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111 Southeast 3rd Street, Evansville, IN 47708 Rating

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5.0 (22)
5.0 (13)

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Schnepper Law is a full-service law firm offering representation to those who need a criminal law attorney in the Evansville area. The firm has experience in defending clients accused of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. It also handles other drug and alcohol-related offenses as well as a range of misdemeanors and felonies. The firm also represents clients in expungement cases. Attorney Jeremy Schnepper is licensed to practice in the state of Indiana.

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Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Jeremy Schnepper - PrincipalActive7 yrs

901 Sycamore Street Suite B, Evansville, IN 47708 Rating

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Evansville-based Chris Lenn Law Office provides criminal defense, including DUI, felony DUI, and other alcohol offenses. The firm provides each client with defense strategies and advocacy in and out of the courtroom. It also helps with the expungements of arrests, charges, and convictions on current criminal records. Firm lawyer Christian M. Lenn has been practicing law for over three decades and is a prosecutor turned defense attorney. He uses his experience as a prosecutor to create an effective defense.

108 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Evansville, IN 47708

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Scates Law is a locally owned office that provides legal defense for individuals in Evansville facing criminal charges. Alexander Race Scates, the firm's founder, fights for the rights of the accused in DUI and DWI cases. He prioritizes personalized representation and consultation by directly responding to clients' emails and calls. Additionally, the attorney assists reformed individuals seeking to expunge their criminal records. He extends his legal services to estate planning and administration. Scates is licensed to practice in Illinois.

  • DUI with Injury

123 Northwest 4th Street, Evansville, IN 47708 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (3)
5.0 (2)

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Founded in 2005, Walton Law Office is a DUI law firm in Evansville. Attorney Doug Walton has protected the rights of clients charged with felony and misdemeanor DUI for more than 17 years as a lawyer, with extensive trial experience that ensures clients are properly defended. Walton Law Office also handles expungements and cases in other areas of criminal defense, including drug charges, sex crimes, manslaughter, murder, theft, white collar crimes, and domestic violence.

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Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Doug Walton - FounderActive24 yrs

1 SE 9th Street Suite 101, Evansville, IN 47708 Rating

Review Sources

4.8 (24)
5.0 (1)

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Brinkley Law is a law firm serving individuals in Evansville. It defends individuals who have been charged with DUI/DWI, drug possession, parole violation, traffic infractions, and driver's license suspension. The firm also assists individuals with legal needs in opening small businesses and startups. Brinkley Law offers 24-hour access to case files with its online client portal. Its lawyer, Sarah Brinkley, worked for the State of Indiana as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for five years.

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Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Sarah Brinkley - PrincipalActive10 yrs

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Evansville, Indiana?

    The non-emergency contact number for the Evansville Police Department is (812) 436-7896.

  • What classifies as a DUI offense in Evansville?

    DUI offenses in Evansville are classified as OWI. The law states that people under 21 should not operate a motor vehicle if their blood alcohol content is 0.02 percent or higher. Those aged 21 and older are not allowed to drive with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher. The OWI rules in Indiana also restrict individuals from driving while having any level of a schedule I or II controlled substance in their system.

  • What types of penalties could someone in Evansville face if they were convicted for their first DUI offense?

    In Evansville, first-time DUI offenders could face up to a $500 fine if their blood alcohol level is between 0.08 and 0.14 and up to a $5,000 fine for those with a blood alcohol content of 0.15 and above. First-time OWI offenders could also be penalized with 30 to 60 days of jail time.

  • Can an Evansville resident with a suspended license due to an OWI offense apply for specialized driving privileges?

    Evansville drivers that had their license suspended because of an OWI offense might be eligible for specialized driving privileges under Indiana Code 9-30-16-3. They could also avoid a license suspension before their criminal case is resolved if they notify the court that they intend to file a petition for specialized driving privileges.

  • Can a DUI conviction in Evansville be expunged?

    A DUI conviction in Evansville can be expunged depending on several factors. Misdemeanor DUI convictions can be expunged if the person has paid all court costs and fines and did not commit any crime in the previous five years from filing the petition. Level 6 felon DUI convictions must have paid all court costs and have not committed any crime in the prior eight years to have their conviction expunged.

  • Can a misdemeanor-level DUI offense be dismissed in Evansville?

    A misdemeanor-level DUI offense may be dismissed in Evansville through a process under Indiana Code 12-23-5 called conditional deferral. DUIs in Evansville and throughout Indiana are charged as misdemeanors unless it involves aggravating factors such as death or injury. If the incident also involved a passenger under 18, the DUI may be charged as a level 6 felony.