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10 Best Detroit Mortgage Refinance Companies

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Accurate Mortgage Solutions specializes in residential mortgages in Detroit. Its mortgage experts help clients change the terms of their loans in order to free up money, maximize monthly income, and reduce monthly costs. The consultants also help homeowners determine whether to refinance current mortgages at lower interest rates or undergo a cash-out refinance. Accurate Mortgage Solutions offers FHA and VA loans to clients with reasonable debt to income radios and moderate credit scores.

Colleen Hassar at Security Mortgage Corporation is a full-service mortgage provider near Detroit that specializes in conventional purchases and FHA home loans. Ms. Hassar has more than 25 years of experience in mortgage refinancing and residential real estate. She and her company offer a range of refinance options designed to meet a diverse set of needs, including VA, jumbo, and USDA loans. Security Mortgage Corporation also provides cash-out and streamlined refinancing programs.

Comerica Bank serves as a mortgage refinance company near Detroit. It has over 170 years of experience serving lenders in the process of refinancing mortgages and purchasing new properties. In addition to providing customers with lower interest rates, Comerica's mortgage refinancing solutions also involve lowering monthly payments and switching from adjustable-rate to fixed-term loans,. The bank designs personal loans for a variety of purposes, ranging from auto and RV loans to student loans.


First State Bank first opened its doors in 1917. The team of mortgage refinance lenders near Detroit provides a number of loan solutions, including special mortgage programs for teachers and paramedics. First State's lending team assists clients with the process of applying for USDA, jumbo, FHA, and VA loans, offering both fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgage options. The bank also offers government housing loans with low down payments for eligible borrowers.

Genisys Credit Union assists homeowners with home mortgage refinance near Detroit. Founded in 1936, the credit union provides refinance options that help customers fund college tuitions, pay land contracts, lower interest rates, and consolidate debts. Genisys also handles commercial real estate mortgages, offering small business term loans and commercial mortgages. Its team of mortgage consultants specializes in working with first-time home buyers. Loan officers provide flexible and fixed-term home equity loans.


Homesite Mortgage is a consumer direct lender near Detroit that has been developing an array of mortgage refinance solutions since 2004. The company's mortgage bankers offer a varied and streamlined refinancing process that serves clients with many different needs, including home improvement and debt consolidation. The team of consultants also has experience developing cash-out refinance solutions that allow clients to take advantage of the accumulated value of their home's equity.

John Adams Mortgage handles home mortgage refinance near Detroit. The company offers a unique combination of programs and loan options that help clients acquire new mortgages with new terms. The firm's consultants develop refinancing plans that reduce the number of years on mortgages, lower monthly payments, and pull equity out of homes for purchases. The loan officers guide lenders throughout the loan application process, collecting documents and ordering third-party items, such as title work and appraisal.

Omega Lending Group is a mortgage refinance company near Detroit that serves homeowners, local real estate agents, and home buyers. Its loan officers help customers save money by lowering monthly mortgage payments. Omega provides several mortgage refinancing options, including FHA loans, VA loans, traditional fixed-rate loans, and adjustable loans with five- and seven-year ARM. The company helps clients shorten the terms on their mortgages and take advantage of current interest rates.


Success Mortgage Partners Inc. has been serving people in Detroit for over 20 years. Its consultants specialize in helping clients refinance mortgages in order to lower monthly payments and interest rates as well as shorten the length of years on mortgage agreements. Success Mortgage Partners provides USDA and FHA loan refinancing solutions. The company's services include making adjustments to types of loans, allowing customers to change between interest-only and ARM mortgages.

Ross Mortgage Corporation is a mortgage banking company near Detroit that was founded in 1949. As a full-service mortgage lender, it has served residents of the surrounding communities for decades, helping homeowners refinance mortgages to take advantage of longer repayment periods and lower interest rates. The company's financial consulting team also advises clients in the process of taking equity out of their homes to consolidate debt and pay for home improvement projects.

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