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6 Meridian is a wealth advisory firm that specializes in life transition planning, customized investment solutions, and family wealth preservation. The Wichita-based company was founded more than three decades ago. Its small team of financial advisors helps clients plan and manage investments to grow their assets. Each of the firm's high-net-worth investment portfolios is customized to meet the individual client's needs. Life transition planning services help clients plot their goals through career changes, large transactions, and retirement.

Ad Astra Financial Group is a Wichita-based financial planning company. Its registered principal, Karen Fleming, has worked in the financial services industry since 1982, and its other financial advisors bring several decades of experience to the table. The company helps clients develop a customized financial program to meet their financial goals. After setting goals, the financial advisor creates flexible strategies that adhere to a client's values and objectives. Specific services include investment selection and management, tax reduction strategies, retirement income strategies, family wealth planning, insurance products, events for client education, and annual reviews of each client's profile.

Baxter & Associates has been serving the Wichita area since 1976. The boutique firm provides clients with independent information regarding their financial options. Overall, the company takes a holistic approach to financial wellness, analyzing every aspect of a client's finances. Individual investors have multiple investment strategy options to choose from, including real estate investments, insurance products, alternative investments, and financial planning. Small businesses receive investment advice and education, consulting about corporate retirement benefits, and management of 401(k) plans.

Capital Wealthcare Advisors has served clients in Wichita, Kansas, and the Midwest United States since 2006. The RIA firm provides investment management services to nonprofit companies, small business owners, professionals, families, individuals, and anyone else wanting to pursue long-term wealth goals. Each customized strategy aims to enhance, protect, align, transfer, or donate wealth.

Carey Thomas Hoover & Breault is an independent financial advisory firm in Wichita, Kansas. The company founder, John Rigby Carey, created the company in 1979, and it now employs multiple financial experts. Stephen Thomas has been part of the securities industry for over four decades and holds multiple licenses and designations. Tom Hoover and Jeff Breault also have over two decades of industry experience.

Coe Financial Services is a financial advisory firm that provides financial planning solutions and investment management advice. Services include long-term financial planning, management of client investments, and asset allocation services. The company was founded in 1983 by Richard Coe who has a certified financial planner designation. Coe Financial Services offers a complimentary "get acquainted" meeting to determine whether its services are a good fit for potential clients.

Financial Benefits Inc provides comprehensive financial planning services to the Kansas community. The company has been operating for more than three decades and currently has two Wichita offices. By combining technology with financial expertise, the company works to generate long-term financial planning strategies for its clients that work. Additionally, clients can receive investment management services, along with education about how to choose investments. For retirees, the company creates retirement income strategies to allow people to live their ideal lives. There are also educational resources regarding retirement planning, estate planning, and general lifestyle maintenance.

Gough Financial Group is a financial advisory firm focused on individuals and their families. The Wichita company employs financial experts with more than six decades of combined experience. Its clients are given a wide range of investment options to choose from, along with investment management services. Gough Financial Group also offers long-term financial planning services to cover most of life's major transitions like retirement, college, estate planning, and profit sharing. Its clients have multiple insurance options from which to choose.

Hiss Sherman Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm that was founded in 2003 by Bob Hiss. Since then, several professional advisors have joined the company, including Tiffany Dick, Matt Hiss, and Dennis Sherman. The company helps individuals create financial plans to increase their assets and achieve life goals. The company's services include financial planning and investment advice, including insurance guidance, retirement strategies, estate planning, and college funding options.

Korol Financial Group is a wealth management firm that specializes in strategies for corporate clients. Its team of professionals uses more than four decades of combined experience to educate and strategize. Individuals who want a broadened approach to their finances will appreciate the firm's holistic wealth management services. Rather than creating an investment portfolio alone, the Wichita company integrates multiple parts of the client's assets for ideal growth. At the same time, its advisors manage diverse investment portfolios, tailoring strategies to suit a client's shifting needs. The firm also offers financial planning and retirement planning services to help clients achieve long-term goals.

K-Coe Wealth is a Wichita-based wealth management company that streamlines each client's personal and business finances. Both business and personal financial information is used by the company's financial advisors to create a tax plan, insurance plan, and retirement plan for clients. The firm is staffed by accounting professionals who aim to make complex financial portfolios simple. Its clients receive comprehensive investment management services to grow both personal and corporate assets, and they have the option to include insurance strategies and strategies for qualified retirement plans to their service package. The company also offers financial consulting services to answer clients' financial questions as they arise. K-Coe's Wealth division is directed by Blake Allen, an accountant who received his certified financial planner designation in 2005.

Leading Edge Financial Planning is a Wichita-based financial advisory firm that provides clients with customized, honest financial solutions. The company president, Mike Proctor, has his CFP® designation and almost a decade of industry experience. The firm's goal is to act as a personal CFO for every aspect of a client's life. This includes managing its clients' business and personal financial affairs. Its clients receive investment advice based on a wide network of opportunities, along with multiple insurance options. In addition, Leading Edge provides educational materials through webinars and podcasts.

Longview Advisors provides comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services on a purely fee-only (fiduciary) basis. The company has offices in Wichita and Newton and serves clients throughout Kansas and the US. Prospective clients can hire the company for wealth management services on an annual retainer, which includes ongoing investment management and financial planning. This includes tax and estate planning, portfolio analysis, retirement planning, and additional planning as needed. The firm also offers hourly financial planning. Longview Advisors is owned by John Miller, CFP®.

Strategic Financial Concepts is a financial advisory firm comprised of multiple financial associates. The Wichita-based company specializes in tax reduction strategies, comprehensive business planning, wealth management, and estate planning. Its goal is to provide business owners with everything they need to succeed financially in both their business and personal lives. Strategic Financial Concepts was founded in 1993 by CFP Bruce Davison.

V Wealth Advisors is a financial advisory company that helps individuals, families, and business owners in Wichita and its environs to make informed financial decisions. Its professional advisors help clients achieve their financial goals through definition of their short and long-term goals, strategy control, and monitoring. The firm offers wealth management, succession planning, risk control, managed portfolios, and insurance designs. V Wealth Advisors also handles estate planning, disability insurance, and retirement and defined benefit plans.

Wealth Alliance Advisory Group is an SEC-registered investment advisory company. Founded in 2017, the firm provides financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning services to the Wichita community. The company's clients collaborate with its financial advisors to create a plan that reflects their goals and values. It also offers insurance options, along with accounting and tax services. The company president, Gary Decker, has been part of the financial services industry since 1990.

Wichita Wealth Management helps clients gain control over their finances. The company focuses mainly on retirement planning and retirement income strategies. Wichita Wealth Management is an RIA company owned by CFP Jeff Stukey, a financial professional with over three decades of experience in the business. As an independent company, the firm offers unbiased advice to help clients achieve long-term financial goals.

Yeisley Financial Group is a financial advisory firm founded by Randy Yeisley, a Kansas Registered Investment Adviser. The group provides independent advice for tax efficiency, investments, insurance options, institutional portfolios, retirement income strategies, and overall wealth management. Additionally, its financial advisors often refer clients to trusted professionals within the company's network for services, such as trusts, probate, charitable giving, estate planning, and tax planning, to ensure all clients have access to the services they need.

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