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Opened in 1980, Berger Law Firm PC is a full-service firm that represents clients with medical malpractice claims in Des Moines and the surrounding areas. Founder Peter Berger, a former Polk County prosecutor, utilizes his previous experience to navigate the complex Iowa medical laws and advocate for fair compensation. Berger has represented clients with serious and catastrophic injuries due to misdiagnosis, birth trauma, and surgical errors. Other areas of practice include nursing home abuse and wrongful death.

Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave PC is a Des Moines law firm founded in 1917 that handles medical malpractice cases for defendants and plaintiffs throughout the United States. The firm approaches defense of alleged medical negligence as professional liability cases, representing physicians, dentists, and health care corporation directors and officers, as well as hospitals, clinics, and care facilities. It handles cases for plaintiffs as personal injury claims, seeking compensation for injuries and wrongful death caused by medical negligence.

Located in Des Moines, Crawford Law Firm is a law firm that handles medical malpractice lawsuits on behalf of defendants and plaintiffs throughout Iowa. The firm represents those hurt due to medical negligence as well as health care professionals and facilities, looking for resolutions in alternative dispute resolution forums. Crawford Law Firm also handles cases that involve government relations and policy initiatives as well as sports, racing, and gaming law.

Duff Law Firm PLC is based in West Des Moines and has more than 25 years of experience handling medical malpractice cases. Its attorneys help clients recover damages in cases involving surgical errors, doctor negligence, medication errors, misdiagnosis, permanent injuries, and death. They also handle employment law and personal injury. Lawyer Jim Duff is a member of The Iowa State Bar Association, and attorney Thomas Duff is a member of American Association for Justice.

Founded in 1991, Ervanian & Cacciatore represents medical malpractice plaintiffs in the Des Moines area. Founders Greg Ervanian and Joseph Cacciatore and their team assist clients with injuries due to failure to diagnose, improper diagnosis, surgical errors, prescription errors, and other negligent mistakes. The firm has considerable experience handling claims against health care providers, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and mental health professionals. Additional practice areas include business, construction, employment, and workers' compensation law.

F. John Spellman, Attorney at Law is a Des Moines personal injury attorney who represents those harmed by the negligent actions or inaction of medical facilities or health care professionals. Spellman seeks full compensation for his clients' injuries, including for pain and suffering, additional medical expenses, lost future earning potential, and lost wages. While working to achieve negotiated settlements for his clients, Spellman also pursues judgments in court as appropriate.

Finley Law is a Des Moines-based firm that focuses on health care law, including medical malpractice defense. The firm has extensive experience defending doctors, surgical clinics, long-term care facilities, and other practitioners and entities against claims of negligence. Finley Law employs full-time litigation nurses to assist with malpractice cases and uses expert witnesses to navigate the complexities of medical law. Other areas of practice include business law, appellate practice, and labor and employment.

Founded in 1980, Frank Smith Law Office is a general practice firm that represents medical malpractice plaintiffs in Des Moines. Owner Frank Smith and his team represent clients with serious bodily injuries and wrongful death claims. Smith has over 40 years of experience and advocates for clients' rights when injuries have occurred due to a substandard level of care by doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other health care providers. Additional practice areas include real estate, business law, estate planning, and probate.

Founded in 1971, Grefe & Sidney PLC is a Des Moines law firm that advocates on behalf of medical professionals throughout Iowa. The firm represents licensed counselors and therapists, physicians, and other medical and mental health professionals against claims of negligence. It also deals with claims against executives and other non-medical employees of health care facilities and corporations in cases alleging administrative negligence involving medical care. Grefe & Sidney regularly advises health care professionals to prevent future claims.

Hansen, McClintock, & Riley, founded in 1939, is a Des Moines law firm that defends against medical malpractice claims throughout Iowa. Its attorneys represents health care professionals and medical facilities accused of negligence or who receive complaints from professional licensing boards. The firm reviews all facts and procedures involved in each case to protect clients' interests and reputations. The firm regularly provides continuing education to help health care providers prevent future actions.

Founded in 2003, Hartung Schroeder LLP is a general practice law firm that represents plaintiffs in medical malpractice suits in Des Moines. When clients have catastrophic or wrongful death claims, as a result of medical negligence or recklessness, Hartung Schroeder advocates for fair compensation. The firm represents clients who have a range of injuries, including birth, chiropractic, surgical, and those due to misdiagnosis. Other areas of practice include administrative, business, family, and real estate law.

Founded in 1980, Humphrey Law Firm PC has been helping clients seek compensation from medical negligence. Based in Des Moines, attorney Marc A. Humphrey handles cases involving birth injuries, surgical errors, OB-GYN negligence, anesthesia errors, delayed diagnosis, and medication errors. He also assists with arbitration and mediation. Other practice areas include employment law and personal injury. Humphrey is a member of the Iowa Trial Lawyers Association and has been listed by Super Lawyers.

Kutmus, Pennington, & Hook PC handles medical malpractice cases in the Des Moines area. The firm represents patients in cases in which medical professionals have caused harm through negligence or omission in their treatment. It pursues cases involving errors in diagnosis, treatment, or management of injuries or illnesses. The firm seeks compensation from doctors and hospitals that fail to provide appropriate medication or medical care. Kutmus, Pennington & Hook additionally handles other personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Established in 1965, the Patterson Law Firm LLP defends against medical malpractice suits, focusing on insurers' rights. The Des Moines law firm finds cost-effective solutions to complex medical negligence claims. It defends doctors, dentists, and other health care workers as well as hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care providers, seeking to mitigate negative financial and reputational consequences from liability suits. Patterson Law additionally handles cases involving workers' compensation, family law, lobbying, and estate planning.

For more than 25 years, Roxanne Conlin & Associates PC has been helping clients. The law firm is based in Des Moines, and its attorneys litigate medical malpractice cases involving misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, birth injuries, and hospital negligence, including infections. They also handle catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases. Founding partner Roxanne Conlin is a member of both the American Association for Justice and Iowa Trial Lawyers Association.

Shindler, Anderson, Goplerud, & Weese PC is a Des Moines law firm founded in 1972 that handles medical malpractice claims throughout the Midwest. With extensive experience in health care law, its attorneys represent those hurt by the accidental or intentional acts or inaction of medical professionals or health care facilities. Additionally, the firm represents individuals injured as a result of unsafe medical products or devices. Shindler, Anderson, Goplerud, & Weese helps injured individuals seek fair compensation through negotiated settlements or court judgments.

Stoltze & Stoltze PLC is a Des Moines personal injury law firm established in 2010 that handles medical malpractice claims. The firm focuses on cases involving the negligent action or inaction of dental professionals. Its attorneys seek financial compensation for clients through negotiated settlements or favorable judgments in court. Stoltze & Stoltze additionally handles cases that involve other personal injury claims, class action lawsuits, labor law, workers' compensation, and family law.

The Nading Law Firm is a small firm operating around Des Moines. It represents clients who have suffered from the negligence of health care providers. The firm seeks compensation for medical bills incurred, income lost, pain felt, and long-term physical damages. Attorney Robert Nading has over 30 years of experience representing clients in district, appeals, and federal courts throughout Iowa. Additionally, the firm practices family law, workers' compensation law, and criminal defense.

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