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Credit Repair Companies FAQs

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Credit Fixer Plus logo

Credit Fixer Plus

7844 Wiles Road, Coral Springs, FL 33067
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  • Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Audit
  • Credit Dispute

Credit Fixer Plus is a company servicing Coral Springs. It conducts consultation and credit analysis to help individuals remove negative items and increase their credit scores. Clients can access their files online and view their progress 24/7. Clients are praising its team for helping them out in different circumstances through the improvement of their credit reports. Moreover, the company is available to establish partnerships within industries that are dependent on clients with good credit such as real estate, mortgage, tax professionals, and auto dealerships.

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M Lockhart Credit Repair Services logo

M Lockhart Credit Repair Services

3800 Inverrary Boulevard, Lauderhill, FL 33319
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  • Credit Audit

Serving Coral Springs and its surrounding neighborhoods, M Lockhart Credit Repair Services assists clients in improving their credit scores within three to five months. The company's personalized approach considers each client's unique credit situation, whether they need quick fixes or a total rebuild of their credit. M Lockhart Credit Repair Services first audits the client's credit report and then disputes any inaccurate information found in it. Afterward, the company educates the client on best practices to maintain a good credit rating.

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Real Credit Deal logo

Real Credit Deal

10100 W Sample Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33065
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  • Credit Monitoring

Real Credit Deal caters to customers in Coral Springs, and the surrounding communities. It helps clients achieve their financial goals by improving or rebuilding their credit scores. Its process involves negotiating with bureaus and writing letters on clients' behalf about negative items on their credit reports. It also gives them access to an online portal to monitor their account's progress. Real Credit Deal provides service packages, which include budgeting and money management solutions.

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Velocity Credit Repair logo

Velocity Credit Repair

2301 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33073
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  • Credit Monitoring

Velocity Credit Repair is a credit counseling company that lists Coral Springs as one of its service areas. It helps clients manage their credit, improve credit scores, avoid identity theft, and clean their credit files. The company has a proprietary credit repair program, which is designed and created by credit lawyers. Velocity Credit Repair has been in business since 2001 and has helped more than 38,000 clients so far. It also has 56 locations all around the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you repair credit after identity theft?

A: Repairing credit following identity theft can be complex. Here are some important steps to follow in addition to hiring professional help.

  • Notify creditors and banks as soon as possible. Many may provide protections that limit a person's liability, but the coverage works best when issues are reported right away.
  • Report the issue to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Make a report to the local police to get an official report document.
  • Request a credit freeze so the fraudsters can't get credit in the person's name in the future.
  • Check credit reports and look for inaccurate information related to the fraud.
  • Work with a credit repair company to dispute that information.

Q: Is credit repair legal?

A: Yes, credit repair is legal. In fact, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, people have a right to an accurate credit report. Companies that legitimately help achieve this are simply supporting those rights with experience and professional guidance. That being said, there are companies that run credit repair scams. Companies that ask for large payments up front or guarantee a clean credit report or improved credit score may not be legitimate. It's illegal for a credit repair company to make a guarantee.

Q: Can a credit repair company remove late payments?

A: Inaccurate reports about late payments are, in many cases, one of the easier things to get removed. An individual can send a letter to the credit bureau in question with a copy of a statement or canceled check showing that they made the payment on time. That may be enough for the item to be removed. If the payment was made on time but wasn't appropriately recorded by the creditor, you may need professional help from a credit repair expert to address the issue.

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