Siding Contractor FAQs

  • Introduction

    Siding contractors install siding on building exteriors and may also maintain and repair siding. These contractors typically operate small businesses locally. They can install siding on residences or businesses and have extensive knowledge about various types of siding. However, some contractors may choose to specialize in installing a specific type of siding.

    Siding contractors work with hand tools and power tools as part of the job. These craftspeople often need to be comfortable with heights because they have to climb ladders to reach high areas of homes and buildings.

    Experience, dedication to excellent customer service, and advanced customizing skills make a great siding contractor. These characteristics help to ensure clients get properly installed siding that’s also visually appealing.
  • What does siding do for your house?

    Siding serves as a shell that protects your home while also adding curb appeal. It prevents the elements from causing boards to decay by keeping them dry and water away from your foundation. It can add an insulating layer to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

  • How much do contractors charge to install vinyl siding?

    Contractors charge between $4,800 and $5,600 to install vinyl siding. Things that affect the cost are house size, the specific siding chosen, and the price per foot for siding. Siding is priced by the square foot and typically range from $3.30 to $6.70.

  • How to measure your house for siding?

    To measure your house for siding, measure the height and width of all surfaces you plan to side. Multiply the height and width dimensions together to find the square footage. Be sure to add measurements for architectural elements, such as dormers, gables, and soffit. Subtract the dimensions for areas that don’t need siding.

  • How can you make sure you are hiring a good siding contractor?

    You can make sure you’re hiring a good siding contractor by checking online reviews and asking for references. It’s also helpful to look at a portfolio of an installer’s work to make sure you like the appearance of some finished projects. 

  • Do framing contractors do siding too?

    Framing contractors rarely do siding installation because it’s a distinct part of the building process. Framing contractors build the skeleton, or frame, of a structure, while siding installers attach an outer shell around the structure after it's been built.

  • What types of siding are available, and how much do they cost? 

    • Brick: Brick siding costs between $7,200 and $24,000, depending on the size of the home.
    • Engineered wood: Engineered wood siding costs between $5,370 and $12,880 for average-sized homes.
    • Fiber cement: Having fiber cement siding installed costs a homeowner between $6,041 and $20,373.
    • Metal: Metal siding costs a homeowner between $4,048 and $15,563, depending on the type of metal and house size.
    • Stone: The average cost to have stone siding installed is between $57,000 and $125,082.
    • Stucco: The average cost to have stucco siding installed on a house is between $1,915 and $7,453.
    • Vinyl: The average cost to have vinyl siding installed on a house is between $4,800 and $5,600.
    • Wood: Having wood siding installed costs a homeowner between $2,800 and $8,600.
  • What is the most durable type of siding?

    Traditional stucco that’s made from cement is considered to be the most durable type of siding. Stone veneer, cement fiber, and brick are also similarly strong. Wood and engineered wood are extremely durable types of siding.

  • Do siding contractors do gutters?

    Siding contractors generally do gutters as part of the installation process because gutters have to be removed to get rid of old siding. However, some may require a homeowner to hire a gutter installer to do this type of exterior contracting work.

  • Do siding contractors fix roofs?

    Siding contractors don’t normally fix roofs; however, you might find some who perform general construction to do both jobs. Siding contractors specialize in siding installation and may only install one type of siding, such as vinyl. 

  • How often should house siding be replaced?

    House siding can last an average of 20 to 40 years if it’s maintained. It should be replaced if maintenance becomes too much effort, it’s rotting, or it gets cracks and gaps between sections.

  • Do siding contractors need a specific license?

    Some states require siding contractors to be licensed while others don’t. Whether your state requires a contractor to be licensed, they need to be current on building codes. Also, contractors must know regulations concerning removing construction debris, especially hazardous materials, such as asbestos.

  • How much do siding contractors make?

    According to Salary Expert, the average base salary for a siding contractor in May 2021 is $48,918. For full-time siding installers, this comes out to about $24 per hour. When entering the field, an average annual salary of $36,179 is commonly expected.

  • Does a siding contractor need to be bonded and insured?

    Some states require that siding contractors be bonded. However, whether the state you’re in requires it or not, many homeowners prefer to deal with bonded professionals. Bonding covers emergency medical care for the contractor if an accident happens while on the job site.

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