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A. Bright Idea is an advertising and creative design agency with offices in Bel Air serving the Baltimore metro area and its Californian offices serving Burbank and Sonoma. Founded in 1996, the full-service agency has extensive experience in all aspects of advertising, from planning traditional media campaigns using TV and print to creating integrated strategies with digital and emerging media technologies. Its list of clients includes government, healthcare, and sports clubs.

Aiden Marketing is a full-service inbound marketing and sales agency that uses data-driven advertising solutions to develop client brands and drive traffic towards their websites and social media locations. Based in Baltimore, the agency works with customers in a range of industries across the metro area and far beyond. Its advertising services include dropping remarketing ads onto the pages visited by its client's customers, designing and implementing social media ads, including LinkedIn profile enhancements, and creating PPC campaigns.

Ainsley & Co. is a digital marketing agency that houses designers, advertisers, and consultants under its Baltimore roof. The agency services businesses of all sizes at each stage of their development throughout the Baltimore metro area. Its typical clients include finance companies, home designers, and talent agencies. The agency manages advertising campaigns from their inception, designing the content and managing each stage of their development, from PPC and banner ads to social media posts and endorsements from influencers.

Founded in 2011, AltaVista Strategic Partners is a full-service marketing agency based in Baltimore. It offers a wide range of advertising services to contractors throughout the Baltimore metro area and the whole United States. A Google AdWords Certified Partner, the agency creates and targets ads to its client's ideal customers, as well as providing continuous performance monitoring and analysis. Its services also include generating leads from optimized LinkedIn profiles and Facebook ads targeted to specific groups and locations.

Cuckhoo Web Design specializes in creating digital advertising campaigns for small businesses throughout the United States. Founded in 2010, the Annapolis-based digital marketing agency specializes in developing pay-per-click campaigns, particularly Google AdWords, as a means of driving traffic to its client's websites. It also utilizes multiple social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, to get its client's brand seen by potential customers in the form of dynamic ads, including Facebook Messenger one-on-one advertisements.

Founded in 2005, Dreamscape Marketing is a full-service Columbia agency that uses online advertising strategies to generate leads, develop brands, and maximize ROI for clients throughout the Baltimore metro area. Its typical clients include addiction treatment centers, dental practices, and nonprofits. Its advertising strategies include designing and managing pay-per-click ad campaigns on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and creating retargeting banner ads for third-party sites visited by its client's recent customers. Dreamscape Marketing is also a Google Premier Partner agency.

Located in Baltimore, NYC, and Washington D.C., JMRConnect is a public relations and digital marketing agency that develops multi-channel advertising strategies for clients with local, regional, and global business interests. Typical industries it works with include the public sector, technology, e-commerce, and retail. The agency's range of advertising services are built from its actionable sale intelligence research, which it deploys in the PPC ads, retargeting banner ads, and social media influenced campaigns its teams develop.

Founded in 2006, KDGA is a full-service advertising and design agency based in Columbia, serving businesses of all sizes throughout the Baltimore metro area and beyond. Its advertising solutions include traditional methods, such as billboards, bus shelter posters, and brochures. Its digital solutions encompass all the opportunities available online, including paid search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, dynamic and collection ads on Facebook, and retargeting advertisements dropped onto the pages of third-party sites visited by potential customers.

Liquified Creative is a full-service design, marketing, and advertising agency based in Annapolis, serving businesses throughout Maryland and across the United States. Some of the industries it serves include healthcare, legal, retail, and property management. The boutique agency develops each advertising campaign from the ground up, including content design. A Google Partner, the agency specializes in creating PPC campaigns for search engines and also develops social media advertising strategies, utilizing the opportunities of Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Founded in 2002, Mindgrub is a technical agency and creative consultancy that offers digital marketing services from its locations in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. In addition to digital marketing and advertising services, the multi-award-winning agency has a strong legacy of technical expertise and specializes in enterprise mobile applications, web development, user experience design, and emerging technologies. The agency's approach is rooted in a robust discovery process and includes content strategy development, ongoing data analysis, search engine optimization, media planning, brand management, marketing automation, and more.

Located in Baltimore, Minyona Digital Marketing specializes in helping small businesses throughout Maryland build their brand and generate leads through targeted advertising. Its designers and developers optimize the possibilities of paid Google search results, including map listings, as well as dynamic ads on Facebook and other social media platforms. They meticulously research their client's target customers to determine the best keywords to include as well as the best online vehicles for the delivery of the ads.

Based in Baltimore, Mojo is a creative marketing and advertising agency that designs and develops all stages of the process, from realizing digital and print content to managing, monitoring, and analyzing the performance of its multi-channel advertising campaigns. The agency's clients include government, food outlets, and technology firms. Its traditional advertising services include billboards, posters, and trade show materials. Digital services include remarketing banners, PPC, and social media advertising campaigns.

obo. Agency specializes in creating advertising strategies for B2B and B2C customers across the metro areas of its locations in Columbia, and Washington D.C. The agency's in-house team of designers can create a range of digital advertising services, such as banner ads and Email. The team also builds integrated digital advertising strategies, utilizing the opportunities of paid media, such as pay-per-click on Google and Bing, as well as retargeting ads on websites frequently visited by the client's ideal customers.

Founded over nine years ago in Towson, PDR Web Solutions is a web design, marketing, and advertising agency serving clients around and beyond Baltimore's metro area. Focused on generating leads and converting them into customers of its client's products and services, the agency develops various online advertising campaigns. These include pay-per-click advertising, such as Google AdWords, and social media ads for Facebook, Instagram, and others. The Google Partner's clients include John Hopkins, Honda, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Founded in 2013, Rosie's Creative LLC is a full-service graphic design and digital marketing agency from Parkville, offering businesses throughout the Baltimore metro area a range of advertising solutions. Its typical customers include government agencies, nonprofits, and local enterprises. The agency specializes in developing pay-per-click campaigns on popular search engines, such as Google and Bing. It also creates social media advertising strategies that use the power of dynamic ads and endorsements from influencers to drive traffic towards its client's websites.

Spokes Marketing helps small and medium-size businesses in Baltimore. The company serves clients in the professional sector, auto dealers, retail, restaurants, and home services. The team uses proven strategies to write marketing plans that retain current customers, generate leads, and convert leads to customers. The company is experienced in website development and offers public relations support. Spokes has been serving clients for ten years.

Located in Elkridge, TSL Marketing offers digital B2B advertising services to businesses throughout the Baltimore metro area. Since its foundation in 1999, the agency has helped its clients' target customers find them on popular search engines as well as social media platforms, and third-party sites containing in-house designed banner ads. The agency also develops and manages LinkedIn accounts, strategically deploys Google AdWords content, and generates regular performance reports for its clients.

Founded in 2002, Vitamin is a graphic design and digital marketing agency offering integrated advertising services for businesses across the metro area of its Baltimore location. The agency describes its purpose as developing targeted content that completes the buyer's journey by creating a solid connection between them and the brand. It achieves this by meticulously researching the client's market and their ideal customer and using this information to develop ads optimized for all search engines and social media platforms.

Serving the Baltimore metro area, WebMechanix is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency from Columbia that uses various advertising channels to develop its client's brand and generate leads. Founded in 2009, the full-service agency has extensive experience building PPC strategies formed from meticulously researched keywords and monitoring of the online behaviors of its client's ideal customers. The Google Premium Partner agency also conducts social media advertising campaigns, specializing in Facebook ads.

Located in Annapolis, Weitzman is an advertising, brand identity, and full-service media agency serving clients throughout and beyond the Baltimore metro area. Its typical clients include government agencies, retail, fashion, and real estate businesses. The boutique agency designs the content and develops the strategies for multiple advertising channels, including social media marketing involving dynamic ads, Facebook Messenger, and endorsements from influencers. It also develops pay-per-click and banner ads for all major search engines.

Founded in 2009, Zest Social Media Solutions is a Towson-based internet marketing agency that specializes in social media advertising for businesses throughout the Baltimore metro area. It optimizes the possibilities of all forms of social media, such as endorsements from influencers, YouTube ad snippets, and one-on-one advertising with Facebook Messenger. The agency's list of clients includes Under Armour and the University of Maryland. It has particular experience working with law firms and accountants.

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