Snow Removal Service FAQs

  • Introduction

    Hiring a snow removal company is a convenient way to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of deep snow. It helps your family and guests stay safe by getting slick spots cleared away. It also saves you time so you can tackle other projects instead of shoveling snow.

    While shoveling snow can be good exercise, it can also be hard on your body. Hiring a snow removal company can let you avoid the physical stress of cleaning up after winter storms. Factors to consider when choosing someone to handle snow removal are whether they're bonded and insured and what type of equipment they use. Additionally, it’s important discuss the specific areas you need cleared of snow, such as the driveway, sidewalks, or roof.
  • How much does snow removal cost?

    The average cost for snow removal is between $75 and $150. Factors that affect the cost include the lengths of driveways and sidewalks and the amount of work that needs to be done by hand. Some snow removal companies may also offer discounts for signing a season-long contract.

  • How much does a snow plow cost?

    Snow plows can cost anywhere from around $400 to over $4,000. The width of a plows and type of machine it attaches to affect the price. For example a three-foot plow that attaches to a lawn tractor is typically cheaper than a six-foot plow that attaches to a truck.

  • What’s the best way to shovel snow?

    It's best to use an ergonomic shovel that fits your body and reduces back strain to clear away snow before it gets too deep. Once a couple inches of snow has accumulated on the ground, remove it before it gets deeper. This protects your back from possible injury from lifting heavy shovels full of snow.

  • Is shoveling snow good exercise?

    Shoveling snow is a good form of exercise, but you have to be careful. It’s also incredibly strenuous on the heart. It’s typically best to approach snow shoveling by warming up slowly. Additionally, because of the cold air affecting breathing, it’s usually best to minimize your exertion when shoveling.

  • How many calories do you burn shoveling snow?

    You can burn anywhere from 370 to 715 calories per hour while shoveling snow. Body weight and shoveling intensity determine how many calories are burned. Someone who weighs 150 pounds shoveling at moderate intensity will burn calories on the lower end of the range. A bigger person shoveling more intensely will burn more calories.

  • How can you remove snow from a driveway without a shovel?

    You can treat the driveway with deicer before it snows to prevent accumulation. You can put tarps down on the driveway and then pull the tarps and accumulated snow off the driveway. Light snow may also be swept away with a heavy broom or blown away with a leaf blower.

  • What is the best time to shovel snow?

    While temperatures may be lower, it’s often safest to shovel snow early in the morning. This is because it isn’t tracked up yet by pedestrians and vehicles. It also hasn’t started to melt, which makes it heavier and potentially more slippery.

  • How do you shovel frozen snow?

    To shovel frozen snow, use a metal shovel to break through the icy layers before scooping it up with your regular snow shovel. You can also sprinkle sidewalk salt on it to melt it. Additionally, you can spray hot water to melt it, but when it refreezes, it may get even slicker.

  • Should you shovel snow at night?

    Shoveling snow at night is a way to get it cleared before traffic packs it down into an icy layer. Factors to consider are safety and lower temperatures. If you’re shoveling where cars drive, it can be harder for drivers to see you at night. It can also get much colder outside after the sun goes down.

  • Will hot water get rid of snow?

    Hot water can get rid of snow, but it isn’t an ideal snow removal solution. It’s typically safer to pay a snow removal service than it is to use hot water. Pouring hot water on snow can also create a slippery, dangerous surface when the liquid freezes on your driveway or sidewalk.

  • Does hot water crack your windscreen?

    Pouring hot water on a snow-covered windscreen can crack it due to the sudden temperature change. Additionally, if the outside air and windscreen temperature are extremely cold, pouring hot water on it may completely shatter the glass rather than just cracking it.

  • Should you clear snow off of your car roof?

    Clearing the snow off your car roof before driving is a safety issue. If the snow is loose and blowing, it can impair the view and pose a hazard to drivers behind you. If the snow is in a frozen sheet, it can slide off your roof if you stop suddenly and cause you to have an accident.

  • How do you remove snow from the roof of your house?

    You can slide a long wire over the roof to knock snow loose. You also can use a long-handled snow rake to pull strips of snow off the roof. When using a roof rake, pull snow off at a slight angle and avoid standing directly in its path as it falls.

  • Who is responsible for snow removal at a rental property?

    The terms of a rental agreement normally state who's responsible for snow removal at the rented property. If it isn’t stated, the responsibility typically falls to the tenant. Additionally, with multifamily buildings, the landlord is usually responsible, while the tenant is often responsible if they're renting a single family home.

  • Is it illegal to pass a snow plow?

    In most states, it’s illegal to pass a snow plow on the right, which is the discharge side for the blade. It’s usually legal to pass on the left side of a snow plow. However, it’s dangerous because ice chunks and rocks can also kick out of the blade on the left side.

  • How to start a snow removal business?

    To start a snow removal business, get the equipment you need to perform the job, such as snow shovels and a snow blower or snow plow. Obtain any necessary business permits, and get insurance coverage for accidents or property damage that might occur. Then, market your business, and ask clients for referrals to others who need snow removal.

  • How much do snow plow drivers make?

    Snow plow drivers make an average of $49,349 per year, or $24 per hour. Hourly wages for plow drivers can drop as low as $14.90 in some areas and can be as high as $36.06 in others. Some snow plow drivers work year-round on road crews or with landscaping companies.

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