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    The wedding dress is arguably one of the most important parts of the ceremony for the bride, so finding the right one can be a monumental task. Turning to the experts can be tremendously helpful, as bridal salons provide valuable services that help make the shopping experience a good one for brides and their all-things-bridal support group.

    Preparing to start shopping for that perfect wedding gown, but not sure where to start? Review some helpful information about bridal shops, wedding dress shopping, and what to expect with these bridal salon FAQs.
  • What is a bridal salon?

    Bridal salons are shops that cater to brides. They sell wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and other bridal accessories. Most offer stylist consultations and alteration services. They often operate on an appointment-only basis, giving the bride an exclusive experience. They also have seating areas for guests of the bride, such as select family and friends.

  • Are more dads going to bridal salons with their daughters?

    Traditionally, it was common to see moms with their daughters instead of dads at the bridal salon. However, that’s been changing over the past several years as more fathers get involved earlier in the wedding planning stages. It’s now common for both fathers and mothers to accompany the bride-to-be.

  • Do bridal salons purchase wedding dresses?

    Bridal salons generally don’t buy used wedding dresses outright, but some salons accept gently used, high-quality wedding gowns on consignment. They pay the owner an agreed-upon amount after the gown sells. Contact the salon first to ask about their policies and rules regarding pre-owned dresses.

  • Do you tip at a bridal salon?

    Gratuities for the salon consultant typically aren’t required or expected. However, tipping the seamstress may be appropriate when extensive alterations are required and the bride is incredibly happy with the outcome or the vendor went above and beyond, such as completing a rush order.

  • How do bridal salons get dresses?

    Bridal shops source inventory through various methods. They may order a selection of custom gowns for brides to try on and then special order a special custom-made gown for the bride. Some salons order direct from the manufacturer or wholesaler, and many shops supplement their inventory with pre-owned dresses.

  • How many bridal salons should you visit?

    Visiting three or four bridal salons is usually sufficient. Avoid trying on too many dresses, or the experience may become confusing and overwhelming. Discuss your preferences with the stylist first and work with them to choose between four and seven dresses to try on before making a final choice.

  • What happens if the bridal salon measures wrong?

    When dress measurements appear inaccurate, the issue may be a measuring error or weight fluctuations between the initial measurements and the fitting date. So, it’s important to order the gown early enough to have more than one fitting. This way the seamstress can make any necessary adjustments or alterations in time.

  • Will a bridal salon ship a dress to another state?

    Shipping dresses out of state is not a common bridal salon service. However, they may be willing to accommodate the bride with enough notice. Discuss it with the salon first. Arrangements and a packing and shipping fee may apply. Find a local seamstress for any necessary alterations.

  • What to wear when going wedding dress shopping?

    The bride's outer garments should be loose, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of. A simple dress or one-piece stretchy jumper may work well. Slip-on shoes are a must for comfort and convenience. 

  • When should you go wedding dress shopping?

    Set a budget and start researching styles a full year before the wedding date. Then, schedule wedding salon appointments about a month or two out. This helps avoid late booking issues and provides enough time for shopping without rushing, alterations, and fittings.

  • What should you bring when going wedding dress shopping?

    Grab a small tote bag and toss in some heels to try on with the gown or other footwear if the bride prefers. If you're considering an updo on the wedding day, bring a ponytail holder or hair clip to compare how her hair looks with the dresses, both loose and up.

  • As a guest, what should you wear when going wedding dress shopping?

    Bridal salons usually don’t have a dress code, so select a subdued outfit with comfortable shoes and keep any accessories to a minimum. It’s the bride’s day, so help her shine.

  • What undergarments should you wear/bring when going wedding dress shopping?

    The right undergarments are key. Choose a well-fitted strapless bra for versatility. Have measurements taken when selecting it. Ensure it provides good support and coverage. Wear seamless, no-show panties that you feel comfortable in while disrobing. Shaping briefs are fine, but avoid corsets and bodysuits.

  • Where should you shop for non-traditional wedding dresses?

    It depends on what the bride is looking for. If she has a specific genre or style in mind, focus on shops that cater to that style. If she’s unsure, an online search can produce many creative suggestions for differing types of non-traditional wedding gowns and where to find them.

  • Does the mother of the groom go wedding dress shopping with the bride, traditionally?

    There’s no tradition compelling the bride to include her future mother-in-law in her wedding dress shopping trip. If they have a close relationship or want to build one, she may be a welcome guest. Ultimately, It’s up to the bride and the groom’s mother to decide.

  • Who should go wedding dress shopping with the bride?

    Some common choices are parents, grandparents, the mother of the groom, siblings, cousins, aunts, and close friends. Bridal party members are often among these groups. The bride should have final say in who she wants with her when shopping for a gown. The bridal salon may have a guest limit.

  • What are some ways to make wedding dress shopping special for the bride?

    Finding the perfect wedding dress is magic, but the search can make the bride feel anxious and stressed. So, invite someone special that she can depend on. Consider purchasing an outfit for her shopping excursion and start the day with a glam session.

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