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Lightning Restoration is a Tampa-based emergency damage restoration company that specializes in the remediation and restoration of properties damaged due to water, fire, and mold. The company’s damage restoration technicians are certified in water remediation and utilize the latest techniques and equipment to maximize drying efficiency while keeping costs down. Some of the water damage restoration services provided include 24/7 emergency water extraction, detailed assessment and moisture mapping, air purification and deodorization, carpet cleaning and restoration, and sewage back-up sanitization services.


Restoration 1 of Tampa Bay provides quality water damage restoration and remediation services to area residences and businesses. They are known for honest and ethical business practices. The company specializes in restoring properties affected by water, mold and fire, responding to emergency calls around the clock 24/7/365. The goal of Restoration 1 of Tampa Bay is to repair and rebuild each property to return it to the same condition it was before the loss.


911 Restoration of Tampa handles a range of water damage restoration scenarios. This company is available 24/7 and is experienced with floods, roof leaks, plumbing issues, and other sources of water intrusion that threaten the structure and sanitation of residential and commercial properties. It uses specialized equipment to extract water sitting in rooms and within structural spaces that cannot be easily accessed. It also dehumidifies the air and takes a range of other precautions to prevent and eliminate mold.


Restoration Local is a 24/7 water damage and flood restoration service in the Tampa area. It offers immediate response time and a comprehensive assessment designed to avoid long-term health and structural issues. The company's licensed and certified restoration specialists extract water, remove excess moisture, and disinfect the affected areas. It handles damage caused by burst pipes and broken appliances as well as flooding from heavy storms. Restoration Local's other services include biohazard and sewage cleanup, fire damage and smoke restoration, and mold removal.


Accent American offers water damage restoration in Tampa including comprehensive services to ensure that environments are restored and made safe following floods, storms, sewage backups, and leaks in both visible places and in crawl spaces. This company prefers approaches that prioritize the salvation of interior materials such as carpet and drywall and uses advanced drying techniques to prevent mold growth as opposed to simply disposing of them. Accent American also uses thermal imaging tools to make certain that hidden water does not remain unaddressed.

All American Water Restoration offers services for water damage repair in Tampa but also serves surrounding areas within the Tampa metro. It provides 24/7 emergency services delivered by technicians with over 45 years of combined experience. Water extraction and dry-out processes are its primary focus areas and it works to make sure that rooms are completely dry and safe from mold and mildew following intrusion by both natural and plumbing-based water sources. All American Water Restoration also does contracting work to rebuild damaged structures.

Classic Restoration & Reconstruction does water damage restoration and offers comprehensive services for each stage of the recovery process. It removes water left behind by intrusion incidents using commercial-grade equipment to vacuum large and small bodies of water. It does moisture detection to ensure a thorough cleanup and employs dehumidifying machines to discourage mold growth and prevent the development of respiratory illnesses caused by airborne pathogens. Classic Restoration & Reconstruction handles sewage spills and is experienced with sanitation processes too.

DRIRITE provides comprehensive water damage restoration and cleanup services. It uses a variety of methods to clean debris and residue left behind by water intrusion and employs specialized equipment to coordinate the removal of remaining bodies of water. This company monitors ongoing projects on a daily basis to prevent the development of secondary damages, particularly mold. However, it also provides services for mold remediation in cases where this cannot be avoided, and does air quality testing to protect the health of occupants and workers.

EE&G Restoration Services LLC is a water damage company in Tampa that serves clients suffering from structural and sanitary issues caused by both internal and external water sources. It uses advanced equipment to clean and remove leftover bodies of water as well as detect hidden pockets and analyze moisture levels. This company is also extensively experienced with mold removal and works to ensure that mold has not formed and that affected environments do not contribute to its growth.

Environmental Protective Solutions is a water damage restoration company that has special experience with mold prevention and remediation. It offers emergency response services and can provide quick water extraction services to salvage buildings and belongings impacted by large volumes of sitting water. Environmental Protective Solutions uses its self-created Intrusion Analysis Process (IAP) to thoroughly inspect affected areas for remaining moisture and create custom prevention plans to protect properties from further vulnerabilities. This company also offers special solutions for affected crawlspaces and commercial buildings.

A family owned and operated company in business for over 25 years, Erickson Drying Systems provides water damage restoration in Tampa and helps clients to mitigate the effects of spontaneous or ongoing intrusion issues. This company offers clients 24/7 emergency services and works to quickly salvage valuables, remove water left behind, and sanitize affected rooms to protect its clients' safety. It also performs mold removal services as well as fire damage restoration services.

Flood Pros USA has been assisting clients with water damage restoration since 2015. It handles all aspects of water damage restoration including mitigation, extraction, and removal. Flood Pros USA uses specialized commercial equipment to eliminate leftover water efficiently and completely, and its technicians are trained in doing this for every area of homes including attics and basements. This company also offers extensive mold remediation services. Its other practice areas include fire and storm damage restoration and trauma clean up.

FP Property Restoration provides emergency water damage and sewage cleanup services on a 24/7 basis. It is versed in cleaning up commercial and residential sites that have been left wet and vulnerable to mold infestations by water intrusion from natural and plumbing sources. It is also experienced with damage caused by disasters such as floods and hurricanes. Not only does FP Property Restoration clean sites and remove water, it offers comprehensive repair services to help clients fix structural damage.

NextGen Restoration assists clients with water damage repair in Tampa and surrounding areas. 24/7 emergency service is available to clients facing unexpected floods and infrastructural plumbing issues. This company's comprehensive services include water extraction, environmental drying and dehumidifying, and mold cleanup. It offers restoration and reconstruction services to help clients rebuild compromised areas of their homes. NextGen Restoration also provides a range of supplemental benefits including 24/7 accessible documentation, remote job monitoring options, and advanced moisture detection and mitigation technology.

ServiceMaster24Hour offers services for water damage restoration in Tampa and nearby areas. It responds to emergencies, providing on-sight water mitigation services to prevent further damage and secure the protection of valuables. This company is experienced with both indoor and outdoor water damage scenarios and uses a range of methods including extraction, drying, and pack-out and pack-in techniques. It also cleans water from affected air ducts and resolves humidity and environmental moisture issues.

Servpro of Brandon/North Riverview offers water damage restoration services supported by its expertise in related areas such as mold remediation and storm damage repair. This company only uses the most modern equipment available to handle water damage needs related to extraction and dehumidification. It is also experienced with water damage scenarios related to fire damage, as with triggered sprinkler systems. Servpro of Brandon/North Riverview is prepared to handle general cleaning and odor removal needs as well.

Servpro of West Tampa is a multifaceted restoration company handling water damage restoration issues for residential and commercial clients. It uses trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to remove water, clean residue, and prevent incidents from leading to greater issues. Beyond simple extraction, Servpro of West Tampa dehumidifies homes and buildings and employs a rigorous sanitation process to eliminate pathogens carried by black water. This company is also prepared to handle damage caused by fire and mold growth, whether related to water damage or not.

Spaulding Decon is a water damage company in Tampa serving clients throughout the metro area. This company has vast experience in most categories of incident cleanup and is prepared to assist clients with a diverse range of water damage issues. It addresses sitting bodies of water using extraction and dehumidifying machines to dry wet interiors and prevent mold proliferation. Spaulding Decon also transfers experience with crime scene and animal waste cleanup to ensure the thorough sanitization of properties affected by black water sources.

The Mold Guys offers water damage restoration services with a special focus on mold prevention. It cleans surfaces affected by water and black water residue and ensures that no moisture remains within vulnerable structural spaces. When water is not easily accessible, it uses extraction techniques as well as dehumidification to ensure that structures are completely dry. As previously stated, this company is exceedingly prepared to prevent mold growth, but also to remove infestations that have already begun.

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