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6000 Poplar Ave STE 250, Memphis, TN 38119 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (21)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Speaking Life Healthcare, established in 2007, is a company committed to helping patients communicate effectively, providing speech, language, and literacy development services to people of all ages. It works with educators and parents to help children communicate, offering intervention and consultation programs to improve speech and social skills. The company's speech therapists are also qualified to assist adult patients with communication etiquette, public speaking skills, regional or foreign accents, and clear pronunciation.

Memphis, TN 38120 Rating

Why choose this provider?

Rehab at Your Place has been serving the Memphis pediatric community for nearly 20 years. The therapist owned practice commits to embracing and meeting the needs and goals of individual children and families. The team of dedicated, compassionate professionals makes excellence in care a top priority. Rehab at Your Place makes therapy fun and exciting for children of all ages and abilities to ultimately improve communication, cognitive, social, and motor skills. The practice delivers speech, occupational, physical, and developmental therapies exclusively in-home.

Memphis, TN 38119 Rating

Review Sources

4.1 (25)
1.0 (2)

Why choose this provider?

Signature HealthCare of Primacy provides quality therapeutic services in a warm and welcoming environment. The 120-bed Memphis-area facility offers a range of services that help patients receive restorative therapy. Highly skilled professionals deliver physical, occupational, and speech therapy to help restore patients to the fullest working potential. Compassionate licensed therapists collaborate with medical physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, and social workers to offer a comprehensive approach to treatment. Satisfied patients appreciate the therapeutic approach that combines the spiritual and physical needs to help get back to a normal level of functioning.

Southaven, MS 38671 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (31)
4.6 (10)

Why choose this provider?

Simple Strokes Therapy has been delivering quality pediatric therapy services in the Memphis area for nearly 15 years. The therapist-owned private practice specializes in providing evidence-based, family centered therapy to children from birth through 21 years of age. The practice specializes in offering aquatic programs, speech-language, occupational, and physical therapy. Simple Strokes Therapy fosters a warm environment while treating children with special needs or those with medical conditions requiring therapy. The team of dedicated speech therapists employs a variety of strategies to treat patients with developmental delays, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, spina bifida, sensory integration dysfunction, speech, and language development delays. Therapeutic services are also available to patients affected by oral motor and feeding issues, autism spectrum disorders, and many other conditions. The modern facility features sensory integration rooms, therapeutic pools, large gym areas, and dedicated speech labs. Simple Strokes Therapy also delivers school-based therapy services to school districts and provides highly qualified pediatric therapists to work with patients in those settings. Patient families love the caring passionate staff and appreciate the amazing progress.

Southaven, MS 38672 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (32)
5.0 (19)

Why choose this provider?

Moye Physical Therapy has been providing quality therapeutic services in the Memphis area for nearly 20 years. The practice specializes in treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders, genetic syndromes, articulation and motor speech disorders, fluency, and other conditions that impede optimal communication. The American Speech-Hearing-Language Association certified therapist delivers exceptional care and strategies to help patients improve a range of skills related to speech and language. Moye Physical Therapy commits to personalized therapy solutions that meet individual needs and goals by providing one-on-one treatment sessions. The practice also employs a staff of skilled physical therapists to deliver manual therapy as the primary treatment to correct mechanical problems occurring within the body, as well as relieve pain. Dedicated professionals equip patients to prevent future recurrence of injury in the future with comprehensive preventative strategies. Patients learn to avoid injury with expert guidance on exercise habits, assessments, and recommendations for ergonomic training. The Moye Physical Therapy team work to exceed patient expectations by collaborating with other specialists like neurologists, neurosurgeons, OBGYNs, orthopedic surgeons, and incorporate expertise of others when necessary.

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Speaking Life Healthcare
6000 Poplar Ave STE 250, Memphis, TN 38119
Rehab at Your Place
Memphis, TN 38120
Signature HealthCare of Primacy
Memphis, TN 38119
Simple Strokes Therapy
Southaven, MS 38671
Moye Physical Therapy
Southaven, MS 38672


  • Introduction

    Most people think speech pathologists help individuals with a stutter or a lisp. And while this is true, speech pathologists do much more. For example, a speech-language pathologist helps people with voice disorders or problems with speaking or communicating. They also help adults who have suffered from a stroke and need help with developing and strengthening muscles to swallow.

    A speech-language pathologist is a highly educated professional who handles various tasks, including diagnosis, identifying treatment options, keeping and updating records, and counseling individuals and families. Speech and communication issues can be detrimental to a person’s confidence and quality of life. Working with a speech pathologist will produce noticeable results. However, patients should know that it often takes dedication and months of work to see those results.

  • What is a speech pathologist?

    A speech pathologist, also known as a speech-language pathologist or a speech therapist, is a medical professional who helps people with communication, language, and swallowing disorders. Often, patients who see a speech pathologist will also see other specialists, such as psychologists, physical therapists, audiologists, or occupational therapists.

  • What does a speech pathologist do?

    Speech pathologists analyze, diagnose, and treat people of all ages. They work with individuals to improve and solve speech, language, and swallowing disorders. They help people with speech sounds, literacy, social communication, voice, fluency, cognitive communication, feeding, and swallowing. Typically this work requires one-on-one sessions in which the patient repeats actions to retrain their body or brain.

  • What is the difference between a speech therapist and a speech pathologist?

    There is no difference between a speech therapist and a speech pathologist. Today, most professionals in this sector prefer the title speech-language pathologist because it is more descriptive of the profession as a whole. Speech-language pathologists can treat speech problems, as well as issues around communication (i.e., language).

  • How do speech pathologists help?

    A speech pathologist will examine a patient, diagnose their condition, and offer treatment. Communication is a vital part of our everyday lives. If a person has issues with speaking or understanding others, it can make daily life more challenging. Working with a speech pathologist can help individuals improve their communication skills so they can better express themselves and understand others.

  • What is speech therapy for?

    Speech therapy can treat a wide ray of conditions, such as:

    • Fluency
    • Voice (hoarseness or abnormal pitch)
    • Articulation (slurring of speech, indistinct speech)
    • Aphasia
    • Language-based learning disabilities
    • Pragmatics (understanding social cues and rules around communication)
    • Swallowing disorder
    • Hearing loss
    • Language delays
    • Preliteracy and literacy skills

  • Who gets speech therapy?

    Anyone with speech, language, communication, or swallowing disorders can benefit from speech therapy. A speech therapist will treat patients of all ages. For example, they treat babies and children for swallowing disorders and seniors who have suffered a stroke and have a speech impairment.