo Gutters

1516 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408
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  • Gutter Installation

CleanFlo Gutters serves a wide range of clients, including builders, homeowners, contractors, and business owners throughout the metro area of Minneapolis. The business provides gutter repair, inspection, installation, and cleaning services. It also offers a complete assessment of the gutter and drainage system. Its team caters to customers with transparent communication throughout the entire project. In addition, the team also educates clients on different types of gutter covers based on the type of roof and home they have.

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Gutter Maids logo

Gutter Maids

3025 Blackstone Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55416
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  • Large Debris Removal

Established in 2010, Gutter Maids is a full-service cleaning company serving clients in the Minneapolis area. The family-owned company offers a wide range of services, including vine and TV dish removal and high ladder work. It also provides gutter cleaning services, including roof clearing, gutter scooping and rinsing, downspout inspection, and final cleanup. Its specialists perform a property inspection before every procedure. Gutter Maids is a member of the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association.

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Minneapolis Gutter Cleaning logo

Minneapolis Gutter Cleaning

6300 West 35th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55416
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  • Wet / Dry Technology

Minneapolis Gutter Cleaning is a business founded by a full-time firefighter, Brian Jacobsen. For 19 years, he has been providing gutter cleaning services for residential properties. The process includes roof cleaning, debris removal, gutter washing, downspout testing, and site cleanup. Regular maintenance is also available to prevent a wide range of issues such as cracked foundations, landscape erosion, and mold. The business also specializes in satellite TV dish removal and handles different types of dishes such as HughesNet, WildBlue, Dish Network, and DirectTV.

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Squeegee Squad Minneapolis St. Paul logo

Squeegee Squad Minneapolis St. Paul

315 Atwater Street West, Saint Paul, MN 55117
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  • Eco Friendly

Squeegee Squad is a cleaning company that caters to residential and commercial clients in the Minneapolis area. It offers gutter cleaning services to remove debris and flush out downspouts. The company performs high-rise window cleaning, roof and solar panel cleaning, as well as ice dam removal, interior fixture cleaning, and snow plotting. The team also handles building restoration projects. Squeegee Squad was founded by Jack Ruegsegger, who has been in the window cleaning business for over 20 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does gutter cleaner kill plants?

A: Gutter cleaning solutions contain chlorine and other chemicals that are designed to remove moss, algae, mold, and other debris. These chemicals are harmful to plants and can burn their roots, or even kill them.

Q: How often should you clean the gutters?

A: At a minimum, your gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year. If your yard has lots of trees in it, or if you live in an area that's very windy or rainy, you might need to clean the gutters more often. If your area has a lot of pine trees, which drop needles frequently, you may need to clean them every three months.

Q: Do gutter covers need to be cleaned?

A: Gutter covers are essentially the same thing as gutter guards, and they need to be cleaned regularly so debris doesn't build up and block the holes. Blockages can cause water to collect in certain areas and lead to poor drainage around your home.

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