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Find a Top-Ranked Jeweler Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction

    When you’re shopping for jewelry, there are many advantages and few disadvantages to visiting a local independent jeweler instead of choosing a major retailer or shopping online. You can get to know and trust your jeweler, and they're more likely to be an expert. You may also gain access to additional services, such as custom jewelry and engravings or replacement settings that you wouldn’t find from online sellers.

    Having access to a smaller selection of jewelry is the main disadvantage of shopping locally. If you’re looking for a ring that your friend has, you might not find it in a curated collection offered by an independent jeweler.
  • What does a jeweler do?

    A jeweler operates a retail store that sells jewelry. These stores can also offer extra services, such as watch repair, engraving, and ring sizing. Some jewelers specialize in specific adornments, such as vintage jewelry, while others offer a full lineup of brand-named jewelry items.

  • What is a bench jeweler?

    A bench jeweler is a professional who creates or repairs jewelry. The term bench is used in the title to describe the type of bench related to the type of jewelry work performed. Some types of bench jewelers include goldsmiths, silversmiths, engravers, and bead workers.

  • Where do jewelers buy their jewelry?

    Jewelers buy wholesale gold and jewelry-making supplies from vendors and finished jewelry from other jewelers. Some jewelers may also buy jewelry from individuals to sell as used jewelry or break it down into raw materials to make new adornments. Additionally, some artisan jewelers may get gemstones and metals online or through private sales.

  • Where do jewelers buy their diamonds and gemstones?

    Jewelers buy diamonds and gemstones from various sources, including directly from mines, from gemstone wholesalers online, or in the jewelry district of larger cities. Jewelers can also find diamonds and gemstones to use when making new pieces by disassembling vintage jewelry.

  • Do jewelers offer financing?

    Some small jewelers offer financing through an outside lender. Some may also offer a layaway option as an alternative to financing. This enables buyers to put jewelry on layaway and make payments rather than paying for expensive items in a lump sum. Larger retail jewelers sometimes offer branded financing through a store credit card.

  • How do jewelry stores clean rings?

    Jewelry stores typically use a jewelry cleaning solution paired with an ultrasonic cleaner to get rings clean. The solution softens deeply ingrained debris, and the vibrations from the ultrasonic cleaner remove dirt from the surface of metal and gemstones. Jewelers then polish and steam rings to enhance the shine.

Find a Top-Ranked Jeweler Near You