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Martial Arts Schools FAQs

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Agbon Martial Arts logo

Agbon Martial Arts

Wilmette, IL 60091
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Agbon Martial Arts provides martial arts instruction to children and adults in Wilmette and the surrounding areas. They offer a comprehensive range of services including kids Taekwondo, teen, and adult Taekwondo, family Taekwondo, martial arts fitness, and more. Their instructors also offer private lessons for students with special needs, more help to achieve their next belt level, students attending tournaments, or just wanting to improve on individual skills. The private lessons enable students to learn at a much faster pace. They offer private lessons in form, sparring, and specialized kicks. Their martial arts fitness program combines cardio, fighting disciples, and self-defense.

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Chinese Martial Arts and Wellness Center logo

Chinese Martial Arts and Wellness Center

Chicago, IL 60613
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Chinese Martial Arts and Wellness Center provides traditional kung fu lessons to students in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Their mission is to foster a culture of health through physical fitness, self-defense, alternative medicine, and personal spiritual growth. They offer classes for children in traditional martial arts including kung fu and tai chi. Their team provides alternative medicine to treat a wide range of physical and emotional conditions using acupuncture, herbs, qigong, yoga, and massage. The school offers a haven for those who seek knowledge and wellness of both the mind and the body. They also offer conditioning programs using traditional martial arts.

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Degerberg Academy Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc. logo

Degerberg Academy Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc.

Chicago, IL 60625
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Degerberg Academy Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc., provides martial arts training to children and adults in Chicago. They were voted the Number One martial arts school in 2015 by the Chicago Parenting Magazine. Their classes include Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kids martial arts, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai kickboxing, and a variety of adult martial arts programs and fitness classes. Grand Master Fred Degerberg runs the facility and has devoted his life to the study, practice, teaching, and advancement of martial arts. The Kids Martial Arts program helps to increase confidence, enhance focus, heighten leadership skills, improve physical strength and conditioning, and much more.

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Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu logo

Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu

Chicago, IL 60626
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Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu provides instruction in fitness, martial arts, and meditation to students in Chicago. Founder Sifu Freddie Lee has more than 27 years of experience training in kung fu, and his teachings are based on Tao, Zen, Buddha, and Osho. He believes that the purpose of martial arts is aimed towards ultimate health in body, mind, and spirit. Sifu Freddie encourages his students to achieve a state of no-mind in their training, seeing that the highest state of martial arts training is to be trained in meditation, free from competition and ego. They offer fitness training, self-defense, martial arts, meditation, and more.

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Sport Fitness logo

Sport Fitness

Chicago, IL 60657
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Sport Fitness provides conditioning and fitness programs to students in Chicago. They specialize in weight loss, toning, strength training, mobility, boxing, mixed martial arts, and other athletic conditioning programs. Their team uses one-on-one personal training and small group sessions and implements fitness plans tailored to the individual needs of each client. Coach Adam Dicker helps students accomplish their goals, whether they’re looking to lose weight, increase strength, run a marathon, train for a fight, or are a seasoned athlete that needs an extra push. Their classes include jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, boxing, and more to improve physical strength and stamina.

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Staley Martial Arts logo

Staley Martial Arts

Evanston, IL 60201
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Staley Martial Arts provides a variety of martial arts classes to students in Evanston and the surrounding communities. Their focus is on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, and Capoeira. They embrace the traditional values of martial arts rather than the trend of a mixed martial arts gym, which offers an unparalleled level of education to their students. All of their instructors are a minimum of Black Belt level and are certified by the highest governing bodies for each respective martial art on an international level. They strive to give back to the community and help students to progress and evolve throughout their educational journey.

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The School of Martial Arts logo

The School of Martial Arts

Chicago, IL 60640
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The School of Martial Arts provides martial arts, Taekwondo, and kickboxing classes to students of all ages in Chicago. Their professional courses teach mental discipline, physical strength, and practical self-defense to children and adults, teaching practical skills along with a focus on spiritual discipline. They offer Taekwondo classes that place as much emphasis on the mind as they do on the body. Their students get a full-body workout and an improved mental focus that will minimize stress at work and at home. They also offer professional kickboxing classes that get students of all ages started on the road to physical fitness.

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Traditional Taoist Martial Arts Academy logo

Traditional Taoist Martial Arts Academy

Evanston, IL 60202
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Traditional Taoist Martial Arts Academy provides traditional Chinese martial arts instruction for students in Evanston and the surrounding areas. Owner Sifu Stephen Vick manages the academy and studied under Grand Master Key Chan Song for more than 21 years. He is a doctor of acupuncture, traditional herbal medicine, and qigong healing and meditation. Sifu Stephen is a ninth degree black belt in traditional Chinese kung fu in Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and has more than 50 years of martial arts experience. They teach Taoist martial arts and Tai Chi which offers bare hand forms practice, two-person training, push hands, sparring practice, chi na, and qigong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Keanu Reeves know martial arts?

A: The fighting styles used by Keanu Reeves in the Matrix and other films aren't just for show, and come from years of training and practice. Keanu Reeves has formal training in karate, jiu-jitsu, wushu, boxing, krav maga, and aikido.

Q: How much do kids\' karate classes cost?

A: Kid's karate classes generally cost the same as adult classes, running $40 on average, based on location and other factors. Private lessons are more expensive and can cost up to $100 for a 30-minute session.

Q: Which martial art is best for my child?

A: Karate has been a popular option for children since the eighties, as it does not use weapons and offers a healthy full-body workout. Children enrolled in Karate classes will learn not just to train their body, but their mind as well.

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