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Fire Damage Restoration Services FAQs

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5614 SW Topeka Blvd, Ste A, Topeka, KS 66609
Topeka, KS 66609
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SERVPRO of West Topeka is a locally owned and operated company serving customers in the metro. It is one of 1,700 SERVPRO franchises, providing restoration, remediation, and cleaning services throughout the US and Canada. The company offers fire, storm, and water damage restoration services to homeowners and businesses. Its IICRC-certified technicians handle fire damage restoration, which involves smoke and soot removal, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and remodeling. Andrew Ferguson, the company's production manager, is a certified Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician.

5614 SW Topeka Blvd, Ste A, Topeka, KS 66609
Topeka, KS 66609

Website(785) 862-0550

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I fix fire-damaged wood?
A: Wood building materials are found in nearly all homes. Floors, doors, cabinets, trim, and furnishings are all susceptible to fire damage. The heat from the blaze opens the pores and allows soot, smoke, and odors to penetrate deep into the surface of wood. The good news is that solid wood is durable, and fire damage restoration companies have a variety of tools and techniques for cleaning, resurfacing, and repairing wood items. However, if the material has been charred, replacement is typically the most effective option.
Q: How do I get rid of smoke damage after the fire?
A: Smoke causes visible and invisible damage, including soot and odors. While homeowners can remove light smoke damage, fire damage restoration companies have advanced equipment that can make the job easier and deliver superior results. The first step is to increase ventilation in the area. Vacuums are helpful for removing loose particles before chemical solvents are applied. Dry-cleaning sponges, rubbing alcohol, paint thinner, vinegar, trisodium phosphate, and specially formulated soot removers are all helpful for releasing embedded particles. Since these products can release toxic fumes, it's important to have adequate protective gear when using them. Additional steps, such as steam cleaning and ozone treatments, may be needed to remove residual odors.
Q: How do I restore fire-damaged furniture?
A: Furniture that has been damaged by smoke or fire but hasn't been significantly burned can be successfully restored in most cases. The first step is inspecting the item to determine the extent of the damage. Restoring damaged furniture typically requires a combination of heat, chemicals, and abrasives to remove soot and smoke that has coated the surface or become trapped in the pores of the wood. Leather or upholstered furniture that has sustained smoke damage can also be cleaned and deodorized. Fire damage specialists may use HEPA vacuums and ozone generators to complete the process.

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