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Drew Law Firm PC is located in Des Moines and represents clients affected by truck accidents. The firm helps clients to inquire into the potential of a lawsuit and will represent them if evidence is deemed sufficient for litigation. In most cases it structures claims that seek financial compensation for property damage, lost wages, and especially medical expenses associated with the accident. The firm also handles cases involving construction accidents and miscellaneous incidents resulting in catastrophic injury.

Galligan Law is a firm in Des Moines helping clients around the metro area to file suit following serious truck accidents. The firm works for clients who have been severely, sometimes catastrophically injured, and perhaps financially devastated, as they pursue litigious methods of restitution. Its work often involves the recruitment of expert witnesses and correspondence with law enforcement to build the strongest case possible. If those deemed responsible are unwilling to fulfil demands then the firm will argue on behalf of clients in court.

Goodman Law is a firm assisting clients in the Des Moines metro area with truck and traffic accident claims. It helps clients to pursue compensation for their injuries, psychological traumas, and financial losses associated with destroyed property, medical bills, and loss of employment. The firm handles the filing of relevant paperwork and corresponds with experts in order to build a case and make demands of those considered responsible for the accident. Outside of drivers, it may also sue trucking companies, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies.

Hedberg & Boulton PC is a law firm serving the Des Moines metro area. This firm assists clients injured in truck and automobile accidents as they investigate opportunities for litigation against those deemed responsible. In standard cases the firm corresponds with expert witnesses and compiles medical evidence to support claims and pressure negligent parties to provide an acceptable settlement offer. If negotiations are unsuccessful it will fight on behalf of clients in court. Usual demands center on the recovery of payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage as well as personally traumatic experiences.

Hixson & Brown PC is a law firm operating within the Des Moines metro area. This firm handles truck accident cases and miscellaneous traffic accident claims, working to represent clients against opposing parties and secure restitution for financial losses and trauma caused by negligent actions. Its work involves correspondence with medical professionals and other experts in order to build the strongest possible case and it often uses evidence in pre-trial negotiations with opposing council in order to attempt settlement. When attempts at settlement fail, it represents clients in court. Hixson & Brown PC is also experienced with child injury claims.

Hopkins & Huebner is a law firm in Des Moines representing clients throughout the metro area in lawsuits concerning truck and traffic accidents. Its attorneys communicate with law enforcement, the accused, medical professionals, and the legal system on behalf of clients in order to protect the integrity of the claim and advance the interests of the case. Common cases seek payment for bills associated with the accident as well as additional compensation in recognition of the physical and psychological suffering endured by clients. Hopkins & Huebner PC also handles cases involving slip and falls, medical malpractice, and premises liability.

Janet, Janet, & Suggs LLC is a law firm serving the Des Moines metro area. It represents clients injured in truck accidents as they pursue compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. The firm spearheads litigation by collecting evidence and mitigating attempts to dismiss the case or settle for unacceptable amounts. It typically acts as a liaison between clients and insurance adjusters as well as law enforcement, opposing council, and the public at large.

King Law PLLC is a law firm that is active throughout the Des Moines metro area and represents clients seriously injured or financially impacted by trucking accidents. The firm files suit on their behalf and negotiates with insurance adjusters and opposing council to fight for the highest possible financial settlement. If offers are unsatisfying to clients it will fight in court using expert witnesses and medical evidence. Usually damages at the center of lawsuits include medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

Kutmus, Pennington, & Hook PC is a law firm assisting clients throughout the Des Moines metro area with truck accident litigation. It structures lawsuits against drivers, trucking companies, manufacturers, and other parties that pursue compensation for expenses and suffering caused by the incident. The firm gathers evidence to bolster claims and oversees the medical treatment of its clients while working to prevent the case from being compromised. Kutmus, Pennington, & Hook PC also handles medical malpractice personal injury claims.

Mueller, Berg, & Schmidt PLLC is a law firm serving the Des Moines metro area that handles truck accident cases. It manages the discovery process, collecting evidence from medical professionals, via accident reconstructionists, and from law enforcement officials in order to build the strongest possible case against negligent parties. The firm may sue drivers as well as third parties deemed responsible, such as trucking companies and manufacturers. Lawsuits usually demand the payment of expenses associated with the accident and compensation for pain and suffering.

Olson Law Office PC is active within the Des Moines metro area and manages truck accident cases. The firm is primarily concerned with opportunities to litigate against negligent parties and pursue the highest possible compensation for both tangible and intangible damages. It communicates with insurance adjusters to demand acceptable settlement, advancing litigation when offers do not satisfy the needs of its clients. Olson Law Office PC also handles slip and fall, chemical exposure, and medical malpractice injury claims.

Rieper Law is a firm operating within the Des Moines metro area which assists clients hurt in truck accidents as they pursue compensation from negligent parties for damages involving injuries, expenses and financial losses, and other resultant hardships. Its work involves the collection of evidence, correspondence with and recruitment of expert professionals, and advocacy in negotiations and the trial process. Outside of truck accidents, Rieper Law PC is particularly experienced with accidents involving texting and driving and drunk driving.

Shindler, Anderson, Goplerund, & Weese PC is a law firm serving the Des Moines metro area. It works on behalf of clients hurt in truck accidents to sue negligent parties for money in order to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage as well as compensate for physical and emotional sufferings. The firm gathers evidence and communicates with experts to create the best possible argument and negotiates with those deemed responsible, resorting to court if mediation fails.

Warnke Law Firm is located in Des Moines and represents clients hurt in truck, car, and motorcycle accidents as they file suit against those deemed responsible. Typically the firm handles the discovery process and helps the client to determine the merit and potential value of their case. If deemed worthwhile, it will recruit expert witnesses to support evidence and attempt a lawsuit against negligent parties to recover financial compensation for injuries and monetary hardships sustained.

Witherwax Law is a Des Moines-based firm providing representation to clients affected by truck and miscellaneous traffic accidents. The firm helps clients to support claims by guiding them through the discovery process and filing appropriate paperwork on their behalf. It communicates with experts, including the medical professionals delivering treatment, to bolster demands for compensation. Usually, medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial difficulties are the focus points in claims. The firm negotiates with negligent parties towards a mutually acceptable settlement amount for the aforementioned damages and if opposing council is uncooperative it will attempt resolution through the court system.

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