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Black Atlas is a custom tattoo studio in Fort Collins that has been providing high-quality body art for eight years. The experienced artists are “dedicated to the art of electric tattooing,” and they create the designs according to their customers' wishes and personality. The Black Atlas website features a gallery of the artists' works, and clients can call the staff to plan their pieces, book a creative session, and ask about the company's policies and government-compliant procedures.

Covenant Tattoo and Piercing is a shop in Fort Collins that performs body art. The artists will bring ideas to life, and the types of work range from simple quotations in plain black to intricate mandalas in full color. The artists also create realistic 3D images on the forearm, nape, back, or other areas. Covenant's website features an Adobe Flash presentation of the studio, and it contains aftercare tips. Clients can call to ask if the artists will accommodate requests for trendy designs like the ripped-skin look.

Dark Light Studios is a tattoo parlor serving clients in the Fort Collins metro area. It specializes in photorealism and ornate styles but is diverse and adaptable to most needs and styles. Clients schedule consultations where they receive advice and confirmation on tattoo selections. Dark Light Studios helps clients to create one-of-a-kind tattoos at prices that scale depending on the art in question. This studio incorporates other visual arts mediums including body art. The shop’s artists bring over 40 years of combined tattooing experience.

La Familia Tattoo is a body art business that brings “strong, solid, lasting tattoos to Northern Colorado.” The shop's experienced artists use state-of-the-art sterilization methods, and they work in a clean, safe, and relaxed environment. The company entertains first-timers' requests for small projects, and it also has the capability to create large collector pieces. La Familia Tattoo goes by the slogan, “Art for the Soul,” and it can confirm bookings over the phone. The staff welcome requests for assistance on planning the clients' dermal art projects.

Magnetic Tattoo is a parlor in Fort Collins that offers custom body art services. The artists have the training and experience to “work with you to create magic,” and they are comfortable working with black, gray, and color ink. The themes range from dreamy to phantasmagoric, and the subjects include detailed animal faces, skulls with flowers, and females from the Rennaissance era. Magnetic Tattoo accepts walk-ins.

Millennium Gallery of Living Art is a tattoo and piercing studio in Fort Collins that has more than 20 years of artistic experience. The business holds a license from Weld County Health Department, and the founding artists each have a Red Cross certification in CPR and First Aid. The studio creates fantastic art with the use of new needles, monitored autoclave sterilization, and safety practices, and its tattoos are priced hourly or per piece. Millennium Gallery welcomes walk-ins, and it will tattoo or pierce minors only when they have a valid written consent from their parents.

Parabrahma Tattoo Collective is a body art parlor in Fort Collins that “would love to make art with you.” The tattoo artists perform their services in an 110-year-old Victorian house that is a masterpiece in itself, and some of their works are dermal talismans, whimsical scenes, tasteful doodles in black-gray or color ink. The shop also engages in custom piercings, and it hosts shows regularly. The Parabrahma website features a gallery of artists and their opuses, and clients can call to ask about the studio's policies and payment methods.

Sanders Ink Studio is a family-owned company in Fort Collins that holds the 2016 Best Tattoo Parlor in Northern Colorado recognition from K99. A regular customer writes, “I've been a client of Sanders Ink...long before they started their own parlor. I love [the artist's] work because I can bring her a design idea, and she'll modify it to make it personal to me and my style... One friend of mine even got some work done by [another artist] during her work trip her from Boston!” The company's website contains aftercare information, and it has a gift card shopping cart.

Small Mountain Tattoo is a business in Fort Collins that operates every day of the week. The studio has relaxed surroundings, and it accommodates customers who are getting their first-ever ink and those who want to add to their existing one. A client says, “I came in for a shoulder piece [and was] nervous because I have a previous tattoo on by chest, and I wanted it to all look like one cohesive piece. What [Small Mountain's artist] drew up for me was gorgeous, he had no issues working with what I already had.”

Story of My Life Tattoo is a studio in Fort Collins that deals with almost all styles of tattoo on different parts of the body. Some of the themes include traditional American, Japanese, neo-traditional, and photorealism, and the masterpieces can come in full color. The Story of My Life Tattoo website features an interactive virtual tour of the facility, and it contains the high-caliber artists' portfolios. The bricks-and-mortar shop is open every day of the week, and clients can call to schedule their creative session and inquire about the studio's policies.

Terrarium Tattoo is a body art studio in Fort Collins that creates fantastic body pieces in vibrant color, black and gray, and dotwork. The two founding artists have more than 15 years of combined professional experience, and their preferred styles include the cuddly Kawaii, sacred geometry, natural, and illustrative with a mix of new traditional and bio-organic. Terrarium studio is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and clients can visit the website to view some of the artists' masterpieces.

Tribal Rites Tattoo is an inking and piercing business in Fort Collins that has been around for more than 20 years. The studio serves individuals from within and outside of Colorado, including other parts of the world, and it has separate departments for tattoo and piercing to ensure that its customers receive specialized care. Tribal Rites Tattoo also operates a jewelry boutique that carries navel curves, plugs, eyelets, weights, apparel, and other merchandise, and some of the brands are Tawapa, Omerica Organic, Industrial Strength, Flaming Bones, Body Vision Los Angeles, and Anatometal. The company website contains aftercare information.

Tribal Rites is a tattoo and body piercing studio in Longmont that tells its clients, “We guarantee you will be happy with our art.” The business opened in 1994, and it has since been serving customers from other parts of the United Sates and the world. The company also handles dermal anchors, ear projects, nose piercings, and similar work, and it will only entertain minors who are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians with proper identification. Tribal Rites has other locations in Boulder and Westminster.

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