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After School Karate Academy in Bowie offers a range of programs from tae kwon do classes to summer camps. The academy’s after-school program offers homework assistance, lessons in tae kwon do, and other organized games and activities designed to promote physical fitness, focus, confidence, discipline, and mental strength. After School Karate Academy offers morning transportation for kids who attend area schools with drop-off times as early as 6:00 a.m. The academy’s summer camp program schedules fun activities for the kids such as roller skating, trips to the movie theater, laser tag, bowling, and more. For parents who like to schedule consistent date nights, childcare is available from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. on the first Friday of every month. In the academy’s adult and kid karate classes, safety is always a priority. All students are eventually required to utilize sparring gloves, sparring kicks, body armor, mouth guards, and other protective gear whenever there is a possibility of coming into contact with another student.

Alpha and Omega Martial Arts remains a full-service studio which serves residents of Laurel and the surrounding region. Master Jose Pascaran owns and operates the studio and continues to be a seventh-degree black belt with years of experience in the field that he wishes to pass on to each of his students. Master Pascaran strives to offer people a friendly, safe environment in which people of all experience levels can learn and practice, including beginners who have never entered a studio before and experts seeking additional practice. Some of the available courses from Alpha and Omega Martial Arts include separate lessons for kids, families, and adults.

APlus Athletics in Temple Hills offers a range of extracurricular activities for children from karate and tae kwon do to other fitness programs like tumbling and cheer. Tae kwon do lessons are available in both private lessons and group classes. The club’s programs can either prepare young kids to enter school-sponsored programs in the future or serve as a continued training program during the off-season. APlus Athletics offers discounts for children who play seasonal sports for any area club or organization. The business has programs designed for kids anywhere from pre-kindergarten age to seven years old that introduce fitness in a fun and exciting way and promote social readiness and skills such as listening, teamwork, and more to prepare them for school. Summer programs are also available.

Bowie Mixed Martial Arts offers a range of fitness and martial arts classes from MMA to krav maga. Other classes the training center offers include a kids martial arts class, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai kickboxing, and a kickboxing class that focuses on cardiovascular health and burning as many calories as possible in each session. Kids martial arts classes focus on increasing a student’s coordination and flexibility, muscle strength, cardiovascular function, and teaches basic anti-bullying and self-defense skills. The instructors at Bowie Mixed Martial Arts take care to ensure that the muay thai kickboxing classes are informational, high-energy, and fun. No student will ever be forced to fight or spar if they would prefer not to. Bowie Mixed Martial Arts is a certified Roufusport Kickboxing Association training center.

People seeking reliable and educational martial arts can contact Dark Lotus Combat Martial Arts to receive comprehensive services. The studio believes that each student will receive progress based on the amount of effort that they put into training and is willing to accept students of all ages. Master Sifu Ken Pham owns and operates Dark Lotus Combat Martial Arts and instructs people in the ways of traditional Vietnamese kung fu. People who register for lessons can learn a variety of techniques, including sophisticated weapon forms, animal styles, Tai Chi, meditation, and self-defense. The studio serves residents of Silver Spring and the neighboring communities through its high-quality services.

Jek’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Club in Rock Creek Sports Club of Silver Spring offers classes that teach all aspects of taekwondo including punches, kicks, sweeps, hand and foot blocks, joint locks, grappling and throws, and the Olympic-approved rules of sport taekwondo. Instructors at Jek’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Club encourage students to ask questions about the technical aspects of certain techniques and maneuvers. The club maintains that practitioners, especially instructors, should have a concrete understanding of how a move is executed and why the approach is what it is. Jek’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Club trains its students to become productive, responsible, well-balanced members of society by working to bring out the best in each individual, both physically and mentally. The club offers programs for kids ages three to five, young people ages six to 15, and adults. Jek’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Club also offers private martial arts and fitness lessons as well as birthday parties.

Kim Studio of College Park specializes in teaching students the martial arts styles of tae kwon do and karate. Kim Studio offers classes for juniors, or school-aged children, and classes for adults. Other classes offered include a weapons training session, a daito-ryu study group that can be scheduled by appointment, and a women’s self-defense workshop. If a student or potential student wishes to learn with a group of four or more friends or family members, the instructors at Kim Studio can design a custom self-defense workshop that focuses specifically on what the members of the group want to learn. For those who are unsure about whether they want to sign up for classes, Kim Studio offers a free trial lesson so they can figure out if Kim Studio is right for them. Unlike many other martial arts training centers, Kim Studio does not limit the number of classes that a student can attend each week. Instead, Kim Studio encourages students to train as often as they can.

King Tiger Martial Arts in Silver Spring offers a range of martial arts programs from adult classes to kids' summer camps. Other classes the school offers include a children’s afterschool program that includes transportation, help with homework, and some training in taekwondo. Regular children’s classes are available to kids age three and older and focus on teaching students self-defense techniques, discipline, focus, confidence, respect, and leadership skills. King Tiger Martial Arts has a sparring program that allows participants to practice their skills with other martial artists in both classes and tournaments that include competitors from other martial arts schools. King Tiger Martial Arts also hosts children’s birthday parties that include music, games and challenges, safe-break breaking boards, a T-shirt for the birthday kid, and a gift certificate for two days’ worth of trial lessons for party attendees.

For over a year, Maryland Systema has provided Russian self-defense training to students in the Takoma Pak and Silver Spring, Maryland, areas. The school is certified and its coaches are fully trained in the Russian martial art of Systema. Both men and women are welcome to participate in the school's classes, which are aimed at teaching self-defense, wellness, and personal development. Prior experience isn't necessary and the school offers classes without long-term contracts.

Performance Martial Arts in Bowie promotes the development of characteristics and skills such as self-esteem, confidence, strength, physical fitness, and discipline through its martial arts, after school, and summer camp programs. The studio offers martial arts classes that focus on techniques found in tae kwon do for ages three and older. Performance Martial Arts offers a free two-week trial of its martial arts program for new customers. Summer camps are available for kids ages five to eight and children ages nine to 12. The business’s summer camp program is a combination of in-house activities and fun offsite field trips. The school offers after school child care with a quiet environment in which children can complete homework assignments and areas where they can do fun activities. Performance Martial Arts is licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Taekuk Martial Arts in Chevy Chase offers a range of martial arts classes from tae kwon do to cardio-focused kickboxing classes. Head Master Joo H. Moon of Taekuk Martial Arts holds fifth-degree black belts in both tae kwon do and hap ki do and has taught these arts in both Korea and the United States. The school’s Tiger Cubs class teaches kids ages three and a half to five and a half years old skills like flexibility, balance, and coordination and emphasizes the importance of physical fitness, respect for others, and good manners. Taekuk Martial Arts also offers a class for kids ages five and a half to 11 years old and a class designed to sharpen the martial arts skills of teenagers and adults. Taekuk Martial Arts offers other programs such as family martial arts classes, summer camps, and a certified black belt class.

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