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Find a Top-Ranked Cooking Class Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction

    Learning to cook offers you a way to eat gourmet meals every night of the week while saving money on your weekly grocery bill. However, it isn't a skill that comes easily to everyone. In fact, professional chefs often practice for years before they're able to make restaurant-quality dishes. If you're looking to improve your skills in the kitchen, cooking classes are a good place to start. There are educational options available for all skill levels, budgets, and interests.

  • How can I start learning to cook?

    There are many ways to learn to cook, and one of the most effective is taking cooking classes. During in-person or online classes, an instructor can walk you through the steps of creating meals until you're able to do it yourself. If you're working with a smaller budget, you can also teach yourself to cook using online recipes and tutorials.

  • What are the different types of cooking classes?

    There are a number of skills to master when it comes to cooking. Here are some of the most common types of cooking classes:

    • Restaurant cooking
    • Pastry cooking
    • Baking
    • Knife handling
    • Region-specific cuisines

  • What should I learn to cook?

    When choosing what to learn to cook, it's best to start simple dishes and foods you know you won't mind eating a few times. A frittata can be a good recipe to start with, as it includes simple ingredients, such as eggs and vegetables, and it required minimal preparation.

  • Is cooking hard to learn?

    The great thing about cooking is that there are recipes for all skill levels. If you want to start simple, pasta dishes or even salads can be easy to learn. If you are looking for something more advanced, you could try cooking a souffle or hand-folded dumplings.

  • How much time does it take to learn to cook?

    Simple recipes can be mastered in as few as one or two attempts, while more complex dishes might take a several attempts to get right. If you cook a few nights a week, you should have a small collection of recipes you feel comfortable preparing within about a month.

  • How do I know if I’m a good cook?

    The first test of a good cook is the reaction of your diners. If your friends or family members like your food, that's a good sign. The second test is whether you're able to achieve consistent results. If your pasta sauce turns out different every time, you may want to practice a little more.

Find a Top-Ranked Cooking Class Near You