Family Photographer FAQs

  • Introduction

    A family photographer is a skilled professional who uses artistic ability and a camera to take pictures of families. These professionals use photography equipment and photo editing software to create visually pleasing images of small and large family groups.

    You can have this type of photo taken when welcoming a new family member, such as when a baby is born or a child is adopted. You can have family photos taken annually to show how fast your children are growing or to commemorate an annual event or favorite holiday.

    Additionally, you can choose the type of setting and fashions that best fit your lifestyle for these photos. You can be as formal or casual as you like and have the pictures taken indoors or outside to suit your family’s preferences.
  • What is family photography?

    Family photography is taking pictures of groups of family members. These can be small groups of immediate family members or large groups that include members of your extended family. Settings can involve casual or formal events that are held indoors or outdoors.

  • Why do you need family photos?

    Family photos create a visual record of your family. These photos can create memories for you to cherish for a lifetime. Family photos also make way for future generations of your family to feel connected to you and your family.

  • What do family photographers do?

    Family photographers help you choose a visually interesting setting. They also typically manage lighting to help your photos come out looking bright and easy to see. These photographers may work in a studio that you visit, or they can also sometimes come to a location you choose.

  • Why do people get family portraits?

    People get family portraits to display at home and to share with loved ones. The photos can be used to commemorate the birth of a new family member and also be used to show how much family members change over the years.

  • How long should a family photo shoot last?

    A family photo shoot can be as short as half an hour or take as long as a couple of hours. Things that affect the amount of time it takes to complete a family photo shoot include the number of outfit changes and background settings you want.

  • How many pictures are in a session?

    The number of proofs you get from a family photo session varies based on the package you choose to buy. However, it’s common for a family photographer to provide a client with 35 to 60 images per session.

  • What do people wear for family photography sessions?

    People typically wear clothes that represent the family’s lifestyle. For outdoor-themed photos, casual outfits in colors that stand out from the chosen background are common. For indoor or family photos to be taken at weddings, people typically choose dressier outfits.

  • Where to take family photos?

    For indoor family photos, you can have the photographer visit your home or head to the studio. One advantage of the studio is the photographer can prepare the lighting and backdrop ahead of time. You could also head outdoors to a park or a location that’s significant to your family.

  • What should I look for in a family photographer?

    First, look at a photographer’s portfolio to see examples of past work. If the photographer doesn’t have a portfolio, search the internet for information, such as ratings and past experiences, of other clients. Finally, check to see if they have any professional certifications from an educational institution or Professional Photographers of America.

  • How much does family photography cost?

    Family photo sessions typically cost between $175 and $350. However, it can be much lower or higher depending on the photography package details. A photo shoot that involves several clothing changes or numerous locations can cost more.

  • Are you supposed to tip photographers for family photos, and how much?

    If you’re having family photos taken at a studio in a retail setting, tipping isn’t typically expected. If an independent photographer takes your family photos at a location outside the studio, a 5% to 10% tip is considered a friendly way to thank your photographer.

  • Where can I print family photos?

    Some stores that provide photo services can print your family photos. However, it’s important to discuss copyright with your photographer before you do this. If your photographer sells printed images, your photos are likely copyrighted. That means stores can’t print them without violating your photographer’s copyright.

  • How do I share photos with my family?

    You can share digital photos with family or have them printed to share. Printed images can then be framed for display or placed in photo albums. Framed images can become part of the decor in a loved one’s home, and when placed in an album, the photos can be carried when traveling.

  • What can I do with old family photographs?

    You can create a memory wall to display old family photos. You can choose favorite old photos to make into keepsakes, such as coffee mugs or pillows. If storage space is limited, you can have old family photos digitized, share them on a website, or upload them onto sharable flash drives.

  • How does someone become a family photographer?

    While there are institutions that offer photography courses, many photo professionals learn the skill through practice or apprenticeships. To get started, photographers can pick up good-quality photography equipment and begin practicing. Photo editing is also an important skill to learn when becoming a family photographer.

  • How much can a family photographer make?

    The median annual pay for a photographer, which includes family photographers, is $41,280. This breaks down to around $19.85 per hour for full-time family photographers. The pay range is from just under $11 per hour to slightly over $40 per hour.

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