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Barrett McNagny LLP is a law firm in Fort Wayne handling probate processes for clients in the metro area. The firm oversees each step of the process, investigating the will for validity, evaluating the assets left behind, and managing the distribution of assets to beneficiaries or creditors. It also works to ensure that as many debts as possible are resolved and that litigation does not threaten the estate or its beneficiaries. Barrett McNagny LLP helps with the estate planning stages as well.

Beckman Lawson LLP is a law firm located in Fort Wayne which serves clients throughout the metro area. Several of its attorneys are experienced with the probate process as well as general estate administration and they work to ensure that the will is carried out as was desired. The firm allocates remaining assets to beneficiaries and pays creditors and lenders owed by the estate. Beckman Lawson LLP provides assistance with estate planning and will creation as well.

Benson, Pantello, Morris, James, and Logan is a law firm in Fort Wayne assisting clients with probate. The firm provides guidance throughout the process and helps executors to distribute assets in accordance with the directives of the will. It also helps clients to pursue disputes which may involve contested wills. Other duties include the resolution of debts and back taxes, correspondence with heirs and excluded beneficiaries, and accounting for the assets and finances of the firm.

DeLaney, Hartburg, Roth, & Garrott LLP is a law firm serving the Fort Wayne metro area that manages probate cases. It works to resolve issues concerning assets left behind by estates and consults with heirs to reassign the ownership of property according to the will. The firm resolves debts as well, using finances and assets of the estate to pay creditors and taxes. Delaney, Hartburg, Roth, & Garrott LLP also provides estate planning services and assists with wills.

DeVoss, Baker, Ainsworth, & Razo a Professional Corporation is located in Decatur and serves the Fort Wayne metro area. It helps with probate processes, managing the assets of the estate according to the will left behind or the laws of the state in cases of intestacy. The firm helps the estate to finalize expenses and pay debts associated with assets or the deceased. When needed it handles litigation and mediates disputes between heirs concerning the transfer of assets.

Gordon & Associates PC is a law firm in Fort Wayne handling probate for clients in the metro area. The firm manages paperwork concerning the estate as well as its assets, authorizing transfers and the liquidation of assets in line with the demands of the will. It also handles the payment of outstanding debts and ensures that state and federal taxes due by the estate are paid for. Gordon & Associates PC assists with estate planning as well.

Grubbs Law Office is a Fort Wayne-based firm managing probate processes. It works on behalf of clients to administer the assets of the estate as designated by the will. The firm also manages the finances of the estate, paying creditors and governing bodies in order to eliminate final debts. It provides mediation services in situations of disagreement between beneficiaries and represents the estate against third parties in litigation. Grubbs Law Office also assists with estate planning and the creation of wills.

Hawk, Haynie, Kammeyer, & Smith LLP is a law firm in Fort Wayne assisting clients throughout the metro area with probate processes. The firm manages the distribution of property belonging to the estate among beneficiaries as well as final payments owed to lenders, creditors, and governments. It provides litigation support for circumstance sin which the will is contested or other disputes arise concerning its interpretation or the legitimacy of beneficiaries.

Helmke Beams is a law firm in Fort Wayne that handles probate proceedings for clients in need of assistance with estate administration. The firm organizes assets, making sure that known possessions are accounted for and appraised. It then controls the distribution of assets according to the will, or in lack of one, state laws, and addresses instances of contested wills. Helmke Beams also oversees payment to creditors and outstanding taxes to settle the firm's debts, managing the liquidation of assets if necessary.

The Koler Law Office is a fort Wayne-based practice which handles probate concerns. It evaluates the validity of the will as well as the size of the estate to determine the most efficient process clients can take. The firm manages the distribution and liquidation of assets and works to resolve outstanding debts. When heirs disagree about the will or its validity, the firm provides mediation services in an attempt to resolve disputes amicably.

Locke & Witte is a law firm in Fort Wayne handling probate procedures for clients throughout the metro area. The firm consults executors in order to manage the carrying out of the will, working to ensure that final wishes are carried out and assets dispersed to the appropriate parties. Additionally, it conducts payments to resolve the estate's debts and settle with creditors and lien holders. Locke & Witte also assists with estate planning needs.

Mefford, Weber, and Blythe is a law firm in Auburn providing legal assistance with probate processes to clients in the Fort Wayne metro area. The firm is experienced with the transfer of assets and properties, liquidation, situations involving contested wills, and disputes between heirs. It also handles the final financial duties of the estate by repaying creditors and resolving litigation as best as it can based on the remaining assets. Mefford, Weber, and Blythe helps with estate planning and will formation as well.

Nugen Law is a firm in Fort Wayne providing probate services to clients throughout the metro area. It works to help clients achieve the wishes of the will and testament and oversees the liquidation and allocation of assets. The firm also acts as a liaison between the estate and its creditors and attempts to pay outstanding debts. Its attorneys can also mediate disagreements between beneficiaries concerning the intention or interpretation of the will.

Perry Law Office is active within the Fort Wayne metro area and assists clients with probate processes. It manages the administration of the estate and works to fulfil the directives of the will as put forth by the deceased. Its frequent duties involve distribution of remaining properties amongst heirs, payment of outstanding balances to creditors and governments, and oversight of liquidation and estate sales. Perry Law Office also handles estate planning and records wills for clients.

Shine & Hardin LLP is a law firm in Fort Wayne providing probate services to clients throughout the metro area. It is especially interested in probate litigation and frequently represents estates against stakeholders such as creditors and lenders, third parties, and others with claims against it. The firm handles litigation between heirs too and conducts mediation to attempt agreeable solutions outside of the court system. Shine & Hardin LLP assists with estate planning and will formation too.

The Law Office of Jon J. Olinger LLC is a Fort Wayne-based firm providing probate services. The firm works to examine the validity of wills left behind by the deceased and execute the wishes therein, managing assets and financial obligations to help the estate reach the most satisfying possible conclusion. It also handles disagreements between beneficiaries, attempting to resolve issues outside of court when possible. Other services include estate planning and will formation.

Troyer & Good PC is a law firm in Fort Wayne managing probate cases. It evaluates the last will and testament, creates an inventory of remaining assets, and seeks to pay creditors and outstanding taxes in order to satisfy the financial status of the estate. The firm conducts distribution to beneficiaries and handles conflicts as they arise through mediation. It also investigates accusations of undue influence or other issues which may invalidate the will or trust.

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