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Amazing Births & Beyond is an innovative, full-service childbirth and wellness center with a warm, comfortable facility and a team of caring professionals dedicated to making birth a natural and wonderful experience. The company's doulas work with the customer's doctors to provide the highest level of care as parents welcome a new baby into the world, beginning with a free initial consultation to discuss the mother's plans and needs. The doulas also provide postpartum support visits to give parents time to adjust to the new routine and ensure mother and baby are healthy. Customers can enjoy a range of spa and therapy services like prenatal chiropractic care, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and specialty massages, as well as fertility therapies for couples having trouble conceiving. Customers can contact the company on the website to get more information and schedule a complimentary consultation.

The owner of Auntie EM, Inc. is an experienced labor and postpartum doula and childcare professional with a passion for helping families live healthier lives. Doula Em offers complete support for every parent's needs, including compassionate coaching and support through labor, delivery, and help with chores and errands after the birth so mom can catch up on sleep and bond with the baby. The doula also provides expert instruction and coaching to help babies and young children learn healthy sleep schedules, eating habits, and social skills that they can take forward as they grow.

Blissful Mommy is an Aventura natural birthing and education center dedicated to providing the highest quality of support to customers during one of life's most important events. Customers can attend hypnobirthing classes designed to give mothers essential skills and tools they can use during labor and delivery to reduce pain, stress, and tension without drugs. The company's doula works with expectant mothers and partners to design a customized birthing plan and provides complete support and coaching throughout the birth to give mothers the best possible experience. The company also provides postnatal doula support to help new parents adjust and recover. Additional services include prenatal massage therapy, yoga classes, and Pilates classes, as well as expert lactation and newborn care counseling. Customers can contact the company on the website to get more information and schedule a consultation.

Doula Anasuya is a caring and experienced childbirth professional dedicated to supporting mothers during one of life's most extraordinary experiences. The doula provides a range of services for expectant mothers and partners and helps parents design a customized birthing plan to meet their unique needs and vision. The doula offers emotional support and coaching throughout the birth to help the mother stay relaxed and safe and ease pain and stress, and gives parents and partners guidance as they adjust to breastfeeding and bond with the new arrival. Additional services include VBAC classes that prepare parents for a natural birth after a caesarean as well as a range of yoga classes like couple's childbirth yoga to prepare couples for the big day, conscious pregnancy yoga to give expectant mothers a sense of calm and balance, and Sivananda yoga that blends physical practice with meditation.

Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center is designed to provide women of all ages with the finest quality of health and wellness care through every stage of life. The company's Nurse Midwives and doulas support expectant mothers throughout the prenatal period and perform important tests and screenings to ensure mom and baby are healthy and safe. Pregnant women can enjoy special prenatal yoga classes to relax away aches and pains and receive caring and soothing natural pain relief from the company's experienced acupuncturists and massage therapists. The doulas provide coaching and comfort throughout labor and delivery, as well as postpartum support as new parents adjust, including home visits to help with chores while mom recovers. The company also offers childbirth, parenting, and Hypnobirthing classes to give mothers a complete holistic experience in a warm and supportive environment.

Mother's Care Doula Services provides a safe and compassionate environment for mothers and partners to find the support they need to make the big day an unforgettable event. The company's caring, knowledgeable doulas provide judgment-free coaching and support to help customers design the ideal birthing plan for their unique needs and stay with the mother throughout labor and delivery to ensure mom and baby are healthy and safe. The company also provides postpartum care and has a team of experienced Baby Nurses that come to the customer's home and give parents emotional support and advice on topics like breastfeeding and sleep schedules and take care of chores like cooking and cleaning to give parents time to rest and adjust. Additional services include prenatal massage therapy, belly dancing classes, and fun belly henna and belly casting to make pregnancy a beautiful experience.

Prenatal Plus Yoga is a premier Miami wellness center that offers and extensive range of classes and services for expectant and new mothers and partners. The company's doulas are fully certified and support mothers no matter what their ideal birthing plan looks like and provide coaching throughout the birth to help mom stay focused and relaxed, as well as postpartum care to help parents adjust to breastfeeding and new sleep schedules. Expectant mothers and parents can attend childbirth preparation and parenting workshops or enjoy a range of classes like Prenatal Belly Dancing and postnatal yoga. The company also sells products like soothing music for babies and mothers, yoga mats, and baby slings. Customers can call or fill out the contact form on the company's website to get more information about doula services, yoga classes, or Prenatal Yoga teacher training courses.

Wisdombirth is a Miami doula service that gives expectant mothers complete holistic care during one of life's most exciting and challenging times. Doula Amanda Fischer is passionate about giving mothers compassionate and knowledgeable support throughout their birth experience and providing expert coaching and emotional strength during one of life's most challenging and rewarding experiences. The doula works with expectant mothers, partners, and doctors to design an ideal labor and birthing plan for each family's needs, always free of pressure or judgment. The company also serves expectant mothers and offers prenatal yoga classes and prenatal massage therapy to keep mothers active and flexible and provide natural relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy. Customers can call or email the doula to schedule a consultation.

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