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Appnoon has experienced UX/UI designers in Miami that specialize in constructing mobile apps for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Facebook. Serving industries such as health care, education, and catering, its developers focus on the user experience and interface to ensure its apps anticipate user behaviors and meet their expectations. It achieves this through close consultation with the client, in-depth research of their competitor's offerings, designing prototypes, and testing each product to ensure it fulfills expectations.

Cappen is a digital design studio offering UX design in Miami Beach that builds responsive websites, mobile apps, and systems software for clients throughout the surrounding counties. Its culture is one of risk-taking, applying the principles of notoriety to realize products that stand out from the crowd. Its clients come from various sectors, including media, retail, and B2C. The agency's UX developers and UI designers collaborate on every project to build thoroughly researched and tested products that enhance the user's experience.

Digitaland has been building ads for all digital platforms for over 15 years. Based in Aventura, it serves Miami and the surrounding counties, applying the skills of its developers to the creative content provided by agencies, publishers, and Adtech companies. Its ads are built with the user experience and interface at the forefront of the developer's minds, be it ads that include games and micro videos, or interactive landing pages and microsites.

Key Lime Interactive is a UX research and design agency, and it's accomplished UX/UI designers in Miami metro have been serving the area since 2009. Although it specializes in working with emerging tech companies, it has extensive experience in other industries, including entertainment and banking. The agency creates continuous testing and observation strategies to identify the nuances of end-user behaviors, enabling it to build prototypes that are closer to validation, accelerating the design process, and providing clients with improved ROI.

Mova is a digital design agency providing UX and UI design services, offering an uncomplicated user experience in Miami metro. It has particularly in-depth UX skills that include wireframe building and usability testing capabilities. Mova also builds the information architecture that supports UX. These services are bolstered by Mova's robust visual design skills and strategic consulting services, which are informed by research into its clients' target audiences and competitors as well as surveys.

Founded in 2010, The Brand Collective provides an innovative user experience in Miami metro. It also serves the West Coast from its Los Angeles offices. The branding agency develops the on-and-offline presence of multiple services, from coffee and cosmetics to restaurants and fashion. Focusing heavily on the user experience and interface, it develops digital products and marketing materials that meet the expectations of the end user and optimize the brand's impact.

Ursa is a digital agency in North Miami Beach offering various services, including brand development, content management, and video/audio production. It supplies e-commerce sites and media and advertising agencies with content, including web and app development services. To optimize the UX/UI potential of each project, the agency conducts in-depth research into the industry and the client's target user. They plan each stage of the design process, develop the product, and supply a prototype for approval before final testing.

Offering UX designs in Miami, Wayfinder is a developer with experience designing UX/UI interfaces for websites and mobile applications. This developer performs user experience audits, testing this aspect applications and gathering data concerning their users' current perceptions to build new frameworks that leave users more engaged and satisfied. In the process of this, Wayfinder often updates user interface features by redesigning menus, making pages more easy to navigate, and revising the visual standards used in navigation. It typically designs UX/UI features for functionality on multiple devices.

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