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Asgard Ink Tattoo Studios is a shop in New Albany that has been around since 1997. The owner has more than 30 years of experience in crafting remarkable skin art, and his studio's offerings include fresh custom projects that suit the customer's taste and interests, cover-ups or re-works on failed art done by fly-by-night shops, and recoloring. Asgard Ink Tattoo Studios accommodates requests for a consultation, and some of its complete work are portraits of famous people and renderings of mythical creatures. Clients can call to ask about the company's policies on working with minors, and its compliance with state, county, and city regulations.


Bananafish Tattoo Parlour is an inking facility in New Albany. Some of the visual delights feature man's best friends, a pair of lovebirds, a caricature of a quirky man with a well-kept mustache, a dragonfly hovering over a pentagram, and a 3D-looking fleur-de-lis in black-gray. A client writes, “[The owner and artist] does awesome work! She has done five tattoos for me, three originals, one cover-up, and one touch-up and color to an old tattoo I had. [Every time] someone talks about getting a tattoo, I always recommend they go to [her] to get the best...” Bananfish Tattoo Parlour, and its website contains helpful information about caring for tattoos during the healing phase.


Five Star Tattoo is a skin art shop in Louisville that executes whole back pieces, leg sleeves, arm sleeves, finger pieces, full body projects, and re-works. The tattooists combine their craftsmanship with their customers' styles and ideas, and they showcase their works in their Instagram accounts and individual websites. Some of the subjects are the Eye of Providence against an ornate colored backdrop, a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and an impressionable rendering of a gorgeous lady with sad green eyes. The Five Star Tattoo website contains aftercare tips, and clients can call to ask about the studio's policies, safe practices, and procedures for minors who wish to get an ink.

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Liberty Tattoo & Art Parlor is a shop in Louisville that caters to walk-ins and pre-booked clients from all over. The owners are a husband-and-wife team of artists, and their team creates permanent skin art images of skulls, crosses, coats-of-arms, Japanese women in elaborate kimonos, fierce pack animals, and timid rodents. Liberty Tattoo & Art Studio supports local and regional artists through its gallery that features works of all mediums, such as tribal masks and cameos, and it has a garment press that prints and sells quality apparel.


Pearl Street Tattoo is a studio in New Albany that creates photorealism and abstract skin art in full color and traditional black-gray. The artists create intricate tribal patterns that are popular with sailors, motorcyclists, and the everyday ink enthusiast, and they also incorporate calligraphic Korean Hangul, Japanese kanji, and Chinese hanzi characters in some of their works. Pearl Street Tattoo gives free consultations, and it commits to delivering quality custom or cover-up work at affordable rates. A loyal customer writes, “I have multiple tattoos from [the brothers who run the shop, and the] pieces that they have done get many compliments.”


Prophecy Ink is a skin art studio Louisville that reminds customers, “Good tattoos aren't cheap, cheap tattoos aren't good.” Two of the artists are recipients of multiple awards and citations by reputable industry organizations, such as the National Tattoo Association and the Louisville Tattoo Convention, and all of them perform quality jobs on their human canvases seven days a week. The subjects include bizarre portraits of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, half-naked mermaids and female humans, intricate dream catchers and mandalas, and cartoon scenes. Prophecy Ink also runs an art gallery, and it sells gift certificates. Clients can call the shop to schedule a free meeting with the tattooist.

Tattoo Charlie's is an inking parlor in Louisville that has been catering to skin art enthusiasts and collectors since 1973. The artists tailor their work according to each client's interests and goals, and some of its projects incorporate complex Greek lettering and 3D roses. Tattoo Charlie is a family-owned studio owned by Buddy Wheeler, son of Tattoo Charlie, and it hosts the annual Tattoos Against Cancer event that raises funds for the Meghan's Mountain children's charity. The business has locations on Preston Highway and Dixie Highways, and another one in Lexington.

Triumph Tattoo is a body art facility in Louisville that has been delivering “bright, bold, and clean” inks since 2013. Some of the subjects are Frankenstein's monster, a young American Indian lady in an elaborate headdress, an emblem of the rock group Cream, and portraits of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Triumph Tattoo adopts hospital-grade sterilization practices, and it commits to executing high-quality jobs at fair prices. The studio operates seven days a week, and it only accepts cash payments. A client writes, “My sister was in town for a short period of time, and we wanted to get sister tattoos. [We] didn't have an appointment, [but Triumph] took us as walk-ins, and they did an amazing job.”

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