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SmartAdvisor by

Fairfield, CA
Free Consultation Rating

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SmartAsset's free, five-minute tool makes it easy to find qualified financial advisors in your area. The exclusive tool uses a quick survey to help SmartAsset's exclusive algorithm match you with up to three advisors based on your specific financial needs. Each advisor is a fiduciary, legally bound to work in your best interest, and rigorously vetted by SmartAsset. You can speak with each for free, sometimes within a matter of minutes, and choose whom you want to work with. Hundreds of thousands of smart investors and retirees have already used SmartAsset's simple, no-cost service to find the right financial advisors for them.

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  • Retirement Planning

Fairfield, CA Rating

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Need help contacting a Financial Advisor in Fairfield? Call our Concierge team at 848-Book-Pro (848-266-5776 from 6 am - 4 pm PT | Mon - Fri). They are standing by to help you get the service you need.

2655 Haverhill Drive, Oakland, CA 94611 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (2)

Why choose this provider?

Curtis Financial Planning is a financial planning company that serves individuals in the Fairfield area. They assist their clients on day-to-day financial management, financial planning, goal setting, and responsible investment management. Cathy Curtis, a Certified Financial Planner, is the founder and the president of the company. As a female-owned and operated wealth management organization, they are dedicated to meeting the particular financial planning requirements of single women, female-led families, and women who handle the family finances.

  • Financial Planning

1700 Soscol Avenue Suite 25, Napa, CA 94559 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Napa Valley Financial is a firm that serves the residents of Fairfield and the neighboring areas. It offers financial planning services for retirement, money purchasing, college, estate, tax, and profit-sharing. The company’s team of professionals also assists with a wide range of investment options, including common stocks, educational and traditional IRA, brokerage accounts, treasury bills and notes, government securities, and variable annuities. One of its financial advisors, Mark C. Richmond, is a Certified Financial Planner.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Financial Planning

1101 Marina Village Parkway Suite 201 Office 275, Alameda, CA 94501 Rating

Review Sources

4.5 (14)
4.5 (2)

Why choose this provider?

Asti Financial Management, LLC, assists residents of Fairfield in preserving and growing their wealth. The firm helps with budgeting, retirement, and college funding planning. It provides recommendations to clients on meeting their financial goals according to different time frames. In addition, it offers risk management, tax, and estate planning advice. The company offers initial consultations with customers to assess their financial situation and objectives and build mutual trust. Its founder and principal, Julie Scates, is a certified financial planner with over 25 years of experience.

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

1820 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707 Rating

Why choose this provider?

North Berkeley Wealth Management has been providing financial advisory services to individuals in Fairfield and nearby areas since 2005. Its team offers financial planning assistance centered on collaboration. In line with this, the financial planners work closely with clients' insurance agents, tax professionals, and estate lawyers. They also assist clients looking to make sustainable and value-based investment choices. Kate Campbell King, the firm's chief investment officer, has almost 30 years of experience. She is a former president of the Protected Investors of America.

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Financial Planning

100 Tamal Plaza Suite 110, Corte Madera, CA 94925 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (2)

Why choose this provider?

Founded in 2003, Larkspur Financial Advisors is an independent firm that provides goal-based financial planning solutions for clients in the Fairfield area. It comprises a group of advisors with nearly 50 years of combined experience in the field. They work with high-net-worth individuals, families, and business owners. They help achieve clients' multi-generational wealth planning goals through a thorough and personalized financial strategy. President and CEO Kevin Bartel holds various registrations, including the Series 7, Series 66, and Series 56.

  • Financial Planning

3201 Danville Blvd, Ste 275, Alamo, CA 94507 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Lodestar is a financial advisory and wealth management company serving the Fairfield area. Its advisors provide tailored financial advice that involves investment performance monitoring, asset management, and continuing support. They also assist clients with pre-IPO stock options, estate preparation, college planning, executive compensation packages, and tax-optimization research. For those looking for a shorter term commitment, the firm offers stand-alone consultations. Kevin Gray, a CFP® and one of the firm's key advisors, worked at Charles Schwab & Company as a vice president and financial consultant.

  • Wealth Management

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SmartAdvisor by SmartAsset
Fairfield, CAFree Consultation
Curtis Financial Planning
2655 Haverhill Drive, Oakland, CA 94611
Napa Valley Financial
1700 Soscol Avenue Suite 25, Napa, CA 94559
Asti Financial Management
1101 Marina Village Parkway Suite 201 Office 275, Alameda, CA 94501
North Berkeley Wealth Management
1820 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707
Larkspur Financial Advisors
100 Tamal Plaza Suite 110, Corte Madera, CA 94925
3201 Danville Blvd, Ste 275, Alamo, CA 94507


  • Introduction

    There are many titles for financial professionals, so it's challenging to track what each one means. A financial advisor is probably the term you've heard most often. Financial advisor is a broad term for a professional who helps individuals or companies manage their finances, including investment choices. There are over 100 certifications that financial advisors can obtain.

    • Financial planners, wealth managers, and investment advisors are all financial advisors with different focus areas.
    • A financial planner helps an individual or a company make a plan to achieve long-term financial goals.
    • A wealth manager helps individuals maintain their wealth through various disciplines and services, such as taxes, estate planning, and investment advice.
    • An investment advisor offers investment advice and recommendations to individuals or organizations.
    There’s a misconception that you have to be extremely wealthy to use a financial advisor. In reality, they can be beneficial for people from any income level. Keep reading to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about financial advisors, so you know which type can fit your specific needs.

  • What is the difference between immediate and deferred annuities in Fairfield?

    In Fairfield, immediate and deferred annuities are two retirement options with clear differences. Immediate annuities start paying you right after you put in money initially. You can delay these payments for up to a year. The money you keep in the annuity grows without being taxed, and only the interest part of what you get is taxed. On the flip side, deferred annuities let you save money and let it grow, and you get paid later, usually in retirement.

  • What are the different types of mutual funds in Fairfield?

    Various mutual fund options are available in Fairfield, classified into distinct categories. Stock funds are a prominent choice, involving investments in equities spanning diverse sectors and geographic regions, encompassing both large and small domestic and international companies. Alternatively, bond funds contain a wide variety of debt securities. Money market funds, designed as cash alternatives, adhere to regulations by exclusively investing in high-quality, short-term assets with maturities under 13 months. Meanwhile, balanced funds strike a balance between stocks and bonds, presenting the potential for income and capital appreciation.

  • Can a financial advisor in Fairfield help you create a medical expense plan?

    Yes, financial advisors in Fairfield can help you choose and obtain long-term care plans that provide quality care and protect you from medical expenses if you suffer from an injury or chronic illness. These long-term care plans also cover the costs for assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, hospices, and nursing homes.

  • What are the financial planning options for families in Fairfield?

    Financial advisors can help families in Fairfield access various financial planning options, including long-term care insurance, trust services, special needs planning, 529 plans, and estate planning. Advisors also offer financial strategies to support individuals or families dealing with divorce. These solutions help manage finances, secure education funds, and prepare for healthcare needs.

  • How does being a stockholder work in Fairfield?

    Being a stockholder in Fairfield means you own a part of a company. You would have a say in the company's decisions and get a portion of its earnings. If the company does well, your investment value goes up. Stockholders choose a board of directors to make decisions. The board can pay you a share of profits as dividends (making it an income stock) or reinvest earnings for growth (making it a growth stock). Changes can also influence the value of stocks in interest rates.

  • Are financial advisors worth it?

    Whether or not a financial advisor is worth it depends on your personal situation. If your finances are fairly straightforward, then you may be better off handling it on your own. But if you have substantial assets or a complex investment portfolio, then hiring someone to handle it for you can be well worth the cost.