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Find a Top-Ranked Hardwood Flooring Company Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction

    Hardwood floors add warmth and character to a home or business, but damage caused by years of foot traffic can diminish their appeal. Resurfacing improves the look and stability of a hardwood floor, but it can be a complex process that's usually better left to a professional. Knowing the basics of hardwood floor resurfacing can make it easier to find and hire the right contractor for the job.  

  • How does resurfacing hardwood floors happen?

    Hardwood floors may be resurfaced to correct problems such as warping, cracking, or discoloration, which usually can’t be solved by refinishing. In addition to surface refinishing techniques, the resurfacing process may involve the removal of floorboards so they can be evened out and reinforced.

  • How much does it cost to resurface hardwood floors?

    The cost to resurface hardwood floors depends on several factors:

    • The square footage of the space
    • The type of hardwood
    • The type and severity of damage
    • The restoration methods and products used
    • The individual contractor

  • How can you resurface floors by yourself?

    Before beginning the process, remove all furniture and rugs from the room. Inspect the floorboards for damage, and remove any that need to be restored or replaced. After completing floorboard repairs or replacements, use a drum or orbital floor sander to thoroughly sand down the floor. Your floor may then be prepped for staining and sealing.

  • Can you resurface engineered hardwood floors?

    Although engineered hardwood floors may not hold up to the full resurfacing process, they may be refinished once or twice in their lifetime depending on the thickness of the wear layer and the original method of installation. Badly damaged boards may be removed or replaced. Floating floors may not be sanded.

  • Can you resurface hardwood floors without sanding?

    Yes. A screen and recoat technique may be used in place of sanding. This process involves using a floor buffer with a sanding screen to scuff up the wood’s finish, and then applying a refresher coat of stain. The process won’t remove deep scratches, and it won’t repair warping or cracking.

  • Can you resurface hardwood floors that are worn out?

    Yes. Hardwood floors are designed to be durable, and resurfacing can revitalize worn-out floors. However, if a hardwood floor has been refinished multiple times, excessive thinning may cause it to become structurally unsound. In this case, replacement is generally recommended.

Find a Top-Ranked Hardwood Flooring Company Near You