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  • Introduction

    Busy lives can cause clutter and disorder to quickly and steadily build up in our homes. Before long, there's a mess that isn't easily tackled and can seem overwhelming. Hiring a professional home organizer may be the best way to remove this chaos and improve your lifestyle at home. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about home organizers, including what they can help you with and what to expect if you hire one.

  • What are some methods to organize a home office?

    Tidy the desktop by using document trays, pen and pencil holders, and a mobile phone holder. Computer monitor stands assist with a neat and organized look. Tackle office storage with bookshelves or open shelving to hold reference materials and display items. Finish off with a small filing or stationery cabinet.

  • What are some methods to organize documents at home?

    Decide on a logical category structure for documents that you need to keep, such as bills, medical records, tax filings, property deeds, and personal documents. Then, group items by date, place them into labeled manila folders, and store them appropriately in a container or cabinet.

  • What are some tips to declutter daily, so the mess doesn\'t pile up?

    Tackle clutter every day by setting a timer for a short period, such as 15 minutes, and then, jump headlong into clearing a trouble spot. Another way is to make a priority list of decluttering jobs and complete one each day.

  • What are some tips to organize your home on a budget?

    A cheap, easy way to improve home organization is to buy inexpensive over-the-door hooks, adhesive strip hooks, or hook strips. Then, put them around the house for hanging coats, dressing gowns, hats, keys, or any frequently used items. A low-cost coat and hat rack with an umbrella stand placed strategically can be invaluable.

  • How much do home organizers charge?

    According to the project hiring site HomeAdvisor, professional home organizers have an average cost of $482. At a lower skill level, a home organizer may cost $255. In contrast, highly skilled self-employed individuals or agency-employed organizers cost closer to $760.

  • What does a home organizing session look like?

    Most home organizing jobs take between two  and 10 hours. Methods vary, but many organizers use a sorting method (keep, donate, trash) for clothing and other items. First, saved items are sorted into categories to determine access and display modes. Finally, the items are placed into specified storage containers or shelving in a precise manner.

  • Should you clean up before a home organizer comes to your house?

    Some people prefer the organizer to view the full picture of their clutter and disorganization to understand how much help they truly need. On the other hand, tidying up beforehand is proactive and demonstrates that the customer may only require some expert direction. Therefore, customers should go with whatever approach makes them comfortable.

  • Does a professional organizer organize someone\'s home completely alone, or does the owner have to be there?

    The approach is negotiable between the organizer and the homeowner. Either method has its pros and cons. If the experience is new to the homeowner, they may prefer to keep an eye on the job to ensure that they get what they expect.

  • Does hiring a home organizer mean you will have to throw away a lot of things?

    Not necessarily, but in many cases you will end up with less things than you had before. Most clutter comes from simply having too much stuff that's used infrequently, if at all. If you hire a home organizer to declutter, you'll likely reduce what you’ve got whether through trash, resale, or donation systems.

  • What is chronic disorganization?

    People suffering from chronic disorganization generally hoard many items that have no functional purpose in their daily lives. Often linked to mental health issues, this behavior usually requires assistance from qualified medical personnel. Without help, a hoarder’s home can become filled to the point where it becomes dangerous and unlivable.

  • How does ADHD affect your home organization?

    ADHD is a mental disorder affecting the ability to focus, plan, and manage time effectively. These skills are necessary for household management, including storing and organizing items and making well-reasoned decisions on what to retain or trash. ADHD can result in chronic disorganization.

  • What do you do if you think someone you love is a hoarder?

    Hoarding is a difficult, sensitive issue to address. Persistently raising the problem calmly and gently with the hoarder is an important step. Guiding them towards professional medical treatment, including counseling and mental health care, is recommended before the home is decluttered.

  • Can a home organizer help someone who might be a hoarder?

    If a hoarder has recognized that they have a problem and is receiving assistive therapy, it could be a good time to call a professional home organizer. Using a small targeted approach to start, the organizer can patiently guide the hoarder through the process of decluttering.

  • How does someone become a professional organizer?

    There are no national licensing requirements for professional organizers, so this is an area where an individual can start on their own with self-study and an entrepreneurial spirit. There are numerous training courses, associations, and certifications that the organizer can pursue on the path to becoming a professional.

  • Are there training programs available for professional organizers?

    There are a growing number of organizations providing organizer training. For example, the Institute for Challenging Disorganization offers Certified Professional Organizer training. The National Association for Professional Organizers is another venue for training. In addition, check online for registered training providers specializing in organizational skills.

  • What is the KonMari Method?

    The KonMari Method™ is a unique Japanese tidying and home organization method developed by the bestselling author and media sensation Marie Kondo. An essential element of decluttering using KonMari is the concept of keeping items that spark joy while eliminating those that don’t.

  • What are the best home organizing podcasts?

    There are thousands of home organizing podcasts available on numerous media platforms. Blog.feedspot,, Apple, Google, Facebook, and online radio stations are good places to start finding popular podcasts on this subject.

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