Maternity Photographer FAQs

  • Introduction

    Maternity photographers work with pregnant women to capture images during the peak of their pregnancies. Photographs are typically taken in the third trimester when the subject's belly is round. In some cases, photographers may offer mothers and families the option to purchase maternity photos in a package with newborn photos, once their baby is born.

    Because every photographer's style is different, mothers-to-be have options when it comes to how they want their maternity photos to look. While some photos have an artful quality, others may be taken in a studio for a more traditional feel. Learn more about maternity photography by reading the frequently asked questions listed below.
  • What is maternity photography?

    Maternity photography is series a of photographs taken of soon-to-be mothers later in their pregnancies. These photos may be of just the mother, or they may include the father and other children. Often, maternity photos are whimsical and artistic, as they're meant to capture the beauty of pregnancy.

  • What to wear to a maternity photoshoot?

    What you wear for maternity photos depends on the style of the photographs being taken. Mothers who want to show their bare belly for maternity photos may want to opt for a basic crop top or sports bra with comfortable pants on the bottom. Those who prefer to stay covered up might want to consider an elegant gown.

  • What are good poses for a maternity photoshoot?

    Often, women will pose with their hands, or the father's hands, placed on their growing belly in maternity photos. Photos might be taken from the side to show a profile of the mother's shape or straight on to capture the joy on the subject's face.

  • How much does maternity photography cost?

    According to Fash, portrait photographers, including maternity photographers, typically charge between $100 and $250 per hour when photographing subjects. That cost normally equates to anywhere from $25 to $100 per edited image. On average, a photoshoot takes one full hour, whether indoors or outdoors.

  • How to get a photography contract with a maternity hospital?

    As a photographer, you need to have experience and proper training to work in a hospital setting. Most hospital photographers have some training in medical terminology as well as experience and training in how to safely work with new mothers and babies.

  • How to get fabric to glow maternity photography?

    Using the right fabrics and colors in maternity photoshoots is key if you're looking for a glow effect. Encourage your subject to dress in light colors, such as pale pink, white, or ivory, and ensure that she's well-lit when photographs are taken. After the photoshoot, using the right editing tools can help you enhance the glow of fabrics and other photo elements.

  • What is the best lens for maternity photography? 

    Most maternity photographers prefer working with prime lenses for outdoor maternity sessions. Lenses should range from 35 mm to 50 mm to avoid wide angles that may distort the subject's arms or legs. You may also want to consider a macro lens, which can provide greater focus for close-up photographs.

  • What will be included in a maternity photoshoot contract? 

    Maternity photoshoot contracts include details such as shoot dates, times, and locations. Frequently, payment information and cancellation or rescheduling terms as well as detailed information about copyright ownership and transfer of use rights are also included. Additionally, be sure to include details about cancellation policies.

  • When to take maternity photoshoot? 

    It's important to take maternity photos when the mother is farther along in her pregnancy and her belly is round. Typically, the best time is between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy when the mother is showing but not so close to her due date that she's uncomfortable or at risk of going into labor.

  • Where to buy maternity photoshoot props? 

    Maternity photoshoot props are widely available online through websites, such as Amazon and Etsy. You may also be able to use other photography props in maternity shoots, or if you're particularly crafty, you can search for do-it-yourself tutorials online and make your own.

  • What should a photographer include in their maternity pre-photoshoot questionnaire? 

    When you gain a new client, it's important to understand what they want from their photos. In addition to questions about when they're due and if they know the gender, be sure to ask what they plan to wear, how much skin they want showing, and if they have inspiration photos.

  • Why should you take maternity photos? 

    Maternity photos are a great way to capture memories for new families and households that plan to welcome a new, tiny member. A maternity photo helps parents look back on their pregnancy fondly and remember the excitement they felt while awaiting their new arrival.

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