Makeup Artist FAQs

  • Introduction

    If you have a big event coming up, such as a wedding or prom, hiring a makeup artist can make it easier to get ready. It takes some stress off of you by putting this task in the hands of a professional. It also ensures you get a trained professional to get your look just right.

    A professional makeup artist can also help you get ready for a photo or video shoot, whether it’s for wedding photos, family photos, videos or a new professional photo for your work portfolio. These artists apply knowledge of lighting and how colors catch the light to help you get the best possible finished look.
  • Why do people hire makeup artists?

    People typically hire makeup artists to get a special look for events, such as weddings. People also hire makeup artists when their images are being captured, such as in photo shoots and when making videos.

  • How much do makeup artists charge?

    Makeup artists typically charge a base price that’s between $75 and $125 per person. Several things can increase the base cost. These extra services include things like coming to your location, adding glitter to your makeup, and putting on false eyelashes.

  • Do makeup artists use their own makeup?

    Makeup artists typically use their own makeup rather than the client’s makeup. They typically put their cosmetics in a second container or on a palette to make sure bacteria doesn’t get in the original makeup. However, client requests to use personal makeup can sometimes be accommodated at the makeup artist’s discretion.

  • Do I really need a makeup artist for my wedding?

    While it’s possible to do your own makeup for your wedding, hiring a professional makeup artist can relieve stress on a very busy day. Makeup artists can also offer advice on how makeup will look in photos and can choose products that stand up to heat.

  • How much is a makeup artist for a wedding?

    It typically costs between $90 and $475 for a wedding makeup artist. Things that affect the cost include whether the service is provided only for the bride or if the whole wedding party needs makeup done.

  • How do I find a hair and makeup artist for my wedding?

    To find hair and makeup artists for your wedding, do a search for these specialists and then check online reviews to see what others think of their work. Consider a paid trial run. It’s an extra cost, but it lets you see the work before your wedding day.

  • Should I get a makeup artist for my wedding?

    Getting or not getting a makeup artist for your wedding is a personal decision, but it can be worth the cost. In addition to helping you look more beautiful, makeup artists are skilled at choosing products that hide skin issues that can otherwise show in photos, such as blemishes.

  • When should I hire a makeup artist for my wedding?

    You should typically book your makeup artist six to nine months before your wedding. This alleviates last-minute stress and makes sure the artist you choose keeps the date open for you.

  • What do makeup artists use?

    Makeup artists typically use a mix of professional grade cosmetics and drugstore products. Professional brushes are also a normal part of a makeup artist's kit. For lighting, these artists typically try to work in natural lighting, or they may use LED lighting to apply makeup.

  • Do I tip my makeup artist?

    If you’re having your makeup done at a store’s cosmetic counter, tipping isn’t expected and often is not allowed by the store. However, it’s fairly common, and a nice compliment, to tip the makeup artist who does your wedding or special event makeup if you’re satisfied with the final effect.

  • Is being a makeup artist a good career?

    Being a makeup artist can be an interesting and lucrative career. Makeup artists can end up visiting a lot of interesting places and meeting new people. The work is different every day, and you can enjoy using your creativity to build your career.

  • How do I become a makeup artist?

    Join a makeup artistry training program. Then, if your state requires certification or licensing, apply for the needed credentials. Consider specializing as a way to move into a niche, such as wedding makeup or videography makeup. Take a lot of photos of your work to add to your portfolio for marketing your services.

  • What do I need to become a makeup artist?

    To become a makeup artist, you need to check your state’s licensing requirements and get into a reputable training program. You then need to take the required licensing exams and get plenty of hands-on experience through an apprenticeship or additional on-the-job training.

  • What is a professional makeup artist called?

    A professional makeup artist is typically referred to as an MUA, which stands for makeup artist. Some other names a makeup artist can be called are cosmetologist, beautician, and aesthetician. However, the other job titles typically include other services, such as doing nails, that makeup artists don’t offer.

  • How do I become a professional makeup artist?

    Choose a reputable training program. These programs can be offered by brick-and-mortar institutions or in online formats. Build your makeup kit and follow safety protocols for the makeup while you’re studying. Get any certifications your state requires and build a portfolio through an apprenticeship or by creating makeup looks for your friends.

  • Do you need a license to be a makeup artist?

    Some states require makeup artists to be licensed while others don’t. Some states might require you to get a cosmetology license or an aesthetician’s license. Other states only require a makeup artist to have taken a certified training program.

  • How do I get a makeup artist license?

    After completing your makeup artistry training program, apply to the agency in your state that manages this type of licensing. For example, in Michigan, the agency that handles licensing is the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Licensing can also be offered through a state’s cosmetology board.

  • How do I become a celebrity makeup artist?

    To become a celebrity makeup artist, develop and perfect your makeup artistry skills. If you don’t already live near some celebrities, move to an area where celebrities live. Accept an apprenticeship with a makeup artist who serves celebrities, or get a job in a salon that’s frequented by celebrities.

  • How much money does a makeup artist make?

    Makeup artists who work out of beauty salons, such as wedding makeup artists, typically make an average of $32,740 per year if working full time. Makeup artists who work in theater or movies typically earn a significantly higher wage that’s an average of $99,990 per year.

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