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Nashville, TN 37205 Rating

Review Sources

4.6 (18)
5.0 (8)

Why choose this provider?

Nashville Child & Family Wellness Center provides high-quality multidisciplinary treatment to patients in the Nashville area. The practice specializes in helping individuals experiencing challenges with developmental, speech-language, educational, behavioral, and emotional concerns. Delivering the most compassionate and quality therapy is a top priority. Children, adolescents, adults, and families can expect to receive attentive care in the form of collaborative assessments and individualized treatment plans. The comprehensive, collaborative approach and centralized services relieve families from the burden of coordinating care and traveling to multiple locations to receive services. Nashville Child & Family Wellness Center has a dedicated and experienced team of therapists, speech-language pathologists, and other clinical professionals to address the complex needs and goals of individual patients. Licensed and certified pathologists focus on providing speech-language therapy services to address issues of oral motor, feeding, articulation, stuttering, and other conditions that impede optimal communication.

Nashville, TN 37206 Rating

Review Sources

4.6 (18)
2.0 (3)

Why choose this provider?

Sprocket Therapy Solutions offers exceptional occupational and speech therapy services to patients in the Nashville area. The therapist-owned practice offers quality services to people of all ages with a range of delays and difficulties. The team of dedicated, compassionate therapists embrace the complex needs and goals of individual patients and celebrate mastery of new skills. Sprocket Therapy Solutions offers an unconventional therapeutic style that is easily replicated at home to promote maximum independence in varying environments. A range of services is available that utilize innovative, sensory-motor techniques, and creative problem-solving strategies. The practice focuses on treating individuals with deficiencies in fine and gross motor capabilities, social skills, self-care, developmental, and cognitive delays. Satisfied patient families appreciate the revolutionary approach to therapy, as well as the supportive and helpful environment.

Mount Juliet, TN 37122 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (39)
2.5 (3)
3.0 (2)

Why choose this provider?

Lyttle Fox Therapy has been delivering quality services to patients in the Nashville area for over a decade. The dedicated pediatric therapy team has more than 25 years of experience treating children with special needs. Lyttle Fox Therapy professionals have specific training in sensory integration disorders, feeding difficulties, and fine motor deficits. The practice commits to meeting the complex needs of individual patients in a variety of settings including hospitals and schools. Patient families say that Lyttle Fox Therapy is a blessing and highly recommend the services to anyone with special needs children.

Nashville, TN 37115 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (14)

Why choose this provider?

Olive Branch Speech Therapy offers high-quality, individualized speech therapy services to patients in the Nashville area. The therapist owned practice provides a nurturing environment and addresses the complex needs and goals of individual children. The licensed and certified speech-language pathologist has extensive training in developmental and acquired communication disorders. She helps children reach optimal communication functioning through consistent and focused therapy. Olive Branch Speech Therapy delivers in-home pediatric speech and language therapy services to children experiencing delays or disorders in articulation, expressive and receptive language, fluency, stuttering, and social skills.

Franklin, TN 37067 Rating

Review Sources

4.7 (14)
5.0 (13)

Why choose this provider?

Pediatric Therapies has been providing Nashville-area patients with results-based therapy for more than a decade. The clinic specializes in serving infants, children, teens, and adults with special needs. The clinic focuses on delivering the highest quality occupational, physical, speech and language, and neurologic music therapy. Patients can expect to experience a warm, safe, and supportive environment in which to achieve the highest level of therapeutic success. A team of dedicated and enthusiastic licensed therapists treats children with autism, sensory processing disorders, neurologic and orthopedic disabilities, speech and language delays, and a number of other developmental disabilities. Pediatric Therapies maintains a state-of-the-art facility that incorporates the latest therapeutic equipment to keep children engaged. The clinic features individual private therapy rooms, a 1,000-square-foot gym space complete with a rock wall, and ball pit. A second jungle gym area has extensive suspended equipment, treehouse, zip line, and much more to help children enjoy therapy and reach developmental goals. Additional services available through Pediatric Therapies include thorough evaluations, individual treatments, consultations, group therapy, parent training, community education, and student mentoring.

Nashville, TN 37220 Rating

Review Sources

4.4 (7)
5.0 (2)

Why choose this provider?

Project Play Therapy specializes in addressing the complex needs of patients in every age group. A team of highly qualified licensed therapists, psychologists, and teachers treat individuals with mild to severe delays, impairments and disorders. Project Play Therapy commits to delivering the highest quality of speech, language, cognitive, occupational, and physical therapies. The dedicated, compassionate staff has extensive experience providing treatment to patients with autism spectrum disorder, sensory integration disorders, ADD/ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other health impairments, and disabilities. The clinic has a range of services available including consultations, assessments, treatments, counseling, and tutoring. Additional specialty programs address handwriting, deficiencies, feeding difficulties, cognitive rehabilitation, and much more.

Nashville, TN 37211
Website Rating

Why choose this provider?

Bethany Health & Rehabilitation provides Nashville-area patients with quality therapeutic services. The facility specializes in assisting patients recovering from conditions that limit mobility, function, and independence. Licensed and experienced professionals deliver a range of services including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The compassionate team of professionals design individualized treatment plans to address the complex needs of each patient. Bethany Health & Rehabilitation therapists commit to helping individuals with communication deficits and swallowing dysfunction. Patients can expect to regain dining independence and safety while strengthening communication and decision-making skills. The facility consistently makes patient satisfaction a top priority and was recently named as one of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Nursing Homes.

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Nashville Child & Family Wellness Center
Nashville, TN 37205
Sprocket Therapy Solutions
Nashville, TN 37206
Lyttle Fox Therapy
Mount Juliet, TN 37122
Olive Branch Speech Therapy
Nashville, TN 37115
Pediatric Therapies
Franklin, TN 37067
Project Play Therapy
Nashville, TN 37220
Bethany Health & Rehabilitation
Nashville, TN 37211


  • Introduction

    Most people think speech pathologists help individuals with a stutter or a lisp. And while this is true, speech pathologists do much more. For example, a speech-language pathologist helps people with voice disorders or problems with speaking or communicating. They also help adults who have suffered from a stroke and need help with developing and strengthening muscles to swallow.

    A speech-language pathologist is a highly educated professional who handles various tasks, including diagnosis, identifying treatment options, keeping and updating records, and counseling individuals and families. Speech and communication issues can be detrimental to a person’s confidence and quality of life. Working with a speech pathologist will produce noticeable results. However, patients should know that it often takes dedication and months of work to see those results.

  • What is a speech pathologist?

    A speech pathologist, also known as a speech-language pathologist or a speech therapist, is a medical professional who helps people with communication, language, and swallowing disorders. Often, patients who see a speech pathologist will also see other specialists, such as psychologists, physical therapists, audiologists, or occupational therapists.

  • What does a speech pathologist do?

    Speech pathologists analyze, diagnose, and treat people of all ages. They work with individuals to improve and solve speech, language, and swallowing disorders. They help people with speech sounds, literacy, social communication, voice, fluency, cognitive communication, feeding, and swallowing. Typically this work requires one-on-one sessions in which the patient repeats actions to retrain their body or brain.

  • What is the difference between a speech therapist and a speech pathologist?

    There is no difference between a speech therapist and a speech pathologist. Today, most professionals in this sector prefer the title speech-language pathologist because it is more descriptive of the profession as a whole. Speech-language pathologists can treat speech problems, as well as issues around communication (i.e., language).

  • How do speech pathologists help?

    A speech pathologist will examine a patient, diagnose their condition, and offer treatment. Communication is a vital part of our everyday lives. If a person has issues with speaking or understanding others, it can make daily life more challenging. Working with a speech pathologist can help individuals improve their communication skills so they can better express themselves and understand others.

  • What is speech therapy for?

    Speech therapy can treat a wide ray of conditions, such as:

    • Fluency
    • Voice (hoarseness or abnormal pitch)
    • Articulation (slurring of speech, indistinct speech)
    • Aphasia
    • Language-based learning disabilities
    • Pragmatics (understanding social cues and rules around communication)
    • Swallowing disorder
    • Hearing loss
    • Language delays
    • Preliteracy and literacy skills

  • Who gets speech therapy?

    Anyone with speech, language, communication, or swallowing disorders can benefit from speech therapy. A speech therapist will treat patients of all ages. For example, they treat babies and children for swallowing disorders and seniors who have suffered a stroke and have a speech impairment.