Party Equipment Rental Service FAQs

  • Introduction

    If you’re planning a big event, such as a wedding reception, retirement party, graduation celebration, golden anniversary, or an outdoor corporate event, you likely need to rent party equipment. Event rental businesses supply equipment and other critical materials for parties and gatherings of all types and sizes. 

    With rentals, you can host a spectacular event with all the necessities, along with any frills and extravagances you may desire. Renting is a convenient, cost-effective choice that saves you time and effort. But unless you’re an event planner or a serial party host, you may not have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Review these event rental FAQs to better understand the various options and services, pricing, and other important details about renting event supplies.
  • What is an event rental business?

    Event rental businesses rent out party equipment and supplies for a fee. The items they provide are typically expensive or event-use-specific. So, renting the items for individual events makes more fiscal sense. Many companies include delivery and set up with their services, as well as equipment pick-up after the event.

  • Are event rental companies the same as caterers?

    Caterers and event rental companies are not the same types of businesses, but they often work with one another. Food preparation and management are the services catering companies most commonly provide. However, full-service caterers also take care of acquiring much of the necessary party equipment, usually from an event rental business.

  • What services do event rental companies offer?

    In addition to renting event supplies to consumers, event rental businesses often help their customers with planning, setup, and break down. Many companies offer packages categorized by event type. For example, weddings, special themed events, a popular party essentials package, and a deluxe bundle with trendy extras and luxury items. 

  • Do the delivery fees include setting up the equipment?

    No. Equipment setup for large items, such as stages, tents, and dance floors is commonly included in the rental cost. Delivery fees are separate from the rental price and are typically charged by the round trip and include pickup. Standard delivery may only include a first-floor drop off.

  • Are setting up and breaking down the rental products included?

    The rental price typically includes the setup and break down of equipment that requires assembly, such as tents, market umbrellas, stages, lounge furniture, and dance floors. It’s standard practice to charge an additional fee to arrange tables, chairs, and other non-assembly items. Prior arrangements must be made, as well.

  • What party rental equipment can you rent?

    The list of available event rental supplies is extensive. Common items include outdoor equipment to host the party, such as tents and canopies. Tables, chairs, dishes, cutlery, dance floors, sound systems, and stages are popular party rental items. Specialty items such as bounce houses, concession machines, games, and décor items may be available too.

  • How far in advance should I begin planning and reserving rentals for my event?

    Advance party planning timing is dependent upon the type and size of event. When planning a wedding reception, it's best to contact the event rental company a year before the ceremony. Three to six months of advance notice is usually adequate for other big events.   

  • Do you rent by the hour or day?

    Renting by the day at a 24-hour rate is the most common leasing arrangement in the party equipment rental industry. Many event rental businesses offer discounted weekly and monthly rates, as well.

  • How much of an item should I reserve if I only have an estimated number of guests?

    Based on common attendance guidelines, about 85% of local invitees usually attend a wedding. Only 55% of out-of-towners typically come. Most rental companies can provide additional tips for calculations, but generally, you should order 10-20% more than you need.

  • How do I know what size tent I need?

    Party tent calculators are easily accessible online to estimate what size tent is required. Estimates are based on numerous factors, such as number of guests, type of dining, table shape, and the inclusion of additional features. Most rental companies also offer helpful guidelines to help you determine an adequate tent size.

  • Should I rent tent walls?

    Tent sidewalls will add to the cost of your tent rental. Some hosts are also concerned about losing the outdoor atmosphere and cool breezes. However, tent walls provide protection in case of rain, wind gusts and storms. Choosing tent walls that can be rolled up is a flexible option. Climate-controlled tents perform better with walls.

  • Do you have to wash rental dishes?

    There’s typically no requirement to wash rented dishes, glassware, and cutlery. In fact, most event rental companies ask that renters don't do so to prevent damage and breakage. However, renters are asked to remove food from dishes, rinse and separate silverware, and place glasses upside down in the provided racks.

  • What happens if I damage a piece of rental equipment?

    Damage waivers are available for an additional cost to limit liability for equipment damage. If a renter doesn’t choose this optional insurance, they're responsible for any damages that occur while the items are in their possession. Read the rental equipment contract's fine print carefully to learn all the details.

  • What are the five stages of event planning?

    Stage one is planning. Stage two is designing. Stage three is branding. Stage four is coordination and planning on the day of the event. Stage five is evaluating the event after it's happened.

  • How much do wedding rentals cost?

    The size of the wedding and quality of the items impact the cost. But the national average is $425 to $1,000. The addition of an event tent raises the price considerably. Many companies offer wedding packages, so compare the cost of a bundle versus individual rental items, especially if it’s a small reception.

  • What are some typical wedding rentals?

    Common rental items include tables, chairs, table settings, linens, table runners, decor, dance floors, and sound systems. Tents, canopies, audio/visual equipment, vases, candle holders, draperies, lighting, barware, and furniture are popular extras. Theme weddings require prop rentals. For example, a couple may rent an arch, flamingos, and a tiki bar for a beach-themed wedding.

  • How much does it cost to rent a wedding tent/chairs?

    With the wide range of available options, the cost of renting tents and chairs can vary considerably. Generally, tent rental prices start at about $1,500 for 100 guests. Basic folding chairs average $1 each. However, the cost increases with quality, comfort, and style to about $6 to $8 per chair.

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