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1st Choice Tutors is a Math, SAT, and ACT tutoring center located in Marietta, Georgia that helps students from 5th to 12th grade achieve their highest possible academic success. This center offers Math tutoring, SAT prep, ACT prep, and customized programs applicBle to every child's needs. They also use an effective APT in teaching students to help them not only in academics but also in boosting their confidence. Students and parents praise the company for helping them achieve big improvements on their math exams.

Academic Advantage Tutoring in Atlanta helps students and parents assess their needs and learning goals by providing a customized educational plan. This service provider offers tutoring on various subjects such as Science, Math, Social Studies, etc., provides Test Prep Courses, Study Skills Courses, Home School, online tutoring, summer program, after school tutoring, and college planning. They have been providing quality teaching and tutoring to students of all ages since 2006.

Atlanta Learning Academy is an independent learning center and specialized school in Roswell, Georgia that tutors and provides one to three classes per day for various kinds of students. This academy provides tutoring services, part time and full time learning program for grades 3-12, learning support therapy, educational consulting and training for parents, college and exam preparation, independent study programs, and many others. Atlanta Learning Academy has been in the industry since 2007.

Atlanta Math Plus Educational Services, LLC is a tutoring company serving the Metro and Greater Atlanta areas that focuses on teaching students that are struggling in school how to master their academic subjects, particularly Mathematics. Established in 2008, they offer tutoring services from Grades 1 to 12 math subjects but they also help resolve the student's deficiency on various subject matters.

Bespoke Tutoring in Atlanta believes working with students on a one and one session makes tutoring a success. This service provider finds a perfect tutor match depending on the student's preferences and characteristics. They offer various subject tutoring, test preparation and mock exams, and academic coaching. They have been in the industry since 2012.

Buckhead Private Tutoring in Atlanta specializes in one on one tutoring in the client's home. They offer private tutoring on various subjects such as language arts, writing, reading, history, mathematics, social sciences, and many others. They also offer online tutoring, and specialized training called Strategic Coaching. The Director of Buckhead Private Tutoring, Amanda Galloway, has been privately tutoring children since 2004.

Jody Robinson is a private tutor in Atlanta that makes academic challenges easier by customizing lessons according to each child's needs and goals. She tutors children from pre-K through 8th grade on various subjects such as reading, writing, math, social studies, and sciences. She also offers class work reinforcement and enrichment, homework assistance, test preparation, and study skills. She has been in the tutoring business since 2005.

Learning Linkz is a full-service tutoring company in Atlanta that empowers its students with organizational skills, academic knowledge, and confidence in achieving their academic success. They offer tutoring services from pre-school to high school on academic subjects, test preparations, exam/study skills, Orton-Gingham tutoring, organization skills, and many others. Founder and owner, Lynn Guyton, has been tutoring students of all ages for more than 28 years.

MaThCliX is a math tutoring and learning center located in Woodstock, Georgia that is dedicated to helping students learn and solve math problems. This learning center offers math tutors, academic support, and test prep for all levels and ages. Students and parents commend the company for providing excellent tutoring in math and test prep which results to not only high grades but also higher confidence.

Sky High Tutoring is a tutoring services company based in Northern Metro-Atlanta that specializes on standardized testing and academic subjects tutoring which helps students to gain knowledge and confidence in achieving their academic goals. They offer tutoring in math and science subjects, homework assistance, and SAT/ACT preparations. They also provide tutoring on other subjects such as French, Spanish, Chinese, German, and many others. The company uses six core principles in their teaching philosophy known as the Six Pillars.

Syllables Learning Center is a learning institution serving Alpharetta, Atlanta, and Marietta, Georgia that is the leading provider of comprehensive reading and dyslexia tutoring. This school offers reading, writing, and math tutoring, test prep, study skills, and cogmed working memory training. They cater to various types of students including those with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, learning issues, working memory deficits, and those struggling in school. The center uses a multisensory learning approach and an Orton-Gillingham based curriculum.

Tutoring Solutions of Atlanta is a tutoring service company formerly known as Math Masters that caters to students and adults with specialization on Standardized Test Prep, Subject Tutoring, College Admissions, and Gap Year Guidance. The company offers tutors for various subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Writing, English, Spanish, for upper and lower school. They also provide college admission consulting, and gap year planning. Tutoring Solutions of Atlanta has been in the industry for over thirteen years.

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