House Cleaning Service FAQs

  • Introduction

    Professional house cleaning is a valuable service that frees up your time and keeps your living space clean and organized, which can enhance your comfort, productivity, health, and hygiene.

  • How much should I tip a house cleaner?

    For a one-time or occasional house cleaning, the standard tip rate is 15%-20% of the service cost. Clients who contract for regular house cleaning often give their cleaners a 10%-20% year-end bonus instead of tipping after each visit. Monthly bonuses are another option. 

  • How much does a deep cleaning for a house cost?

    Costs vary depending on location, the size of the home, the amount of work necessary to fully deep clean, and the service's rate structure. The cost to deep clean a standard three-bedroom, two-bathroom house starts at about $175. The cost of cleaning a 3,000 square-foot home starts at around $250.

  • What is included in basic house cleaning?

    Routine house cleaning includes daily and weekly maintenance tasks for home upkeep. These services include vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping flooring. Surface cleaning and disinfecting in the bathrooms and kitchen, toilet cleaning, trash removal, and general tidying up are also part of a basic house cleaning routine.

  • What is included in a deep house cleaning?

    Residential deep cleaning is designed to thoroughly remove any accumulated dust, dirt, and grime throughout a home, condo, or apartment. Deep cleaners tackle areas that aren’t cleaned regularly, like the oven, under and behind appliances, along baseboards, blinds and windows, and under sinks. They also scrub bathroom tiles and wash patio doors.

  • How do you hire the right housekeeper?

    Start your search with references from friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Look up these potential cleaners online to learn more about their services, and check their references and reviews. Narrow it down to two or three cleaning services you like that are bonded and insured. Schedule meetings with walk-throughs to finalize your decision.  

  • Do you tip one time house cleaning services?

    Tipping for a one-time cleaning job is generally expected, usually at 15% to 20% of the service cost. Usually, the bigger the job and the more work performed, the higher the percentage. Weigh quality of service as well. A single amount to be shared among a crew of cleaners is acceptable.

  • How much does house cleaning cost per hour?

    The standard nationwide rate for house cleaning services ranges from $50 to $90 per hour. That may cover more than one cleaning person’s services. The average individual hourly rate starts at $25. Rates vary by location, and house cleaning services usually command higher rates in cities and high-incomes areas.

  • What do you call a house cleaner?

    Most people in the residential cleaning industry seem to prefer the simplest, most accurate terms, which are house cleaner, housekeeper, or cleaning person. The term “maid” is still in use, but it may be offensive to some people. When in doubt, ask. 

  • What to expect from house cleaning services?

    With basic housecleaning services, expect the housekeeper to perform the type of light cleaning tasks required on a daily to weekly basis to keep a home presentable. Most of the work is done in the kitchen and bathrooms. Basic floor upkeep, surface washing, straightening up, and dusting are also standard tasks.

  • How to manage pets with a house cleaning service?

    Ask the cleaning service how they prefer their clients manage pets on cleaning days. Some cleaners are fine with the owners leaving friendly dogs and cats unsecured when they come to clean. Others may require that the animal be kenneled or secured in a room that isn’t scheduled for cleaning.

  • Who cleans the White House?

    A crew of long-term professional cleaners keeps the White House spic and span. The White House employs a full team of janitorial and housekeeping staff to ensure the upkeep of this massive property. Hiring is by word of mouth and is often a generational occupation. Deep cleaners perform extra cleaning services for administration transitions. 

  • Do you need a license to clean houses?

    House cleaners don't require special certification or an occupational license to clean homes. However, cleaning homes to earn an income is a business endeavor. Most counties require you to have a business license or a vendor’s license to perform this work. Check with your city or county office for local laws.

  • Do you need to supply your own house cleaning products when you hire a house cleaning service?

    It’s standard practice for professional cleaning services to provide the supplies required to clean their clients’ homes. That includes the equipment, like mops and vacuums, as well as disposable items, such as cleaning solutions and cloths. Eco-friendly options are often available upon request.

  • How do you get insured and bonded for house cleaning?

    Cleaning companies and freelance house cleaners can purchase surety bonds from a local or national insurance provider. The average price range is $125 to $650 for a bond up to $100,000. Liability insurance can be obtained from the same provider. Premiums vary based on location, business details, and other criteria.

  • How do you claim house cleaning on taxes?

    If you're small business owner who works from home, house cleaning costs may be part of the home office expense you can claim on your taxes. As with any other home office expense, you can claim a percentage of the total cleaning cost based on the size of your home office space.

  • How do you prove income for house cleaning services?

    House cleaning company employees receive a W2 that details their yearly income. Self-employed house cleaners should ask for 1099-INC forms from clients who've paid at least $600 during the year. They should also maintain accurate records of smaller payment amounts for tax reporting, and keep receipts of expenses for tax deduction purposes.

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