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1115 West 3rd Avenue, Albany, GA 31707
Albany, GA 31707
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Gardner, Willis, Plaire, & Wilson LLP represents people who need an employment lawyer near Albany. Its attorneys review employment policies to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and guide clients through the process of defending claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The firm also assists with preparing or revising employee policy manuals or drafting noncompete agreements. Partner Deena Plaire is a member of the Circuit Bar Association and the State Bar of Georgia.

1115 West 3rd Avenue, Albany, GA 31707
Albany, GA 31707

Website(229) 883-2441

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can an employer force you to work?
A: This is a gray area in some cases, which is why it may be a good idea to consult an employment lawyer if you have concerns about your workplace. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration , workers have a right to refuse to work in dangerous situations. But the burden of proof that this is, in fact, the case, can weigh heavily on the employee.
Q: What are some workers\' rights related to injury and illness?
A: Employees have a variety of rights related to time off if they're injured or fall ill. For example, in workplaces covered by the Federal Medical Leave Act, workers are allowed to take up to 12 weeks off without losing their position in a company. The leave is unpaid unless PTO time can be used to cover it. Employees may also have rights to file a workers' comp claim if they're injured on the job. All of these laws cover different situations and types of employers, and an employment attorney can help you understand what rights you have.
Q: What is unfair treatment at work?
A: Unfair treatment is not the same as unlawful treatment. There aren't laws against unfair treatment, which can include a boss who generally bullies people into action or someone who doesn't make fair decisions about time off because of nepotism or mood. Such issues may not constitute a claim for a court argument or allegation, unlike unjust judgments made on the grounds of race or age. An employment attorney can clarify if unfair treatment is also unlawful.

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