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Best Homeowners Insurance Agencies in Fort Collins, CO

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Our goal is to connect people with the best local professionals. We scored Fort Collins Homeowners Insurance Agencies on more than 25 variables across five categories, and analyzed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the best.



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2627 Redwing Road, Suite 160, Fort Collins, CO 80526 Rating

Review Sources

4.6 (15)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Insurance Specialties caters to homeowners in the Fort Collins area that seek to financially protect their properties in cases of fire, storms, theft, and other covered events. The agency assists clients including mobile home and tiny-house owners through the process of securing coverage for their dwellings and belongings. Insurance Specialties also services renters and owners of condominium units and seasonal properties. The firm has been addressing the home and auto insurance needs of Northern Colorado residents since 1989.

  • Renter's Insurance
  • Condos

2427 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525 Rating

Review Sources

4.6 (22)
2.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Fort Collins Insurance is an independent agency serving families and individuals seeking risk management solutions. Since 1997, it has been providing homeowners' insurance services to help clients prevent financial losses due to unforeseen events, like natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. The company works with different carriers to enable customers to obtain personalized coverage. It also furnishes auto, umbrella, and rental property insurance policies. Principal agent Ryan Jackson has been in the industry for more than eight years.

  • Renter's Insurance
  • Multiple Policy Types
  • Flood

3534 John F Kennedy Parkway, Fort Collins, CO 80525 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (14)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

1st American Insurance Agency helps residents around Fort Collins secure financial protections for their properties in cases of damage or loss. The agency works to assist clients in identifying suitable insurance carriers that offer coverage for various property-related costs. Aside from homeowners, 1st American Insurance Agency also caters to the insurance needs of businesses and vehicle owners. The firm was established in 2012 by Steven Pierce, who has over 26 years of experience in the insurance sector.

  • Multiple Carriers
  • Multiple Policy Types
  • Personal Property Insurance

2721 Council Tree Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (210)

Why choose this provider?

IMA Select is an independent and privately-owned insurance agency in Fort Collins. It provides insurance policies to individuals, families, businesses, financial advisors, and wealth managers. Its home insurance takes care of the family in case untoward incidents happen to their property. It also has an exclusive package for clients with homes that are high-valued. The agency's umbrella insurance protects one from excess liability and adds another layer of protection for incidents at home, accidents with the car, or lawsuits.

  • Personal Property Insurance
  • Multiple Policy Types

Compare our Top Homeowners Insurance Agencies

NameExpertise RatingAddressPromotionsLearn more
Insurance Specialties LTD
2627 Redwing Road, Suite 160, Fort Collins, CO 80526
Fort Collins Insurance
2427 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525
1st American Insurance Agency
3534 John F Kennedy Parkway, Fort Collins, CO 80525
IMA Select
2721 Council Tree Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525


  • Introduction

    Homeowners' insurance is a type of property insurance used by private property owners to protect their home and property from a range of risks and liabilities. It is also called home insurance.

    All homeowners' insurance policies cover the primary home on a property, meaning that most damage from weather, accidents, vandalism, and other events will be at least partially paid for by the insurance company. Many policies also include coverage for other structures, personal property, and some premises liability.

    It is not required by law that a homeowner purchases insurance for their property. However, if you have a mortgage, the lender will usually make purchasing a homeowners' policy a mandatory part of the loan process. Since the mortgage lender is essentially selling you the home, they require you to protect the investment.
  • Why is it important for homeowners in Fort Collins to avoid underinsuring their homes?

    In Fort Collins, it's imperative to avoid underinsuring one's residence. If underinsured and a disaster necessitates rebuilding, the homeowners' insurance policy might not cover the total expenses. To ascertain the correct coverage limits, homeowners should engage with their insurance firm to estimate the comprehensive cost of rebuilding, especially if a storm devastates the property. This estimation will integrate both material and labor costs to provide a holistic view of potential expenses.

  • In Fort Collins, does homeowners' insurance cover solar panel installations?

    In Fort Collins, homeowners' insurance provides coverage for solar panel installations. These panels are regarded as permanent enhancements when integrated into the primary residence. On the other hand, panels positioned independently or on separate edifices fall under the "other structures" classification. Consultation with the respective solar company is recommended for those who lease their solar installations. Some companies offer dedicated coverage, while others may advise including it within the homeowner's policy or propose specialized solar insurance.

  • What should Fort Collins residents discuss with their insurance agents regarding homeowners' insurance?

    In Fort Collins, residents engaging with insurance experts should prioritize a few key topics. Understanding the financial implications of restoring a residence or replacing possessions after unforeseen events is essential. Equally vital is familiarizing oneself with the procedure for both initiating and resolving claims. You should also evaluate the insurance firm's track record in handling claims efficiently and fairly. Additionally, they should be aware of potential premium reduction opportunities, whether through security enhancements or policy consolidations.

  • What are the diverse homeowners' insurance coverage Fort Collins residents should consider?

    In Fort Collins, the essential homeowners' insurance coverages to consider are medical expenses, personal injury, and personal liability. Evaluating protection against fires, property damage, and personal property or contents is crucial. Specialty item protections, including wine collections, collectible cars, and jewelry, shouldn't be overlooked. Other vital coverages include umbrella, excess liability, water back-up, off-premises theft, secondary home, and flood protection. Additionally, provisions for extra living expenses during unforeseen events warrant attention.

  • How does hail coverage in homeowners' insurance policies work for those in hail-prone areas of Fort Collins?

    In Fort Collins, homeowners' insurance often encompasses protection against hail-caused structural damage. However, for homes in hail-prone regions, a thorough understanding of policy details is essential. Some insurers may enforce higher deductibles in such locales, and superficial defects from hail that don't affect structural integrity might be exempt from coverage. Consequently, homeowners are advised to be well-versed in policy constraints or omissions.

  • What determines the price of homeowners insurance premium?

    The premium, or monthly cost, of your homeowners' insurance policy depends on several factors, including the value of your home and amount of coverage you choose. Your credit history and whether the property is in a higher risk area also play a role.

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