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Allan Azoff's Martial Arts Academy opened in 1995 and strives to help its students build their confidence, develop self-control, and improve their strength and flexibility through exercise. The studio additionally works to build a community and encourages its students to interact with one another to form stronger connections. Allan Azoff's Martial Arts Academy features classes for people of all ages and experience levels, especially children and teenagers. The studio operates in Lexington and serves residents of the surrounding area through high-quality services such as teaching self-defense, techniques based on self-control, and regular exercise and training programs for children, teenagers, and adults.

Connors Martial Arts Academy provides martial arts instruction to children and adults in Norwood and the surrounding areas. The kid's martial arts classes pack fitness, fun, and self-defense into every session, and children develop strong skills including confidence, focus, discipline, and more. Mixed Martial Arts Fitness programs provide a killer workout using the most powerful techniques in the world. They offer Brazilian jiu-jitsu that is renowned for being productive and fun. Their team welcomes both beginners and pros, and all instructors meet incredibly high standards and want students to succeed and enjoy the program. Students become part of a tight-knit family as their style helps form strong bonds.

Craig’s Kempo Karate Academy provides Kempo karate instruction for students of all ages in Watertown and the surrounding areas. Founder and Chief Instructor Sensei Craig S. Craig manages the academy and has extensive experience in karate. He is a 4th-degree black belt. The instructors are all devoted to training in the art of Kempo and other martial arts and have attained a level of expertise that qualifies them as teachers and mentors alike. They offer after-school programs that are fun and entertaining, teaching skills that include the basics of karate along with focus, concentration, discipline, respect, and courtesy.

Esposito’s Karate Fitness Center provides karate instruction to children and adults in Newton and the surrounding areas. They have been in business in the same location for more than 35 years. Grandmaster Esposito is the primary instructor for their adult karate program, and their kid's karate program is affordable, flexible, and fun for students of all levels. They also offer a full fitness facility including treadmills, Stairmasters, Arc Trainers, complete cyber circuit, and over 15,000 lbs. Of Olympic free weights. Their instructors place a strong emphasis on discipline and respect, and they motivate people to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle in an exciting and challenging environment.

Helix Martial Academy provides martial arts training for children and teens in Waban and the surrounding areas, and at schools in the Boston area. Their small size and highly motivated, well-trained instructors allow them to provide an educational experience that always exceeds expectations. They offer an enriching environment that provides a fun, trusting, and respectful experience that will help students achieve their goals. At their Dojo, they provide a wide range of services for children of all ages and abilities, with one-on-one instruction, small class sizes, personalized attention, caring and fun instructors, and lessons for children with special needs or requiring individualized attention.

Kenpo Martial Arts Center provides traditional style martial arts training to students in Dedham and the surrounding areas. They teach self-defense with the art of Kenpo, which is fast, fluent hand and foot techniques as well as basic jiu-jitsu techniques to enable students to develop a sound foundation in martial arts and self-defense. Their classes teach the skills for students to learn how to defend themselves from armed or unarmed attackers, instilling the confidence and discipline to practice these skills to make them as efficient as possible. They also encourage respect, effort, etiquette, sincerity, character, and above all self-control.

New England Martial Arts provides martial arts and MMA training to students of all ages in Stoughton and the surrounding areas. They offer a range o instruction including martial arts, kickboxing, self-defense, Muay Thai, boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, taekwondo, and many others. The youth programs teach how martial arts work in self-defense, but they also help kids get in shape, gain confidence, learning how to set and accomplish goals, all while developing character traits like respect, humility, self-discipline, and determination. Their programs start at ages 4-6, with Junior programs running from 7-12 years of age.

True Martial Arts Academy provides youth, adult, and family martial arts training to students in Waltham and the surrounding areas. Their mission is to provide the highest level of martial arts education and training in a healthy and positive atmosphere, where students of all ages may develop themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to achieve their short- and long-term goals of Black Belt and beyond while achieving success in life. They are dedicated to building life skills with a commitment to black belt excellence. The academy offers a variety of youth and adult classes, including new women’s martial arts, self-defense, and fitness classes.

Villari’s Martial Arts Center provides martial arts instruction for students of all ages in Walpole and the surrounding areas. They offer a comprehensive experience that blends physical and mental benefits of martial arts through programs that serve all members of a family. Their programs are designed to train kids, teens, and adults, in martial arts, tai chi, and other creative connections that have a positive influence in the school and community. The team of professional instructors strive to serve as positive role models for the students through enthusiasm, caring, and inspiration, and help students explore how martial arts fit into their daily lives.

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