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Attorney Marc Lopez has been defending the rights of DUI clients throughout Indianapolis, Indiana, and surrounding areas for more than 10 years. The business handles a wide variety of drinking and driving matters, including license suspensions, DUI penalties, commercial driver DWI, out-of-state DUI charges, child endangerment, felony DUI, and underage DWI. The service also deals with DMV hearings, blood tests, and DUI court appearances. Marc Lopez is a member of the Indiana State Bar Association.

Bowen & Associates, LLC is a family law, criminal defense and personal injury firm with offices in Indianapolis and Carmel. Established in 2011, the firm defends clients accused of DUI, OVWI, and related drug crimes. Founding attorney Justin Bowen was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2015 and received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell in 2014.

Chambers Law Office LLC has represented clients charged with DUIs in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana, area since 2013. The firm handles all aspects of the case, including pre-trial review of the evidence to ensure the arrest and sobriety tests meet all legal requirements. Attorneys work directly with clients to answer questions and discuss legal options, including going to trial or negotiating a plea. Attorney Julie Chambers is a former deputy prosecutor and was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers.

David E. Deal and Associates is a law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. It represents clients in Indianapolis and surrounding areas in DUI and OVWI cases and operates a 24/7 helpline. The firm handles criminal defense aspects of driving under the influence and helps clients at BMV administrative hearings to prevent or reduce license suspensions. Attorneys work to have criminal charges dismissed or reduced by challenging evidence presented by arresting officers and defending clients' constitutional rights

David E. Lewis Attorney at Law has been providing DUI representation services to the residents of Indianapolis, Indiana, for over 10 years. The business has vast experience in DUI misdemeanors, aggravated charges, DWI accidents, child endangerment, DUI manslaughter, commercial driver DWI, first-time driving under the influence, and other DUI charges. David E. Lewis is a long-serving member of the Indiana State Bar Association, the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, and the Indianapolis Law Club.

Founded in 2013 and located in Noblesville, Indiana, Duepner Law is the legal practice of Joe Duepner, who serves as a DUI attorney throughout the Indianapolis area. Duepner represents those arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances, helping to mitigate negative consequences such as losing driving privileges and assisting clients with license reinstatement and specialized driving permits. Duepner Law also handles other criminal defense cases, personal injury claims, issues involving family law, estate planning and probate, and criminal record expungements,

Eskew Law LLC is a law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. It represents clients in DUI cases throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding area and helps minimize driver's license suspensions or negotiate exceptions such as driving to work or medical appointments. The firm handles all DUI charges, including accidents resulting in injury and repeated offenses charged as felonies. A team of attorneys and support staff fight to have charges dismissed or reduced or have jail time substituted with community service and fines.

Greg Spencer Law is a law firm that takes a variety of criminal cases, including DUI cases. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, it works with DUI clients across the metro area, helping them through the entire process from arrest to trial. It provides aggressive representation, sifting through information to find weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Attorney Greg Spencer has over 15 years of experience in criminal law and can also negotiate DUI plea agreements for those who plead guilty.

Founded in 2018, Hand, Ponist, Horvath, Smith & Rayl LLC is a law firm serving clients in the Indianapolis, Indiana, metro area. As part of its criminal defense practice, the firm handles driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated cases. The firm also offers legal services in the practice areas of family, business, and education law. Founding attorney Joel Hand was lead counsel-rated in drunk driving defense by the Lead Counsel Review Board.

Harwell Legal Counsel LLC is a law firm focused on criminal defense matters, especially in cases of DUI. When clients are charged with DUI, the firm works to analyze the circumstances of the event in question and explore opportunities to pursue lesser charges or acquittal. Harwell Legal Counsel LLC also handles a variety of crimes related to DUI, such as underage drinking, DUI with a minor in the vehicle, and charges connected to DUI-related injuries.

Hayes Law Office is a criminal defense law firm that handles DUI cases throughout the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The firm represents those found driving while under the influence of alcohol or other impairing substances. As DUIs can substantially impinge on driving privileges, Hayes Law also assists those convicted obtain specialized driving privileges available to people with suspended licenses. The firm additionally represents clients in cases involving other traffic violations, expungements of crimes, domestic violence, property crimes, and probation violations.

Kamen & Moudy is a criminal defense law firm with more than five decades of experience in Indianapolis, Indiana. It represents clients throughout Marion county with DUI or OVI charges and takes cases throughout Indiana in certain circumstances. The firm defends clients charged with misdemeanor DUI charges and repeat or felony charges, and it handles record expungement and repercussions after a criminal conviction. Attorneys also provide defense in white-collar crimes, drug possession, dealing, and manufacturing, and violent crimes.

Keffer Hirschauer LLP is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based law firm that focuses on criminal defense, civil rights, and family law. The firm was founded in 2012 by former Marion and Tippecanoe County deputy prosecuting attorney Bradley Keffer. Service is available 24 hours a day through a live chat feature on the website.

The Law Office of John Alt is a law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana, representing clients across the state in DUI or OVI cases. Attorney John Alt uses two decades of experience practicing law as a magistrate judge, congressional aide, and civil rights lawyer to vigorously defend clients and protect constitutional rights. The firm challenges evidence such as probable cause, officer conduct, and breath and blood tests, and the firm's attorneys help clients navigate the administrative process of driver's license suspension or revocation.

The Law Office of Mark Nicholson has represented clients charged with drunk driving violations in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area since 2009. Attorney Nicholson works with clients on an individual basis to examine all the facts of the case to build a solid defense or negotiate a plea deal. When possible, the firm's attorneys fight to have the charges reduced or dropped. Mr. Nicholson is a member of the Indiana State Bar Association and Indianapolis Bar Associations.

Razumich & Delamater PC is a criminal defense law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded in 2006 and represents clients throughout Indiana in misdemeanor and felony DUI cases. The firm explains the defense process to keep clients involved and focuses on challenging evidence or conduct of arresting officers to have charges dismissed or reduced in court. Attorneys try to substitute community service and minimal probation time for jail time and help clients with administrative hearings to protect driving privileges.

Sallee Law LLC is a criminal law attorney based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that represents DUI clients across the wider metro area. It guides clients through the legal process, with the aim of having DUI charges dismissed to avoid penalties like high insurance rates and felony charges. It also takes cases involving out-of-state drivers. Founding attorney Todd L. Sallee has over a decade of legal experience and is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Stark DUI Lawyers is a criminal defense law firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana, that has served clients throughout the state for over 20 years. Gregg Stark represents clients with DUI/OWI charges that involve boating, traffic accidents, search and seizure, underage drinking and driving, illegal substances, and habitual violations. He also offers counsel on alternatives to incarceration, assists in reinstating suspended licenses, and determines whether a jury trial is the best option in a particular case.

Founded in 2019, Tate, Bowen, Daugherty, Funk, Spandau LLC is a law firm serving clients in the Indianapolis, Indiana, metro area and throughout the state. As part of its criminal defense practice, the firm handles driving under the influence cases, defending clients against the possible penalties of fines, jail time, and license suspension. Other practice areas include trusts and estates, family law, insurance denials and disputes, personal injury, and real estate law.

The Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez - DUI Attorney represents clients throughout the metro area of its Indianapolis offices who have been charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Attorney Jesse Sanchez is experienced in defending drivers, applying his in-depth knowledge of the state's unique DUI laws to the benefit of his clients. The law firm also provides criminal defense representation in other areas, such as domestic violence charges, child battery, major felonies, and appeals.

Founded in 2011, Trapp Law LLC provides legal support to DUI clients throughout Indianapolis, Indiana, and other parts of the state. The firm handles a wide array of drinking and driving matters, including prior DUI, commercial driver DWAI, child endangerment, DUI with injury, out-of-state DWI charges, aggravated DUI, and underage driving under the influence. The service also covers breath and blood tests, DMV hearings, field sobriety tests, license suspension, and chemical test refusal.

Founded in March 2002, Zaki Ali Attorney at Law represents DUI clients throughout Indiana from its offices in Indianapolis, Muncie, Marion, and Anderson. It deals with different types of driving under the influence charges, including aggravated DUI, felony DWI, underage drinking and driving, child endangerment, first-time offenders, and out-of-state DUI. Zaki Ali is a long-serving member of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, the National Bar Association, and the Indiana Public Defender Council.

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