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5HD is a digital marketing agency active throughout the Boston metro area that does UI and UX design work as part of its web and software development services. It improves the potency of marketing efforts by making its clients' websites simpler to navigate and implementing changes that increase their efficiency. 5HD regularly builds new websites but also renovates existing websites to make them better suited to their clients' business goals. A full suite of digital marketing services is available as well.

As part of digital product creation ventures, Altr offers UX design in Boston metro as well as user interface and user experience design work. Proficient with full-stack development for websites and applications, Altr is able to create user experience frameworks fit for clients in a wide variety of industries. It gathers data that helps to guide ongoing design decisions by conducting research into its clients' customers and analyzing their interactions with its digital products.

Merge, formally known as Beam, is a design and digital marketing agency from Boston with years of experience creating websites and applications for businesses in many industries across the metro area. Its teams of designers and developers conduct in-depth research into the behaviors of its client's end users to ensure they identify and resolve all the irritants that make sites and applications unappealing, as well as creating brand-specific imagery. Merge's clients include athenahealth, Virgin Mobile, Deutsche Bank, and Yahoo.

Carroll Design hails from Westford, where the full-service industrial design and mechanical engineering firm has resided since 1983. It partners with clients across Boston's metro area and nationwide, incorporating UX/UI into products for the consumer, high tech, laboratory, and medical markets. Its work includes analysis of its client's competitor's products, extensive research into end user unmet needs, and thorough testing of materials. Its graphic, industrial, and mechanical design teams employee state-of-the-art processes to ensure each product is intuitive and attractive.

Consensus Interactive is a design and digital marketing agency. Its located in Boston, with teams that build websites and applications and a mission to create amazing experiences that help clients make a difference in their customer's lives. The agency's work spans industries, benefiting the life sciences, entertainment, and finance sectors, among others. It uses various models to tailor the user experience and the interface, as well as wireframing to achieve low-cost and rapid results.

Curate Partners is a Stoneham-based web and application developer serving Boston and its surrounding areas. This company provides UI and UX design services as part of its technological innovation projects, which it performs for a variety of companies in healthcare, finance, and other industries. In typical cases, Curate Partners revamps existing websites and applications or builds them anew in order to make them easier and more enjoyable to navigate for clients and their customers.

Dept is a web developer doing user interface design work for clients with branding and marketing goals. Its remarkable UX/UI designers in Boston conceptualize websites and follow the aesthetic of each client's brand to create interfaces that are easy for their customers to interact with. This developer has extended experience with display ads and keyword-based promotional campaigns and creates user interfaces that make it simple and intuitive to interact with ads. Dept designs user experience frameworks for general e-commerce purposes too.

East Coast Catalyst is a digital marketing agency that has been operating out of its Boston office for over a decade. The company offers a variety of UX design services, such as community and product research, responsive UI development, and attractive graphic design. Its team also helps clients bring in new customers through reputation management, SEM and SEO, and CRO. East Coast Catalyst has worked with Jules Catering, eCare Vault, and Globalscape.

Engaging Users is a company in Canton doing business throughout the Boston metro area that serves businesses by providing comprehensive UI/UX design and strategy consultation services. It designs user journeys and UX flows to accommodate its clients' customers and does research using online surveys as well as one-on-one focus groups to gain insight into their wants and needs. Engaging Users' projects typically involve the creation of prototypes, the design of visual UI and style guides, and the development of assets for social media-based advertising.

Essential Design offers innate user experience in Boston, providing consultation and design services to clients in order to help them improve the user experiences of their customers. For instance, it has partnered with major technology companies to create products that facilitate or supplement customer experiences, including interactive shopping carts and programs used in e-commerce transactions. Essential Design also contributes to the aesthetic aspects of user experience by creating branded materials for use throughout its clients' platforms.

Filament Group is a web and application development company that has been handling UX design since its founding in 2001. Its accomplished UX/UI designers in boston help clients make their sites more accessible and responsive in order to improve users' experiences. Its employees also optimize loading times for mobile and traditional websites. The company's executives have published multiple books on responsive web design, and they have worked with information technology businesses.

Active throughout the Boston metro area, IDeveloperSquare is an e-commerce-focused developer designing website- and application-based user interfaces and experiences for business optimization purposes. It works to create visual interfaces that best serve its clients' customers in intuitive ways by allowing them to browse through and purchase products and services as effortlessly as possible. As part of this process, IDeveloperSquare adjusts aspects of the user experience to eliminate frustrating or confusing features that may negatively affect conversion rates or perceptions of its clients among their target audiences.

Miller Systems is a design firm founded in Boston in 1995. The agency caters to midsize and enterprise-level businesses. It takes a human-centric approach to design that focuses on user experience, visual appeal, and efficiency. Its development team leverages the latest technology to ensure a seamless user interface across all platforms, including websites, internal and customer-based mobile applications, e-commerce sites, and customer portals. Miller Systems handles all aspects of the design process, including ideation, development, QA testing, and deployment.

Motiv is a creative branding company in Boston designing user interfaces and user experiences for products. It works for clients to create a variety of products, such as electronic kitchen appliances, for which it designs interactive menus with aesthetics and functions that reflect the interests of the brand. However, Motiv doesn't solely design user interfaces; it provides the service as part of a comprehensive product design, engineering, and graphic design process that empowers clients to concept and create complete products.

Pagano Media is a Boston based digital marketing agency. With over 35 years of experience, the agency has a fool-proof strategy for every campaign of research, design, production, and testing. Some of the services offered by Pagano Media include user UI & UX design, responsive web design and development, mobile app development, email marketing, SEO, PPC, logo design, social media, event marketing, AR, and video editing. In 2019, Pagano Media has won a Telly Award and several Communicator Awards.

Quoin is a boutique technology firm that's designed and developed mobile web and enterprise software for over a quarter of a century. From locations in Boston, NYC, Charlotte, and Washington D.C., it's solutions have served multiple sectors, including e-commerce, higher learning, and nonprofits. It can create software that optimizes the user experience using its teams of designers and developers or collaborate with its client's teams to build solutions using open-source and emerging technologies.

Located in Boston, Synapse is an IT services agency and consultancy launched in 2010, with clients across North America, Europe, and Asia. Partnering businesses of all sizes in industries such as media, finance, and retail, it builds cloud-based web and mobile applications, often with a strong social and environmental aspect to their purpose. UX/UI is at the core of the agency's projects. It conducts extensive research to identify irritants and unmet needs, with its developers ensuring each product resolves them.

Offering UX design in Boston metro, Vermonster is a digital design agency founded in 2001. It builds UX/UI solutions for clients across industries, such as a consumer-facing chatbot for Harvard Business Review and clinical decision support tools for Oncologists at McKesson Speciality Health. The agency uses in-house cross-functional teams for each project, focusing heavily on user research, prototyping, and testing, while the designers create attractive interfaces that complement the client's brand. Its full-stack design services include information architecture and data visualization.

WDB is a web development company in Watertown with reach extending throughout the Boston metro area. It designs UX and UI for a variety of small businesses as well as major brands, primarily in the technology sector, and creates tailored experiences that integrate the aesthetics and character of brands with UI layouts that use content created in-house. WDB also handles the e-commerce aspects of UX and has previously worked with retailers and rental companies to revamp existing systems or build them from scratch.

ZeroDegrees Inc. is a Salem-based development agency specializing in UX design. In fact, this agency offers a series of UX services within a suite it calls RealUX that provides a streamlined method of optimizing user experiences in websites and applications. ZeroDegrees Inc. implements design decisions that transform static web pages and applications into platforms that are more interesting and interactive. It also conducts usability studies that influence UX development choices by providing data about the habits and preferences of users.

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