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Houston, TX 77044 Rating

Why choose this provider?

Crafted Culinary Experience is a private chef service based in the City of Houston that provides clients with restaurant-like dining experiences in the comfort of their own homes. Coming from a family of cooks, its resident chef and owner, Jeff Samoska, started cooking professionally at the age of 17. He opened Crafted Culinary Experience in 2020 to offer personal and family meal preparation services, facilitate culinary workshops, and help plan and prepare meals for special events.

Houston, TX 77056 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (6)

Why choose this provider?

Located in Houston, Divalicious Dish is Chef Rae’s artisanal culinary company that highlights the Southern cuisine of her childhood and its Spanish influences. Services include unique dinner experiences under The Savory Experience brand and virtual cooking classes and culinary subscription service under the Artisanal Perfection brand. Ranonda Penn had more than two decades of professional IT experience before pursuing her passion for gastronomy. In 2012, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management and the name Chef Rae.

Spring, TX 77381 Rating

Why choose this provider?

Melissa’s Minute Meals is located in Spring, Texas. Their goal is to help families put healthy and wholesome meals on their tables in a matter of minutes. Each menu is tailored to the needs of the family, and all food is prepared in the client’s home. Using only the freshest ingredients, they provide several delicious meals to clients each week. Chef Melissa is a member of the United States Personal Chefs Association, and is a Certified Personal Chef. Melissa’s Minute Meals was established in 2007 and offers full- and mini-service options.

Houston, TX 77074 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (225)
4.9 (182)
4.5 (10)

Why choose this provider?

Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen is located in Houston, Texas. They prepare fresh, ready-to-cook dinners, and offer twice-a-week home delivery services. Each meal is created using fresh ingredients by Executive Chef and owner, Maria Bedrosian. Maria has studied at Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Paris, and is committed to sharing her passion for great tasting dishes. Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen also offers catering services for a variety of events and gatherings, including corporate events, private parties, and celebrations.

The Woodlands, TX 77387 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (5)

Why choose this provider?

GF Personal Chef offers gluten-free and paleo meals to the Woodlands, Texas area. They are committed to providing real, whole, and healthy food that nourishes and enhances the body. They provide fresh and ready-to-eat meals that are prepared in the home of each client weekly or daily. Services include preparations, cooking, serving, storage, and kitchen cleaning. Each service can be customized to meet the needs of the client and their family. GF Personal Chef also provides interactive classes and seminars where both adults and children can learn about flavor combinations and techniques in the kitchen.

Pasadena, TX 77505 Rating

Why choose this provider?

Chef Nate is located in Pasadena, Texas and provides personal chef services to the entire Houston area. He has worked in food services for over a decade, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston. He is passionate about food and wants to share his creations with other people. Services offered by Chef Nate include menu consultations, grocery shopping and planning, meal preparation, dinner service, and clean-up.

Houston, TX 77338 Rating

Why choose this provider?

The Chef Lady, located in Houston, Texas, specializes in providing personalized services for social and business events. They create appetizers and desserts, and everything in between. The design each menu with the client in mind, and offer a variety of delicious combinations. The Chef Lady can help with dinner parties, event catering, cake and pastry design, gift giving, and other specialty services. Chef Jocelyn truly enjoys providing pleasure through food, and wants to share her passion with friends, family, and her clients.

Spring, TX 77386 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (4)
2.5 (3)

Why choose this provider?

Occasions by Candice offers private and personal chef services to Spring, Texas and the surrounding areas. They provide weekly meals to families and take care of the grocery shopping, packaging, and preparation. Candice Flanagan prepares all food in the home of her clients, and leaves instructions on how best to reheat each meal in order to maximize flavor. She also cleans up the kitchen area when she is done, which gives families more time to spend with each other during the week. In addition to personal chef services, Occasions by Candice also offers catering services. When catering an event, guests can choose between buffet-style or four-course meals.

Katy, TX 77494 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (61)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Amazen Chef Creations is located in Houston, Texas. Chef Michael Cortez is certified by the American Culinary Federation, and is committed to consistently exceeding expectations by delivering superior service using the freshest ingredients. Chef Michael is also an active member of the ACF Professional Chef Association of Houston. He creates menus that are specifically designed with each client in mind, as well as their family size and lifestyle. Services offered by Amazen Chef Creations include formal and casual dining options, wine dinners, healthy meals to-go, and special event catering.

Houston, TX 77095

Why choose this provider?

In-Home Dining by Marie is a personal chef service located in Houston, Texas. They offer an alternative way to dine in, and provide freshly-prepared meals that can be ready in a matter of minutes. Personal chefs interview their clients to determine what types of cuisine work best for their family and lifestyle. They also adhere to any dietary restrictions there might be. Each service is customized to meet pricing needs, and is based on how many people need to be fed, and for how long. There are three basic services offered by In-Home Dining by Marie; the full-service option, mini service, and a four meal service. Each offer includes customized meal plans, the groceries, and the food packaging containers. In-Home Dining by Marie is a premiere member of the United States Personal Chefs Association.

Houston, TX 77047 Rating

Review Sources

3.8 (8)

Why choose this provider?

Demetrius Private Chef & Catering Services is located in Houston, Texas. They offer a wide selection of services, including personal chef services, private dining options, party catering, and consultations. Chef Demetrius has done speaking engagements and kitchen and menu design, and he is dedicated to passing along his passion and knowledge of food to friends, family, and clients. Demetrius Private Chef & Catering Services can create a multitude of menus, consisting of appetizers, soups and salads, and entrees.

Houston, TX 77265 Rating

Review Sources

4.9 (17)
5.0 (3)

Why choose this provider?

Casetta Catering Services is located in Houston, Texas. Since 2012, Chef Francesco Casetta has been creating new and inspiring dishes to share with his clients. He specializes in Italian cuisine, and infuses his meals with the art, fashion, music, and architecture that Italy is famous for. Casetta Catering Services offers both catering and personal chef services. They use only the freshest ingredients to create customized menus that can be tailored to dietary needs and restrictions when necessary. Casetta Culinary Services is a member of the United States Personal Chefs Association.

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Crafted Culinary Experience
Houston, TX 77044
Divalicious Dish
Houston, TX 77056
Melissa's Minute Meals
Spring, TX 77381
Maria's Gourmet Kitchen
Houston, TX 77074
GF Personal Chef
The Woodlands, TX 77387
Chef Nate
Pasadena, TX 77505
The Chef Lady
Houston, TX 77338
Occasions by Candice
Spring, TX 77386
Amazen Chef Creations
Katy, TX 77494
In-Home Dining by Marie
Houston, TX 77095
Demetrius Private Chef & Catering Services
Houston, TX 77047
Casetta Catering Services
Houston, TX 77265


  • Introduction

    Professional private chefs can prepare daily meals and snacks for the families that hire them, or they can provide catering services for multiple guests at public events. These professionals use fresh ingredients and expert skill to craft delicious, healthy meals for their guests, both in private homes and for large events. Before you hire a personal chef for yourself, your family, or a private event, it helps to know what they do, how they charge, and where to find the right chef for you.

  • How much does a personal chef cost?

    The price you pay for a private chef is affected by many factors, such as location, size of the meal being prepared, and the arrangements you have made for their service. In urban areas with generally high costs, you can expect to pay between $300 and $450 for a meal service for up to 12 guests. Groceries, the cost of facilities, and other expenses can add significantly to this cost.

  • How do you become a personal chef?

    While there are no strict educational requirements for becoming a personal chef, many people who choose this career follow a fairly standard course of classwork and professional experience. Many personal chefs have a high school diploma, plus an associate's degree or professional certificate in culinary arts. Some chefs choose to pursue a bachelor's degree in the subject or to expand into a business degree if they intend to run their own catering service.

  • How do personal chefs charge?

    Personal chefs are free to charge their clients in any way that works for them. Some personal chefs are part of a family's private staff and are usually paid wages as a member of the household help. Some work independently and charge by the hour or by the job. Some charge a flat rate per event, though there is often an additional cost for extra guests.

  • What is the difference between a caterer and a personal chef?

    Though their roles at events can be similar, caterers differ from personal chefs in that they generally manage independent businesses with many clients, rather than acting as single-client contractors. Caterers are also typically hired for one-off events, rather than retained for regular service like personal chefs.

  • Do personal chefs need a business license?

    Though the rules for running a business vary from state to state, personal chefs who work as independent contractors generally do not need professional licensure. A personal chef who owns a small business might be required to pay a business tax or other state or local licensing fee, but this is basically the same as any other small business. Personal chefs employed by a household are generally considered employees and do not need to pay for a business license.

  • Will a personal chef work for one night/meal?

    Personal chefs are generally free to work out any business arrangement that suits them and their clients. In some cases, a personal chef will work for many years for a single family, but others offer their services on an as-needed basis and can be engaged for single events.