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Founded in 2013, Ad Vice Marketing Inc. is a Rockford-based agency. It serves businesses throughout the metro area, specializing in getting their brand, services, and products seen by target customers in carefully chosen geographical areas. Its advertising services include creating and managing pay-per-click and retargeting banner ad campaigns on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines. The agency also creates content suitable for advertising on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

BrandDad Digital is a Rockford-based advertising agency focused on digital media and outreach solutions. It creates and manages PPC ad campaigns for clients in diverse markets and provides content creation services to support marketing efforts. Its targeting strategies allow clients to customize the selection and range of areas that they market to. BrandDad Digital offers automation services as well which can bolster ad campaigns and increase efficiency of operations. Web design services are also available.

Cain & Company is a Rockford-based full-service advertising agency. This agency focuses on B2B marketing. It uses primarily digital methods to facilitate communication with audiences and helps businesses to advertise to audiences using both desktop and mobile platforms. PPC re-targeting services are offered clients seeking to re-attract previously interested qualified leads and customers along with geotargeting methods that help clients market to strictly designated areas. Cain & Company also does media buying and selling for clients.

Founded in 1996, ColinKurtis is a Rockford-based web design and marketing agency serving the metro area's businesses with digital, print, and video advertising services. It specializes in B2B advertising for food sector companies. Its developers create advertising strategies that encompass all media, including desktop and mobile devices, social media platforms, such as Facebook, and print advertising, including brochures and flyers. The agency's clients include Associated brands, Bay Valley Foods, and the RK Trading Company.

Digital Hive Mind Inc. is a full-service design, content, and advertising agency from Rockford that serves businesses throughout the metro area. The agency's typical customers include manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and packaging suppliers. It offers traditional print and video services, as well as web-based advertising solutions, such as pay-per-click and banner ads, as well as ads designed for social media platforms. Its traditional advertising services include packaging design, film production, brochures, and flyers.

Tracing its roots back to 1906, fortytwoeightynine is a digital marketing and advertising agency, rebooted in 2009. Based in Rockton, it helps its B2B clients throughout the Rockford metro area get their brand, product, or service noticed by target customers. Its typical clients include the industrial, automotive, manufacturing, and food processing sectors. The agency employs various channels of advertising in its campaigns, including social media, search engine ads, and print.

GinestraWatson is an advertising agency working with clients from its office in Rockford. The company helps clients create a recognizable image for themselves and markets it to the client's target audience. Its team handles both print and digital advertising, including displays, signage, and paid ads on social media websites. The team also offers web and user interface design, video production, and public relations. Past clients include Natural Land Institute, Lonnie's Carpet Max, and OSF Saint Anthony.

Operating since 1987, GrahamSpencer is a Rockford-based advertising agency with offices in multiple cities. It combines the efforts of a diverse team of experienced web designers, creatives, and brand strategists to deliver a comprehensive selection of advertising services. It does digital marketing via search engines and social media websites as well as traditional marketing through television and radio channels. GrahamSpencer also creates print products, plans and manages marketing events, and assists with advertising for trade shows.

Founded over 24 years ago, the Heinzeroth Marketing Group is an inbound marketing agency based in Rockford, serving a wide range of professional, consumer, and industrial businesses throughout the metro area. The agency employs the full range of digital advertising services to attract leads, convert them into customers, and encourage them to continue their relationship with the agency's clients. It does this by designing and developing social media and web campaigns, followed by email marketing and third-party blogs and ads.

Founded in 1997, Jumping Trout LLC is a web and graphic design agency that also develops advertising and marketing campaigns. Based in Loves Park, it works with a range of clients throughout the Rockford metro area, including restaurants, e-commerce businesses, local government, and retailers. The agency provides a mix of digital advertising services, including pay-per-click on Google, Bing, and other search engines, banner ads on third-party websites, and ads for popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

LuccaAM is an advertising agency serving clients in and around the Rockford metro area. It does PPC ads for Google AdWords and Facebook as well as other platforms, helping clients to be recognized by qualified leads. It creates content in-house to help clients employ the use of ads that resonate with their base. LuccaAM is experienced with advertising for e-commerce businesses too. It also provides comprehensive website design and development services to help clients create landing pages as well as optimal home sites.

Founded in 1996, Manifesto is a full-service graphic design and marketing agency based in Rockford, serving businesses throughout and beyond the metro area. Its clients include startups and established entities in fields as diverse as tech firms, insurance, and festival organizers. It offers the full range of advertising services, using traditional and digital media, such as PPC, banner ads on third-party websites, radio commercials, TV, vehicle graphics, and billboards. The agency specializes in developing brands.

Launched in 1998, Petry Design is a full-service digital marketing and web design company from Stillman Valley that serves clients throughout the Rockford metro area with local, regional, and global advertising services. The agency specializes in Google-optimized advertising solutions, such as AdWords, Analytics, and paid banner ads dropped on to the web pages visited by potential customers. The agency thoroughly researches keywords, as well as the campaigns conducted by its client's competitors, to ensure its ads reach their target markets.

Located in Rockford, Quiet Light Communications is an advertising agency that provides services across the country. It develops targeted print, digital, and social campaigns. The agency creates visual roadmaps in logo creation and ad development. For children's advertising, the agency offers character and targeted materials creation. Additionally, the firm offers video production, SEO content, and public relations services. Past clients include the American Egg Board, Dupont, Grain Millers, and Briess.

RyCOM Creative Corp. is an advertising agency located near Rockford that has been in operation since 2011. The company designs and prints traditional advertising materials, such as flyers, banners, flags, business cards, and posters. Its team has additional experience developing online advertisements. The team also offers web design and hosting, review management, and SEO consulting. In 2016, RyCOM Creative Corp. earned a Silver Addy award from the American Advertising Foundation.

Stone Dragon Marketing is an advertising agency serving clients in and around the Rockford metro area. This agency focuses its advertising efforts on the digital sphere and often works with small businesses to help them build an online presence. It is versed in PPC advertising as well as general search engine marketing. Stone Dragon Marketing also works with clients to build and expand their presence on social media. It offers logo design and website creation services as well.

Trekk is a full-service advertising agency in Rockford, with an additional office in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 1995, it recommends and creates advertising plans tailored to clients' needs, with metrics to measure their success. It uses its experience to create brands that are professional, with design that is functional and intuitive. The firm's focus is on the ongoing execution of a brand's identity through internal and external campaigns. Additional services include SEO, content marketing, video production, and web development.

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