Limousine Service FAQs

  • Introduction

    Limousines are elegant, luxury automobiles that allow passengers to travel to and from destinations in relaxed comfort. Today's limousines offer a wide range of features that include minibars, high-tech stereo systems, HD televisions, and mini-refrigerators.

     Limousines have evolved greatly since their first inceptions in 1902, where the vehicles consisted of an automobile split in two, with separate compartments for drivers. Driver compartments in today's limos are separated by automatic windows that can be operated by both drivers and passengers.

    Some models include additional luxury features, such as pull-out beds and hot tubs. People rent limousines for occasions, such as weddings and high school dances, and the vehicles are also utilized by business professionals and celebrities.
  • What does limousine mean?

    The meaning or definition of limousine is a large, luxury vehicle that's driven by a professionally licensed chauffeur. The word limousine is derived from the word Limoges, which is the French province where limousines were first invented in 1902.

  • How does renting a limo work?

    Individuals rent limos in a few different ways. Limousine companies often have websites where customers can view fleets, choose makes and models, and book their rides via online portals. A customer can also call a limousine company directly to learn about pricing and available vehicles and book travel.

  • What\'s the difference between a limo and a stretch limo?

    Size is the main differentiating factor between limos and stretch limos. For example, a classic mid-sized limo seats up to six people, while a stretch limo is large enough to seat between 12 and 18 people. Standard midsized limos are between 70 and 80 inches in length, and stretch limos are approximately 170 to 200 inches in length.

  • How much does limo service cost?

    The rates for limo services can vary greatly depending on the specific type of limousine rented, additional services included, and the number of hours utilized. Many limo companies and private drivers also require minimum rental hours that range between two and three hours. In general, standard rates are between $75 and $200 per hour.

  • Which is the most luxurious limousine?

    There are several limousine makes and models that are considered the most luxurious on the market. Some examples include the Mercedes Benz S Class limousine, Chrysler 300 limousine, and the Toyota Century Royal limousine. The Cadillac One limousine was specifically designed to be utilized by United States presidents.

  • What do people do in a limo?

    People rent limousines to travel in comfort to a wide range of destinations. Bridal and groom parties often use limousines to travel from weddings to receptions. Inside a limousine, passengers sometimes enjoy food and beverages, listen to music, and enjoy each others' company without the responsibility of having to drive.

  • How many passengers can fit in a limousine?

    In general, limousines are designed to comfortably fit between eight and 14 passengers. Certain stretch limos can fit up to 18 passengers. A standard stretch limo fits 12 people and provides ample legroom, while regular sedan limousines fit four to six passengers.

  • Should you tip limo drivers?

    In many cases, tipping limo drivers is customary and appreciated. However, it's always a good idea for passengers to check with limo companies when booking services to ensure that tipping is allowed on top of a driver's standard rates.

  • What brand is a limo?

    There are several brands, makes, and models of limousines, many of which are the same brands of standard and luxury automobiles. Some common brands include Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln MKT Livery, Chrysler, and Cadillac. Two of the most popular brands of limousines are Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

  • How are limousines made?

    Limousines are manufactured in the same way that all automobiles are manufactured, with the main difference being that the body of the limousine consists of two pieces, while standard automobile bodies consist of one piece. Steel beams are utilized to connect the two pieces, then an outer frame is placed outside the vehicle.

  • What was the first limousine?

    Limousines were first designed and manufactured in Limoges, a French province. The vehicles featured outer compartments that were separate from the interior areas where passengers sat. The outer compartments looked similar to cloaked hoods that the people of Limoges wore, which resulted in the name Limousine.

  • What year was the first limousine made?

    The first limousine was manufactured in 1902; however, chauffeured rides date back to the 1700s when affluent individuals traveled by horse-drawn carriages. In 1902, a vehicle with a separate compartment for the driver was invented in Limoges, a French province. The term limousine is based on the spelling of Limoges.

  • Can you eat in a limo?

    Eating is sometimes permitted in limousines, depending on the company's specific rules. It's important to keep in mind that when eating in a limo, if any spills occur that create stains, you may be required to forfeit any deposit or pay a cleaning fee.

  • Can I drive the limousine?

    In order to drive a limousine, you must first pass a written exam and obtain a chauffeur's license. Additionally, if you're a passenger in a limousine, you would not be allowed to take over driving in place of a chauffeur, as they're hired or contracted to drive passengers. Limousine companies do not allow passengers to drive their limousines.

  • What is a chauffeur?

    A chauffeur is a professional driver who provides transportation services, often in limousines or luxury vehicles. Chauffeurs are often employed by transportation companies, and they also work as independent contractors. A chauffeur may also be employed by a private entity to provide personal chauffeur services on a regular basis.

  • How much do chauffeurs make?

    On average, chauffeurs make between $14 and $20 per hour. However, rates can vary greatly depending on factors, such as additional tips, specific types of chauffeur services provided, and pay rate agreements between drivers and private parties. For example, corporate chauffeurs may be on payroll, and private chauffeurs may earn higher wages if their services are required on a daily basis.

  • What do chauffeurs wear?

    Professional chauffeurs are often required to wear uniforms that range from professionally tailored suits to elegant tuxedos complete with tails and white gloves, depending on their specific assignments. Chauffeurs also wear professional caps that are usually black in color and feature shiny black brims.

  • How can I learn to drive like a chauffeur?

    Specific training is not required to learn to drive like a chauffeur, however many chauffeurs invest in defensive driving courses. Defensive courses teach drivers how to react quickly to potential hazards on the road, such as careless drivers, unforeseen weather conditions, and roadblocks.

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