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565 West Adams Street, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60661

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The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law serves individuals and businesses in Joliet. Its team represents clients being audited by the state's Department of Revenue or the IRS. The firm also offers other tax solutions, including innocent spouse relief and civil penalty abatement. Managing Attorney Jonathan Decatorsmith has more than 30 years of tax law experience. He has handled over 50 cases before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, the US District Court, and the US Tax Court.

  • Bankruptcy
  • Cash Intensive Businesses
  • Tax Defense

1 Old Frankfort Way, Frankfort, IL 60423 Rating

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5.0 (13)
5.0 (2)

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Demetrius J. Karos, Ltd. provides tax law guidance and results-driven representation to individuals and small businesses in Joliet and its nearby communities. Its lawyers handle IRS offers in compromise, innocent spouse relief, installment agreements and payment plans, and tax liens. The team also represents clients in tax evasion, crimes, audits, appeals, and litigation. The law firm has office locations in Frankfort and Naperville. In addition, the legal office provides comprehensive estate planning and administrative counsel.

  • Tax Defense
  • Criminal Tax Audit

1041 E 9th St, Lockport, IL 60441

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Faizan Law Firm, P.C., has worked with individuals and small business owners in Joliet since 2020. It assists clients in handling various tax matters related to liens and levies, payroll, and trust funds. Its lawyers help taxpayers settle their debts by guiding them in requesting installment agreements, penalty abatements, offers in compromise, and innocent spouse relief. It provides tax preparation and planning services and practices business and employment law. The firm's CEO and attorney, Faizan Syed Ahmed, is a certified public accountant with over 10 years of industry experience.

54 N. Ottawa Street Suite B40, Joliet, IL 60432 Rating

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Terrence J. Wallace, P.C., Attorney at Law, protects the legal rights of clients in Joliet and nearby areas. It works with those charged with forgery or fraud related to taxes, credit cards, money orders, mortgages, and insurance and represents them before state and federal courts. It also handles various criminal cases, including battery, theft, DUI, and drug possession. Terrence Wallace is a former prosecutor and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

  • Tax Defense
  • Criminal Tax Audit

9231 S. Roberts Road, Hickory Hills, IL 60457 Rating

Review Sources

4.7 (20)

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The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch provides legal assistance to individuals and businesses in Joliet. It protects the rights of clients facing criminal prosecution due to tax evasion, fraud, and failure to file tax returns. Its attorneys examine taxpayers' records and guide them through the state and IRS tax audit processes. Founding attorney Thomas W. Lynch's background as a former IRS agent and assistant Illinois Attorney General provides him with the experience and skills needed to deal with tax, financial, and real estate issues.

  • Criminal Tax Audit

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The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 West Adams Street, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60661
Demetrius J. Karos, Ltd.
1 Old Frankfort Way, Frankfort, IL 60423
Faizan Law Firm P.C.
1041 E 9th St, Lockport, IL 60441
Terrence J. Wallace, P.C. Attorney at Law
54 N. Ottawa Street Suite B40, Joliet, IL 60432
The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch
9231 S. Roberts Road, Hickory Hills, IL 60457

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  • Where does the Tax Court hold trial sessions closest to Joliet, Illinois?

    The nearest possible venue where the Tax Court holds trial sessions for tax payers in Joliet is the Kluczynski Federal Building Room 3908, 230 S. Dearborn Street, Illinois 60604.

  • Where is the low-income taxpayer clinic that is closest to Joliet, Illinois?

    There are three low-income taxpayer clinics in Chicago that may serve Joliet, namely Ladder Up Tax Clinic, Legal Aid Chicago LITC, and Loyola Federal Income Tax Clinic. Read this publication from the IRS for the complete contact details of each agency:

  • Can you talk to an IRS agent if they call you in Joliet?

    If you are facing tax issues in Joliet, an IRS agent may call you and say they would like to clear up some things or ask questions about your returns. While you are free to speak with them, it would be best not to without the guidance or expert advice from a tax attorney. If you say too much or make a mistake, you can face even more serious consequences.

  • Will you go to jail for evading taxes in Joliet?

    On top of being ordered to pay hefty fines, there is also a possibility that you will face imprisonment if you commit tax evasion in Joliet. Tax evasion can be classified as a felony in Illinois, depending on the amount involved in your case. Other tax-related offenses that can be charged as a felony in the state include tax fraud, money laundering, failure to file tax returns, and conspiracy to commit a tax crime or to defraud the IRS.

  • How much will you face in penalties if you commit tax evasion in Joliet?

    If you’ve been tried and convicted on intent to evade charges in Joliet, you are to face a Class 3 felony if the amount of tax due is $300 or more. The civil penalty for this offense is 50% of the tax you are due. Other penalties apply, depending on the specific details of your case. It would be in your best interest to seek the assistance of an experienced tax attorney to lower your charges.

  • Are you allowed to make changes to your individual tax return in Joliet?

    Yes, you are allowed to make changes to your individual tax return in Joliet. If you find out that you’ve made an error on your return after it was filed or if the IRS adjusted your federal return, you must file an amended Illinois return using Form IL-1040-X, Amended Individual Income Tax Return. Keep in mind that if you are filing this form because of a federal change, you must not file it until you receive a notification from the IRS showing that the federal change has been accepted.

  • Can you be waived of penalties if you were not able to pay taxes on time in Joliet due to a natural disaster?

    If you are affected by a natural disaster in Joliet and fail to pay taxes on time, you may be eligible to request a waiver or abatement of penalty. To qualify for this kind of relief, you must demonstrate that there is reasonable cause, meaning you practiced business care and prudence but were still unable to meet the requirements for filing your return and paying the amount you owed on time.