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North Reading, MA 01864 Rating

Review Sources

4.9 (85)
4.0 (26)

Why choose this provider?

Since 2010, Bark ‘n Roll has provided dog owners and their companions a variety of options and solutions for boarding, training, and pet-sitting. An honors graduate of the Animal Behavior College, owner Francine Coughlin holds certification as a behavior consultant from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and as a trainer from the Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She oversees a large staff of skilled associates who provide in-home or on-site care services and training for dogs of all ages and breeds. Bark ‘n Roll offers an extensive number of workshops and instructional programs that modify behaviors, fears, and activity of canines, as well as provides basic and deluxe accommodations for dogs while owners are away. They also offer doggie daycare, walking and running services, and pet-sitting for clients both in their own home or the home of a Bark ‘n Roll associate. They list all services and corresponding fees via their website and offer discounts to military veterans as well.

Malden, MA 02148 Rating

Review Sources

4.0 (18)
4.2 (17)
4.5 (8)

Why choose this provider?

Canine University offers an extensive range of training sessions, coaching lessons, and workshops for pets and owners alike from their Malden, MA, training center. Co-owner and lead instructor Gerilyn Bielakiewicz has over twenty years of experience in dog behavior modification. She oversees a team that provides classes that use a calm teaching style to reinforce good behaviors for sitting, staying, leash walking, and greeting visitors correctly, in addition to canine agility training and general dog tricks. Canine University also offers doggie daycare, workshops on pet first aid, and private training one-on-one with an owner both at their training center or in-home, with customized packages for days, nights, and weekends available. As an author of a dog training book translated into twenty languages and certified in her duties since 1996, Gerilyn is a member of many professional organizations, including the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Cambridge, MA 02140 Rating

Review Sources

4.6 (33)
5.0 (10)

Why choose this provider?

The Pet Republic is a dog training company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dedicated to bringing humane, science-based dog training to clients in Cambridge. The Pet Republic adheres to the LIMA principle: Least Intrusive and Minimally Aversive training techniques, believing that dog training should be fun and engaging for both the animal and human student, and lead to a deeper bond between dog and owner. The Pet Republic is affiliated with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, the United States Dog Agility Association, the New England Trainer’s Network, Canine Performance Events, and Operation Delta Dog. The Pet Republic offers puppy classes, group classes, private classes, and specialty classes ranging from nosework to agility, obedience to tricks.

Wenham, MA 01984 Rating

Review Sources

4.5 (9)

Why choose this provider?

Sarah Prescott and the team of associates at Dog Coach in Wenham, MA, provide dog owners from communities throughout Boston’s North Shore region with the skills and knowledge to train their animal companion. Since 2013, Sarah and her husband Jonathan empower clients to develop a healthier relationship with their dog by instructing how to manage uncontrolled barking, jumping on guests, leash pulling, roughness, and housebreaking issues. They offer an approach that focuses on a relaxed and respectful tone with the pet and provide training to clients both in-home and at their Wenham training facility. Sarah and Jonathan offer multiple behavior modification programs, with the most comprehensive including six hour-long in-home sessions, two leashes of various lengths, and a fitted prong collar. Members of the International Association of Canine Professionals, the Prescotts also offer clients telephone and Skype consultations.

Somerville, MA 02145 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (40)
5.0 (6)

Why choose this provider?

Established in 2012 in Somerville, MA, The Happy K-9 provides extensive training regimens and classes to modify a dog’s behavior and develop a healthier relationship between pet and owner. The founder and owner, Nelson Mendoza, believes in highly structured training that focuses on addressing the owners and educating the dogs. He offers a variety of programs and sessions for both pets aggressive to humans and canines, from individual courses to multiple board-and-train behavior modification sessions ranging from days to weeks. The Happy K-9 also offers casual board-and-play doggie daycare for dogs to enjoy the company of other pets and exhaust themselves through fun interactions. Certified in pet CPR and first aid by AASVB, and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Nelson lists all packages and rates via his website.

Peabody, MA 01960 Rating

Review Sources

4.9 (69)
4.7 (23)
4.5 (10)

Why choose this provider?

The owner and principal trainer at North Boston Dog Training, Mike Harrington, has over thirty years of experience in behavior modification of all dog breeds of every age and style. Located in Peabody, MA, and a Certified Master Dog Trainer, Mike offers training in essential guidance, advanced levels, and sporting competition instruction, and specializes in Schutzhund dog protection lessons. North Boston Dog Training provides a range of options for clients, including day school programs, in-home dog training, private center lessons, and puppy instruction, as well as aggressive behavior rehabilitation, and modifying dogs with phobias and fears. A Certified Helper with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, Mike and his team customize training packages for clients and tailor all programs to their needs.

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North Reading, MA 01864
Canine University
Malden, MA 02148
The Pet Republic
Cambridge, MA 02140
Dog Coach, LLC
Wenham, MA 01984
The Happy K-9
Somerville, MA 02145
North Boston Dog Training
Peabody, MA 01960


  • Introduction

    Dog trainers are professional instructors who use a wide range of training techniques to help dogs adapt to their environments, respond to cues and commands, and modify behavior patterns. Training methods include alpha dog dominance for aggressive dogs, positive reinforcement that's often utilized with puppies and younger dogs, relationship-based, and classic, conditional training.

    Schutzhund, the German word for “protection dog,” is a specialized type of instruction in which dogs are trained to attack on command, and it's commonly used in K9 Academies for police and security dogs. Depending on their skill sets and certifications, dog trainers may offer programs that incorporate several methods, or they may focus on a single method such as behavioral training, which focuses on changing dogs' behavior, or obedience training, where dogs are rewarded for following commands.
  • What is a dog trainer called?

    They’re referred to as dog trainers or behaviorists, depending on their skill sets and credentials. A dog trainer may refer to themselves as a canine behavioral specialist or a certified veterinary behaviorist.

  • What is the difference between a dog trainer and a behaviorist?

    Dog trainers and behaviorists practice the same profession, and many dog trainers refer to themselves as behaviorists. However, true animal behaviorists hold M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in animal behavior. The full title for an animal behaviorist is an Applied Animal Behaviorist or Certified Animal Behaviorist.

  • Does my dog need training?

    All dogs benefit from training, whether through their owners or a professional trainer. Owners can teach their dogs simple commands, and they can practice positive reinforcement techniques, such as providing treats when dogs follow basic instructions. Professional trainers are essential when dogs exhibit behavioral problems, such as aggression, excessive barking, and an inability to respond to basic commands.

  • What does dog training include?

    Some dog training classes focus on specific methods, such as obedience training or alpha training, while others offer a mix of multiple training techniques. Dog training activities can include brain games, clicker commands with positive reinforcement, relationship-based exercises between dogs and their owners, and socialization exercises.

  • Can you train a dog yourself?

    Dog owners can train their dogs themselves with the help of guidebooks and online tutorials that offer instruction in areas that include simple obedience commands and positive reinforcement techniques. When dogs are overly aggressive or display problematic behavior, such as biting or excessive barking, professional training can be extremely beneficial.

  • Is dog training easy?

    There are many methods of dog training. Teaching a dog simple commands is a fairly simple technique to learn, whether through guidebooks, online tutorials, or common sense. However, overly aggressive dogs often require professional training in which a trainer is certified and educated.

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