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    Properly caring for doors and windows is a big part of keeping a home looking its best. However, finding the right approach to maintenance, repairs, and replacement isn't always easy. These frequently asked questions can provide insight into how to best care for doors and windows, including how to purchase, install, replace, paint, and clean windows and doors throughout a home.

  • How do you paint a front door?

    To paint a front door, all hardware should first be removed. Then, the door should be sanded and cleaned before a coat of paint can be applied. For best results, use an exterior-grade paint-primer combination. Place a drop cloth before painting to prevent damage to flooring.

  • How can you paint a front door without brush marks?

    The best way to paint a door without brush marks is to avoid using a brush. A paint roller can be used to paint most surfaces on a door. A small brush may be required to touch up small areas that a paint roller can't reach.

  • What are some ways to pick an excellent front door color?

    Picking a paint color is largely about aesthetics and preferences. Consider factors like the exterior of a home, landscaping, and colors that are used elsewhere in the home. Reds, blues, and greens can be lovely accent colors, and white and gray go with almost anything.

  • What paint do you use to paint a front door?

    Always use an exterior-grade paint on front doors. Paints used for interior walls aren't designed to withstand heat, rain, snow, sleet, or hail and will likely peel or fade quickly if used outdoors. Using a paint-primer combination can minimize the amount of coats required to fully paint a front door. 

  • How do you keep mosquitoes away from the front door?

    Installing a screen door is among the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes away. Homeowners can also remove any standing water near the door, keep grass cut short, plant mosquito-repellent plants, and use mosquito lights to prevent unwanted invaders.

  • How do you install a front door?

    First, slide the pins out of the hinges to free the old door. Use the old door as a pattern for where to place hinges on the new door. Create mortises with a sharp wood chisel and install the hinges. Then, put the door in place and replace the pins. 

  • Where can you buy a front door?

    Front doors are available from many hardware stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe's. Specialty stores also sell front doors. For those with special needs, front doors can be custom ordered to meet design or home specifications.

  • How much does a front door cost?

    The cost of a front door will depend on the door in question. Doors with intricate carvings or elaborate windows, as well as doors constructed from more expensive materials, will cost more. Expect to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars for a front door.

  • Is a permit required to replace a front door on your own?

    In general, no permit is needed to replace a front door if the opening is remaining the same size and the new door is similar in function to the old door. Homeowners can replace their own doors as they see fit, but professional assistance can be a benefit. 

  • Should your garage door match your front door?

    A garage door can match a front door, but this isn't a requirement of any sort. Some homeowners find that matching doors creates a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, but others are content having doors that aren't perfect matches.

  • How do you replace window glass?

    The mechanics of replacing window glass largely depend on the type of windows in question. Some windows, largely older windows, allow for replacement without removing the window from the frame. Others will require complete removal. It's best to determine window type before proceeding.

  • How do you install glass block windows?

    To install glass block windows, obtain the necessary equipment, including blocks, a vent or screen if needed, glass block mortar mix, and a brick trowel. Using the mortar to adhere the blocks, stack the glass blocks in the window opening. This project is often best handled by a professional.

  • How do you clean a glass oven window?

    Glass oven windows are best cleaned with a paste of baking soda and water. Spread the mixture on the glass, wait 15 to 20 minutes, and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. Stubborn stains may require adding vinegar to cleaning paste.

  • How do you replace window glass in a vinyl frame?

    To replace the glass in a vinyl frame, first pull the vinyl sash from the window, pull out the stops, and remove the caulk from the window. Remove the existing glass and replace it with a new glass sheet. Fix the stops and place the window back in the frame.

  • How do you fix cracked window glass?

    Glass glue or a two-part epoxy is an excellent way to fix cracked window glass. However, fixing cracked glass is generally a short-term solution. Cracked glass is structurally weak and will eventually need to be replaced.

  • Where do you buy window glass?

    Window glass can be purchased from most hardware stores, including smaller local retailers. Specialty glass is most commonly available from glass retailers. Glass retailers can also cut glass to size to match window dimensions.

  • How do you remove deep scratches from car window glass?

    White toothpaste that contains baking soda can be an effective remedy to remove scratches. Scratch removal kits that utilize acrylic scratch remover can also handle deep scratches. However, if scratches are actually cracks, replacement is a better option.

  • How do you clean cloudy glass windows?

    If traditional glass cleaners don't work to clean a cloudy glass windows, a DIY mixture of water, white vinegar, and dish soap can be effective. Simply spray the mixture on the glass and wipe away with a clean cloth or paper towel.

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