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12 Best Boston Mold Remediations Companies

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Able Construction LLC is a water & fire restoration company who specializes in mold remediation. Its trained technicians use comprehensive tests to determine if mold has infested a property as well as potential sources based on moisture readings. It treats affected areas by applying chemical disinfectants, sealing openings, and fully removing contaminated materials from structures. In many cases it quarantines infestations using containment methods that trap spores and regulate humidity. Able Construction LLC also manages the entire restoration process by overseeing the repair and reconstruction of significantly damaged structures and large items. In addition to its mold remediation work, this company does fire and flood restoration and biohazard cleanup work as well.

Clean Joe Water & Fire Restoration does mold damage restoration work for clients in and around the Boston metro area. Once it has extracted moisture remaining from water damage incidents, this company begins an inspection and remediation process involving the identification of mold species and use of comprehensive treatment plans. Its technicians develop accurate cost estimates and outline the techniques to be used in removal and chemical sanitation so that clients are provided with a thorough understanding of the process. During this process, items are removed and decontaminated, surfaces are sealed to prevent further growth, and humidity is controlled. Clean Joe Water & Fire Restoration handles flood and fire damage too.

DryBoston offers mold removal services in Boston to commercial and residential clients. This company prioritizes the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and extraction methods to remove mold and prevent its return. It also secures belongings and furniture pieces that require individual attention to clean and restore. Its mold remediation services are heavily interwoven with its water damage restoration services. DryBoston often extracts large volumes of water and uses dehumidification techniques to dry out interiors prior to pursuing remediation efforts and as a preventative measure. This company also offers limited extermination and mitigation services for viral diseases and microbial health hazards.

With over three decades of experience, Flood Fire Pro Inc. serves business owners and homes in the Boston area with 24/7 emergency service. The company's mold damage services include debris removal, floor and wall washing, insulation and wall removal, antimicrobial treatment, pad and carpet removal, and mold remediation. Additionally, it assists with unpacking and repacking boxes and sanitizing and cleaning contents. Other services include water, flood, and fire damage restoration.

Mike Silvia's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Inc. is a mold damage restoration company in Boston. Founded in 1993, the company offers mold remediation and water damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties. Its mold removal specialists are available 24/7 for emergency service to inspect homes and buildings for mold and quickly mitigate any mold growth. The company uses HEPA-filtered mold vacuums and air scrubbers to eliminate mold, and it offers odor removal, cleaning, and sanitizing services.

Mowatt Mold Removal LLC is a family owned business doing mold damage restoration work for clients in the Boston metro area. It conducts mold inspections to find and isolate the source of infestation and it uses containment methods such as negative air pressure to ensure that properties do not experience further damage. Environmentally conscious clients can opt for the use of green products, which Mowatt Mold Removal LLC stocks as some of several chemical methods for mold and bacterial treatments. This company also provides thorough re-inspection services to ensure that infestations have been eliminated. Services are available for scenarios involving bacterial contamination as well.

Pro-Care Inc. offers mold remediation services in Boston to clients facing emergency water damage situations as well as prolonged moisture-related issues. Its services are available on a 24/7 basis and the company regularly responds to emergency situations with rapid cleanup and mitigation services. This company works directly with experts on indoor air quality to ensure that protocols are properly adhered to and that containment methods incorporate filtration processes. It inspects properties to determine if mold is present and initiates immediate remediation efforts if it is. Pro-Care Inc. does full source removal to ensure that mold and contaminated materials are fully disposed of.

Founded in 1997, RestorePro serves homes and businesses in the Boston area. It offers full-service restoration and reconstruction services, including mold remediation and emergency services. The company's team identifies moisture sources, evaluates mold growth, removes contamination, contains damages, dries materials, and returns properties to pre-loss conditions. It also deals with fire restoration as well as water damage restoration, which harnesses procedures, products, and equipment to clean and protect furnishings and properties.

SafeClean Environmental is a mold damage restoration company serving the Boston metro area. This company is versed in a range of environmental cleaning services and advocates for environmentally friendly treatments and solutions. It assesses the extent of mold infestation within residential and commercial buildings and works with clients to outline treatment plans that can thoroughly address the level of damage and risk. Its work often involves the removal of structural aspects contaminated by mold as well as the sanitation of surfaces and filtration of circulating air. It also does re-inspections to determine if infestations have been completely eliminated. SafeClean Environmental handles asbestos issues as well.

Servpro of Arlington Somerville & Charlestown offers commercial and residential mold remediation services near Boston. The locally owned and operated business specializes in mold and water damage restoration, containment, and removal using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Its professional mold remediation technicians have advanced training in microbial and structural drying techniques, such as halting the mold-causing water source and isolating the area with a negative air pressure chamber. Servpro provides 24-hour emergency services.

Servpro of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead is a mold damage restoration company that serves Boston's north shore. Opened in 1999, the business offers 24/7 emergency service for residential and commercial properties with suspected mold growth. Its mold remediation technicians inspect homes and businesses for mold damage before containing the outbreak. They perform air filtration and remove all mold and mold-infested materials from the affected areas. The company also cleans contents and belongings prior to completing the restoration process.

Watchman Waterproofing is a mold remediation company in Boston providing emergency support and restoration services to clients throughout the metro area. Clients receive full inspections in which the presence of mold is confirmed and the source is identified. Watchman Waterproofing then completes a remediation process that entails the extraction of remaining moisture, disinfection of affected surfaces, and removal of contaminated materials. This company is particularly experienced with mold remediation projects that take place in basements, and it is versed in water extraction processes in basement environments. Watchman Waterproofing also offers a variety of preventative options such as crack sealing to prevent basements from becoming vulnerable to reinfestation due to humidity levels.

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