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Find a Top-Ranked Dog Boarding Facility Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction

    Dog boarding, sometimes referred to as doggie day care, offers pet-sitting services for dogs of varying breeds and ages. Services provided include overnight housing in temperature- and light-controlled kennels, medication administration, bathing, and feeding with veterinarian-approved food or food brought from home.

    Dog boarding and doggie day care facilities provide owners with peace of mind in knowing that their pets are being cared for by licensed and trained professionals. Boarding options range from one to 30 days or longer, and many companies offer additional services, such as spa treatments and obedience training.
  • What is dog boarding? 

    Dog boarding facilities provide housing and care for dogs for short- and long-term stays. Services include kenneling, daily exercise, feeding, and grooming. While at-home pet sitting providers offer similar services, the main difference between the two is that professional facilities are licensed, and they must follow state regulations to ensure the safety of animals in their care.

  • What is included with dog boarding?

    Services included with dog boarding can vary based on specific facility offerings, but most boarding centers offer daily exercise programs, clean, sanitized bedding, temperature-controlled housing, fresh water, and veterinarian-approved dog food. Boarding technicians also administer required medications and supplements, and many facilities offer grooming and bathing services.

  • Should I board my dog at the vet?

    Certain veterinary offices provide boarding services, as overnight staff are readily available, and animals have immediate access to medical care. While boarding a dog at the vet is perfectly safe, some dogs are uneasy about going to the doctor, leading to anxiety and resistance at drop-off.

  • What is board and training for dogs?

    Board and training programs for dogs combine overnight boarding with obedience training. Dogs stay at boarding facilities throughout their training programs, which typically last between one and four weeks. During their stay, dogs are trained to hinder behavior, such as jumping and pulling on leashes, and they learn basic commands, such as heel and stay.

  • Do dog board and train programs work?

    Board and train programs have proven to be effective for many dogs, as they learn everything from basic commands to new behaviors that result in positive reinforcement. However, not all dogs respond to board and train programs, so alternative training and behavior modification courses may be necessary in some cases.

  • Are there any regulation requirements for dog boarding facilities?

    Specific regulation requirements for dog boarding facilities can vary from state to state, but all kennel owners must obtain the appropriate licensing, and property must be zoned for kenneling. Additionally, all facilities must be designed to remain structurally sound and maintain fresh-air ventilation systems, and hot and cold running water is required.

Find a Top-Ranked Dog Boarding Facility Near You